Tim Murphy: American Hero (Watch Video)

Rep. Tim Murphy is up with his first ad of the general election, an artistic piece which recounts his achievements in the state legislature and Congress against uplifting music reminiscent of a movie score.

“He wrote Pennsylvania’s patient bill of rights,” an announcer begins.

“He wrote the Social Security and Medicare protection Act, to keep Congress from raiding the trust funds.”

“He’s our Congressman. Our voice. He’s Tim Murphy.”

The ad is airing on broadcast in the Pittsburgh market. It’s a relatively small buy for now (350 points, says one Democrat). Murphy ended June with over $1 million cash on hand and is a talented fundraiser, so he has more in the hopper.

The Allegheny County Republican is facing Washington County Commissioner Larry Maggi in a race that’s among the top five in the state.

Maggi, who himself is on TV, said the ad paints over Murphy’s votes for two House GOP budgets that he said weaken Medicare.

“Southwest Pennsylvania deserves better than a Congressman that says one thing on TV in district and votes another way in Washington, DC,” Maggi said. “Tim Murphy twice voted for seniors to pay $6,400 each year in out of pocket Medicare expenses while giving more tax cuts to millionaires.”

“And there is a reason why I have the endorsement of the United Steelworkers. Tim Murphy has hurt Southwest Pennsylvania steel jobs by voting to give more tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas.”

And if you’re trying to think what movie that background music reminds you of…


10 Responses

  1. Murphy is a joke. He is campaigning on things he did in state senate. He is so pompous it’s unreal. DO SOMETHING IN CONGRESS YOU JERK OR ARE YOU TOO BUSY TAKING 3 WEEK TRIPS WITH YOUR CHIEF OF STAFF TO EUROPE.

  2. The question is what has Tim Smurphy done lately? Nothing beside’s voting to give congress extended vacation time by 7 weeks when we need our elected official’s in Wasington now more than ever with all the issue’s facing this great nantion.. Also i forgot to mention how congressman Smurphy wants to force seniors to pay out of pocket for medicare when these hardworking people payed into these programs there whole life.. I have been doing some research on Larry Maggi, he has did alot of good thing’s for his home county, he didnt raise taxes in his 8yrs as commissioner i believe,he is pro-life pro-gun and pro-natoinal defense..I believe i read somewhere also Larry Maggi had 8 balanced budget’s in 8yrs, as commissioner.. I think its time we make a change so i will vote Larry Maggi even though im a republican, enough of Mr Smurphy running on things he accomplished in the PA house,obviously that answers itself when there are no positive talking points from his time in the US House..

  3. Dear Bradley Komar: Dont be hatin all over PolPA cuz Tim Murphy is an American hero and your guy is a do nothing dud!

  4. Just saying, if someone’s running for re-election to office, they should probably restrict their arguments for re-election to what they’ve done in that office, especially if they’ve been there for ten years.
    Tim Murphy talking about what he did in the State Senate after a decade in Congress is like Obama saying he should get 4 more years in the Oval Office because of the racial profiling legislation he sponsored in the Illinois State Senate.
    If Tim Murphy’s so proud of his accomplishments in the State House, then he should go back there.

  5. Murphy is such a joke. He is so out of touch with Southwestern PA. He claims he has such great knowledge of the medical field. He isn’t even a real doctor. He isn’t even a doctor. He was a child phychologist, I mean really!!!

  6. So saving the 911th isn’t an achievement? Protecting Medicare and Social Security isn’t worth mentioning? Don’t talk about stopping China unfair trade practices? Indeed Murphy, Casey and Critz should pull down their ads and stop touting their accomplishments working together on these local issues! But Larry hates both Republicans AND Democrats (see “Larry Maggi, Boy from Claysville: The Movie”) “Democrats want to kill jobs, Republicans love tax breaks” so says Larry Maggi, Candidate for Congress, in the running since his failed Democrat primary run back in 2002.

  7. Murphy’s Patient Bill of RIghts is a huge accomplishment. It’s PA state law. It shut down the insurance companies from forcing us into HMOs. If Murphy shouldnt be taking credit for such a big accomplishment then please tell your guy Larry to stop talking incessantly about his 13 months in the Marines back in 1967 and being a Sheriff in the 1970s. Clearly he hasn’t done diddle as commissioner.

  8. Tim is trumpeting something he did as a member of the PA Senate in his commercial? Has his ten-year career in the United States House been so barren of achievement that he needs to reach back to his time as a state legislator in order to make a case for his re-election? Pathetic.

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