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The #NeverTrump Delegate Slate

Trump-SadThe prospect of Donald Trump accepting the GOP Presidential nomination in Cleveland this July has some Republicans panicking.

This #NeverTrump movement is seeking to deny the New Yorker a victory on the convention’s first ballot. If that were to happen, more delegates would be free to vote for their own personal choice and Trump’s odds of victory would dramatically decrease.

In Pennsylvania, of course, 54 of the state’s 71 delegates are unbound. Nevertheless, the Trump and Cruz campaigns have released official slates of candidates they believe will support them in Cleveland.

The #NeverTrump movement also has a slate.

“We recommend the following candidates for Delegate in each Congressional district,” they write. “Each of these candidates supports Ted Cruz or John Kasich for president, or is clearly uncommitted.”

Their list is included below:

1st Congressional District

No endorsement

2nd Congressional District

Alridk Gessa

3rd Congressional District

Philip English

Daryl Metcalfe

Robert Yates

4th Congressional District

Marilyn Gillespie

Edwin Matthias

5th Congressional District

Richard Chura

Barry Kroeker

Lyle Stewart

6th Congressional District

Mary Elizabeth Wert

Robert Wert

7th Congressional District

No endorsement

8th Congressional District

Gene DiGirolamo

Deborah Evangelou

Marguerite Quinn

9th Congressional District

Lois Kaneshiki

Clayton David Show

10th Congressional District

Charles Brewer

Jonathan Hayes

Nancy Schrader

11th Congressional District

Carol Drewniak

Daniel Mosel

Thomas Pyne

12th Congressional District

Lawrence Borland

Bruce Keeler

George F. Steigerwalt

13th Congressional District

Michael J. McMonagle

Pamela Levy

Shannon Oscar

14th Congressional District

Michael Devanney

Cameron Linton

Mary Meloy

15th Congressional District

Dean Browning

Mark S. Hoffman

Christian Leinbach

16th Congressional District

Douglas Brubaker

Gordon Denlinger

17th Congressional District

Ronald Boltz

Mary Beth Dougherty

Joel Underwood (write-in)

18th Congressional District

James Means

Sue Ann Means

Albert Quaye

2 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I couldn’t find any info for the 14th district (no delegates listed for the 14th by Cruz, no info on Kasich delegates at all).

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