HARRISBURG, PA – With Pennsylvania facing a projected budget deficit of more than $1 billion, Dan Onorato is trying to deceive voters into believing that he is a fiscally responsible leader who will as Governor, “…figure out how to live within our [Pennsylvania’s] budget.”  In Philadelphia today, he talked about his real plans to spend more money and raise taxes.
Onorato’s new found passion to enact a severance tax on Marcellus Shale Drilling is driven by the need to spend above and beyond the almost $4 billion in new spending he has proposed so far throughout his campaign.  And Onorato’s statements about policing the natural gas industry come on the heels of his attempt to plug his own county deficit by expanding drilling on public lands.  (Tribune Review, 6/15/10)
Pennsylvania’s state budget has already seen a nearly 40% increase with almost $8 billion in new spending over the last eight years.  While Onorato talks tough about cutting spending, his agenda will result in more of the same in Harrisburg by increasing spending higher than the current pace and passing the cost onto the taxpayers.   
During his first campaign for Allegheny County Executive in 2003, Onorato promised to reduce spending and cut property taxes by ten percent. (Post-Gazette, 9/3/03) On his watch, county spending increased by 18%, and Onorato passed the largest tax increase in county history to help pay for it.  (Tribune Review, 5/5/10 and 9/6/10)
“While Pennsylvanians are forced to cut back to live within their family budgets, Dan Onorato wants to raise taxes to pay for his new spending plans,” claimed Corbett Campaign Manager Brian Nutt.  “The Harrisburg spending spree has to end and that is why Tom Corbett is committed to reducing state spending and not raising taxes.”

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