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Third Party Candidate Enters Race for Superior Court

Jules MermelsteinThe campaign to elect Jules Mermelstein to the Pennsylvania Superior Court has successfully made the ballot for the November election. Mermelstein is running as a non-major party candidate hoping to bring “much-needed” nonpartisan integrity to a judicial system that he believes has been plagued by corruption. As a result of over 4,000 signatures to a statewide petition, the Jules for Judge campaign is proud to see Mermelstein listed amongst the four Democrats and four Republicans on the fall ballot.

Mermelstein has worked as an attorney, both a high school teacher and a college government professor. He never had an ethics complaint made against him during his five terms serving as  a township official.

He recently appeared at a candidate press conference for the Annual National Meeting of the Green Party of the United States where he voiced his thoughts on what he sees as the injustices taking place in Pennsylvania politics. He believes these injustices are the reason people look towards third party candidates. A main issue he pinpointed was the people’s constitutional right to clean air and water.

“Pennsylvanians are lucky in that we have a constitutional right to a clean environment. Our state Supreme Court has repeatedly slapped administrations both Republican and Democrat down who have tried to cozy up to the fracking industry. This has not stopped that activity.  We need judges throughout the system to recognize people’s right to a clean environment,” Mermelstein said.

Mermelstein and his campaign have been canvassing many regions of the state speaking on their agenda and future plans if elected. If interested, consult the campaign calendar detailing when Mermelstein will be appearing in different towns.

16 Responses

  1. I have known Jules for a very long time he is one of the most dignified respectful decent people I have ever met . The Superior Court would be greatly enhanced by having Jules on its Court .

  2. To good third parties needed:
    School district did not pay me while I was disabled. You should ask my students and their parents about the quality of my teaching.

  3. He was an awful school teacher who went out on disability and got paid while home and now he has recovered and wants another job from the taxpayers. I hope he pays back the stay at home teacher money before taking the bench.

  4. Congratulations to Jules, my long time friend, for getting on the ballot. I know you will raise the level of debate on the issues.

  5. Always good to see third parties and independents break through and get on a ballot. Best luck Jules and congrats to the hard work I know many Greens put into getting him there!

  6. “He never had an ethics complaint made against him during his five terms serving as a township official.”

    Is this supposed to be a minimum qualification now??

    1. We have had 3 PA Supreme Court justices resign in disgrace. Two PA Attorneys General have been convicted and sent to jail. Two PA judgesconvicted of selling juveniles to a private juvenile prison for profit “KIDS FOR CASH”.. Most recently, Philadelphia District Attorney was led away in handcuffs after admitting to the facts behind 29 counts of federal corruption.

      In contrast, Jules has been a PA lawyer since 1980 with no disciplinary complaints.. has tuaght Sunday school 21 yrs, high school and college teacher almost a decade, etc.

      It’s not about setting a bar it’s about recognizing a candidate with integrity. This one has been endorsed by both parties in the past.

  7. Typical Green Party incompetence. Who thought this photo was a good thing to publish? An idiot? Better to just be an Independent.

    1. Weird the author used this pic from Facebook. Typical editorializing. Left out his quote on the inherent racism in PA court too. This guy is real deal

  8. Voldemort can’t become a Superior Court Judge. He’s a half blood. Plus I assume there will be too much coordination between his campaign and his Death Eater Super PAC.

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