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The Next Chapter for PoliticsPA, and for Me

Keegan profileI’m writing this editorial because I want to be completely and totally upfront and transparent about what’s next for PoliticsPA and for me.

PoliticsPA is not a normal news source. We exist both in the world of journalism and of politics. But I’ve worked – successfully, I think – to make the content on PoliticsPA honest, accurate and engaging. I believe my record speaks for itself.

That’s why I feel confident, if nervous, about my next step. I have the ability to stay at the helm of the site I love at the same time as I explore new a professional opportunity.

Starting later this month, I will begin working for Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy. As you may know, Larry Ceisler is one of PoliticsPA’s three owners. In my role there, I will provide public relations services for non-political clients. The change accompanies a move from Harrisburg to Pittsburgh.

While working at Ceisler Media, I will also continue to run PoliticsPA as the site eventually transitions to its next managing editor in time for the 2014 election cycle.

If that strikes you as unusual, you’re not alone. The practice of working in journalism and PR at the same time – even in unrelated areas – is not typical.

But PoliticsPA is not typical, either. The reason that we’ve been denied admittance to at least one news association is that the site’s owners are lobbyists and PR professionals – though they respect a total firewall between their work and PoliticsPA. On top of that, economic realities necessitate that the site must operate as a non-traditional news outlet. Some parts of making the site operational, such as selling ads, fall to me as its sole employee.

Despite those unique requirements, PoliticsPA is a top resource for political news from Philadelphia to Erie and everywhere in between. Since I took the reins two years ago, we’ve quadrupled our impact on the news landscape and been cited hundreds of times by statewide and national publications.

I’m excited to be able to continue that work.

As you’ve trusted me to maintain a wall between the content of the site and its ownership and advertisers, I hope you will trust me to keep separate my work for PoliticsPA and my work for Ceisler Media.

I’m devoted to the integrity of PoliticsPA, and I will never allow other work to compromise the content on the site.

PoliticsPA isn’t going to change. Now and in the future, the site will maintain a robust approach to political news complete with a constant stream of content.

I’m grateful for PoliticsPA’s loyal readers and committed to preserving the high standards of the site. I hope I’ve earned your trust as I take this next step.

19 Responses

  1. Best of luck, Keegan. It is an important role as a journalist to keep things separate. Challenging, too!


  3. Best wishes. Intrepid and indefagitable qualities are scarce and will serve you well, whatever lies ahead.

  4. Congratulations, Keegan. Pittsburgh welcomes all transplants from the eastern reaches of our state. As someone who spent seven years of my life in Philadelphia, I can tell you that you will only benefit by exposure to the western territories beyond the Susquehanna River! Besides, we have (usually) better sports teams and certainly more rabid fans!

  5. My own reading of Snyder / Politics PA is that it’s 100% totally political reporting. I’ve seen Snyder / Politics PA take clear sides by refusing to report on certain candidates , refusing to run op eds by former candidates, selectively reporting on certain candidates, not running responses by supporters after running allegations by opponents, etc. That can only be chalked up to the interference of lobbyists, who do favors for buddies, or who represent a certain paid perspective. These perspectives or interests aren’t posted, but if you know enough about politics in PA, you can see where Larry Ceisler’s loyalties lie.
    Go ahead and pat yourself on the back. That’s typical in the world of politics…

  6. One of the most truthfull sites Ive seen in PA, fair and balances. Thanks for the work, and great luck! If in Beaver County look me up and I’ll buy you a brew.


  7. Keegan, sorry to see you leave Harrisburg. Happy that you have an opportunity to try something different. You have done great work here! Good luck in Pittsburgh. Watch out for those strange things they put on sandwiches though.

  8. Good for you Keegan. I I am confident you can walk the line. Ceisler is lucky to get you and Pittsburgh needs residents who are not frackers.

  9. Seriously you are the best writer on this site. Unfortunately we all now see that you are a 12 years old. Shocking and good luck.

  10. You have done an excellent job with this site.

    It is, to me, a clear conflict of interest to be both a lobbyist and a journalist. Nevertheless, you have made full disclosure (unlike many slanted and spinning journalists who claim to be neutral) and readers can adjust for the slanting and framing.

    Lobbyists grow government, and seek privileges for narrow interest over General Welfare, and many of us feel government is big enough already.

    Below the surface, there will pressures and loyalties which will influence your judgement. This is inevitable. But you have fully disclosed this so we can live with it.

    All the best. It is good to see a young person advance.

  11. You will be missed by many, Keegan. As I recently told you, PoliticsPA is my first “stop” every morning. Best wishes!

  12. Best wishes on the new gig, Keegan. I have no doubt that the dual roles won’t negatively impact the site–although you not reporting in Harrisburg will be a loss. We do, however, look forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh.

  13. I have the highest confidence in Keegan’s ability to be professional and honest. Best wishes on the new path!

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