The Full Altmire Statement on Court Ruling

Yesterday afternoon, Judge Dan Pellegrini ruled that Rep. Jason Altmire had sufficient petition signatures and would remain on the primary ballot. It brought some closure to two weeks of legal wrangling between he and opponent Rep. Mark Critz.

But one of the most interesting aspects of yesterday’s news was Altmire’s response to the ruling. Need a 362-word summary of the tenor of the Pa-12 campaign? Read the press release below.

And although the Critz camp did not release a similarly bombastic statement, their next move may be just as telling. A win on appeal is highly unlikely (see our legal analysis for the reasons why), but the Critz camp said yesterday it is considering legal options. Why? Only they can know. But you can bet they’re pondering the unflattering press coverage Altmire received through this ordeal – all for a few thousand dollars in legal fees.

Without further ado, Altmire’s statement:

Ross Township, PA – Today, after an exhaustive review, the Commonwealth Court confirmed what we knew all along — that my campaign turned in more than the required 1000 valid signatures to qualify for the ballot. We knew this to be true on the day we submitted the signatures and we knew this to be true the day Mark Critz filed his futile and cowardly challenge.

By placing a higher value on his own political advancement than the rights of western Pennsylvania voters, Mark Critz wasted the time and resources of the Court and showed the true desperation of his campaign. His actions demonstrate an inexcusable lack of respect not only for the democratic process but also for the rights of ordinary citizens who wanted nothing more than to offer voters a choice on the ballot.

Trailing by double digits even in his own polls, it is unsurprising that Critz lacks confidence in his ability to win the primary. He came into Allegheny, Beaver and Westmoreland Counties, sought their Democratic endorsements, and was defeated in all three by a combined 74 percent of the vote. Now, he has filed an unsuccessful legal challenge and attempted to remove from the primary ballot the name of the endorsed Democratic candidate, who also happens to be the current elected representative of citizens in those counties. The audacity is breathtaking.

In filing this unsuccessful challenge, Mark Critz has lowered himself to tactics usually reserved for elections to high school prom king, rather than the United States Congress. Simply put, his actions are beneath the dignity of the office he seeks and an insult to the voters he hopes to represent.

Mark Critz’s desperation “Hail Mary” pass has fallen incomplete. Hopefully he has learned that the way to win an election is not through political dirty tricks and lawsuits, but rather in the court of public opinion at the ballot box. I look forward to spending the final seven weeks of the primary campaign discussing the issues that matter most to western Pennsylvania voters, not engaging in a petty back and forth with a desperate campaign that is hopelessly behind and clearly out of fresh ideas.

6 Responses

  1. Isn’t it the same way the current Occupant of the Oval Office “won” HIS elections? As for circulating Dem’s petitions, it’s a thankless task those of us who’ve done it in recent years are loath to perform, given the civil war between Traditional Democrats and Progressives. The way the Obama Campaign treats volunteers is the top-down way it’s going. No thanks.

  2. If that is the way Altmire runs his campaign, Just the minimum, I wonder if he does the minimum in Congress? I’m just saying.

  3. I’ll admit that Critz’s challenge was unsuccessful. But, the egg is on the guy who cut it so close. He should no better. We should be able to expect more than just the minimum. People that do just the minimum are not usually successful, unless they belong to a union. Just to be clear, I am not a Critz fan but Altmire was a joke for having so few signatures and a “signature gatherer” that required a judge to determine her residency. If it was such a slam dunk, the judge would have ruled on Friday.

  4. Mark:

    So you admit he did the minimum to get on the ballot? So you are ripping down someone for doing what they are supposed to do. Collect 1,000 signatures and the courts have said that was done. So the person with egg on their face is Critz because he used a unsuccesful legal challenge to throw mud at his opponent.

  5. Mr Altmire,
    It is critical to democracy that only qualified candidates actually appear on the ballot. I am sure, if only 10 valid signatures were required, opponents would front fake candidates just to use their opponents resources. By only having the bare minimum number of signatures, you have demonstated a disregard for the process. Moreover, you have demonstrated your teams lack of organization. Even first time candidates know the importance of he petition process. You made it, but only by the skin of your teeth. Don’t blame Mr Critz for your team doing such a poor job having you ready for the primary. Also, in the future, I would, and I am sure other Catholics would agree, appreciate if you leave the Blessed Mother out of your rants.

  6. I have to disagree with Altmire on one particular point:

    “his actions are beneath the dignity of the office he seeks”

    Sorry. It’s Congress. There is nothing beneath the dignity of that office.

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