Text Messages: Voit “Fully On Board” With Bartos LG Run Before Entering Race

In a December 1st text message conversation obtained by PoliticsPA, before he entered the race for Lieutenant Governor Otto Voit told Lieutenant Governor candidate Jeff Bartos he was “fully on board” with Bartos’ run.  

Bartos, who dropped out of the race for U.S. Senate to run for Lieutenant Governor in a “ticket” with state Senator Scott Wagner (R-York) who is running for Governor, was the only candidate for Lieutenant Governor at the time of the message between him and Voit.  In Pennsylvania, the Governor and Lieutenant Governor are elected separately in the primary to create a ticket for each party in the general election.  

“Jeff, I am fully on board with your campaign for LtGov and Scott’s campaign for Governor!! Otto,” the text message read.  

“After being approached by numerous party leaders and supporters, Otto decided to re-evaluate and run for Lt. Governor,” Voit’s campaign manager Jack Gombach said.  

Voit announced his bid for Lieutenant Governor on December 28th, less than a month after his text with Bartos.  

“Otto called Jeff to tell him he will be withdrawing his support for the Wagner/Bartos ticket and will be running an independent campaign for Lt. Governor.”

Wagner/Bartos campaign spokesman Andrew Romeoresponded to Voit’s campaign saying that he was an “early adopter of the Bartos-Wagner team, and for good reason – they are conservative outsiders running to change the way Harrisburg does business.”  

The leaked message is likely timed to become part of the conversation of state party members ahead of the caucus meetings and the Winter Meeting where the party will endorse a candidate for both Governor and Lieutenant Governor.  

“The impact [on state party members] will depend on how Voit explains his change of heart.  If it is a valid reason, state party members will understand, but if it isn’t it will effect them” GOP consultant and state party member Charlie Gerow said.  

“Every candidate needs to be definitive about why they are running.  This gives them both a chance to do that.”

Former State Rep. Gordon Denlinger is also running for Lieutenant Governor.

13 Responses

  1. Otto, stay close to home, avoid the asinine ridicule. Run for Berks County Commissioner next year. One of the majority Republican Commissioners voted for a tax increase, there is your opening, very effectively used in the past.

  2. Voit is the definition of political trash. He is a leech that sucks close to whatever can bring him up the latter a rung or two. He will lose bigly. Bartos is a good guy, I would honestly vote for him no matter what he runs for. Comparing the two is comical.

  3. This is what happens when the State Party lacks leadership. Even the staff (ED) in Harrisburg sees it and has begun to jump ship.

  4. From what I heard, the real story is that Otto asked the Wagner/Bartos campaign to pay off his campaign debt and if they did he wouldn’t run – if they didn’t he would run against Jeff. Typical political blackmail – all so he could get paid back his debt.

  5. Who cares? So, the voters get a choice for a change. Perhaps Otto had already decided to jump in when he had the exchange with the other guy, or maybe he had already submitted his paperwork to the state but planned his announcement for January. It just doesn’t matter, and it isn’t back stabbing, it politics. Grow a pair.

    1. Saying “I’m fully on board” then turning around and running against that same person is textbook backstabbing 101. No need to grow a set. Just the facts Ma’am….

  6. Decline? We have been in free-fall since the crook Bob Asher decided Tom Corbett was the future of the party. Is there any state party in America run by a convicted felon…convicted for political corruption if bribery, perjury, racketeering and conspiracy? Seriously? And you wonder why the Republican Party in PA is toast?

  7. I’m so sick of the weirdness from the Republican Party in PA. First it was the bizarre Justin Simmons and Ryan Mckenzie middle school childish behavior that I haven’t seen in decades, and now this two faced back stabbing? We are in decline and we have only ourselves to blame! Grow up GOP. Chairman Val are you listening? Do something fast or we are doomed.

    1. What was your issue with Simmons vs. Mackenzie? I personally loved it. Simmons largely imploded, as was expected. Mackenzie took a few good shots at him, but really didn’t have to get into it that much. And that was the end of Simmons! It was actually great politics to watch!!

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