Teddy Daniels Announces Bid for PA8

The first Republican enters the race for the Trump friendly 8th Congressional district represented by Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Lackawanna). 

Teddy Daniels, a former police officer and wounded combat Army veteran, announced on social media a bid for the Congressional district in Northeast Pennsylvania.

In his announcement video, he describes himself as a “pro-Trump conservative” and believes the Democratic Party is not a “legitimate party.” 

“The Democrat Party to me is no longer a legitimate party,” Daniels said. “They have forgotten the hard working men and women. They have forgotten about the people who sit at night and worry about putting food on the table or paying bills.”

Daniels said he is “100% pro-second amendment, pro-life, pro-economy, pro-immigration reform and I believe that Americans need to come first,” in the announcement video. 

In addition to advocating for those positions, his campaign website’s issues page includes focusing on healthcare, national defense, securing the souther border by supporting a wall between the United States and Mexico, supporting term limits, and more. 

Daniels lauds Trump for making America “safer and richer” and believes the Democratic Party is attacking the moral fiber of the nation. 

“The Democrats in Congress are spending all of their time taking about impeachment and doing nothing about the important issues facing every day folks, while President Trump keeps his campaign promises and has made America safer and richer,” Daniels says on his campaign website

“The moral fabric of this country has been under attack by the radical left for the last several years,” Daniels said in his campaign announcement video. “That’s not what we stand for. That’s Unamerican.”

Cartwright is currently in his fourth term in Congress representing Northeastern Pennsylvania. He bested self funding GOP businessman, John Chrin, in 2018 by 9 points in the newly drawn congressional boundaries that voted for President Donald Trump by 10 points in 2016.  

Cartwright is one of three Democrats being targeted by the NRCC for 2020 in Pennsylvania. 

Despite Daniels social media announcement, Cartwright is still currently the only candidate that has filed paperwork to run in 2020, based on a Tuesday review of FEC.gov under the 8th District page, however an FEC filing does show that he has filed to run for officeThe Times Leader reported in June that former Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne) has not ruled out a bid for the seat, although a Philly Clout article released on Friday states that he is not “looking to run for office again” and is instead boosting his new “LOU PAC” supporting tough-on-immigration candidates and private funding for the border wall. 

PoliticsPA is seeking comment from the Cartwright campaign.

This story was updated to note that despite Cartwright currently being the only candidate listed as being filed with the FEC under the 8th District tab, Daniels has filed with the FEC. 

24 Responses

  1. Teddy Daniels is delusional about what Trump means and has done to America. A dangerous guy in my opinion.

    1. He wore the suit of the US Military and was wounded while wearing that suit. Is that a suit you wore?

  2. Looks like a pretty even-keeled guy. Probably has pragmatic, nuanced opinions on things.

    1. Are you serious? Nuanced??? Repeating clichés and Republican talking points is not nuanced nor pragmatic. It’s predictable. Will lead to defeat. The tweet above by Alex Clearfield saying this district tilts Republican is simply wrong. Although the district has been in different forms with redistricting aside from Rep Barletta’s tenure it has been represented by Dems. Some R coming in and repeating R talking points manufactured in DC is not going to get the job done.

  3. Just what the GOP needs, another angry male who will restore America’s morals by backing everything immoral that the immoral Donald Trump says or does.


      1. Why? The article said no one but Cartwright has filed. Gee, I wonder why the article was incorrect. Calm down yourself.

        1. As an fyi, it is assumed the proper papers were filed along with names of committees. One needs not debate the obvious that this was done. For future reference and to appear hip to what is going on kindly debate substance not procedure. Understand?

  5. If the GOP wants to pick up seats, they need to stop running extreme right-wingers.

    1. While I agree, it is sad that the position list of enforcing laws and supporting constitutional rights is now considered right-wing.

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