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To Err is Human; To Forgive? Ask Eaton.

Let he or she who has never committed a typo throw the frist stoen.

Democratic challenger Missa Eaton aggressively criticized incumbent Rep. Mike Kelly over a statement by a spokesman that he was campaigning in northeast Pa. rather than northwest.

In an email to supports and a separate press release Wednesday, Eaton
highlighted a Kelly campaign spokesman’s quote in the Meadville Tribune:

An emailed response from Kelly campaign spokesman Josh Wilson to a Tribune reporter Monday night read: “Mr. Kelly will be campaigning aggressively throughout Northeast Pennsylvania this Fall, which includes a publicly televised debate with his opponents on WQLN.”

Pennsylvania’s Third Congressional District isn’t in northeast Pennsylvania, but northwest and western Pennsylvania. The Third Congressional District covers all or part of seven counties — Armstrong, Butler, Clarion, Crawford, Erie, Lawrence and Mercer.

“Redistricting has changed the lines, but the third district is still a Northwest Pennsylvanian seat and the US Representative should know that,” Eaton said in the press release, adding that “This time, he isn’t just ignoring the needs of his constituents, but also who they are.”

Wilson copped to the typo.

“I guess we can add ‘iPhone malfunction’ to the political lexicon.  Considering Mike Kelly was born in Pittsburgh and raised in Butler of course he knows his district is in NorthWEST PA,” he said. “It was a careless error made in an rushed attempt to get a response to a reporter on deadline – an error made by me not the Congressman as I was en route to an event.  While I regret the error and know it makes for a good tongue-in-cheek response from the loyal opposition, we all know Mike Kelly is well aware of where his district is.”

Wilson works at the firm Long Nyquist and Associates in Harrisburg and has served as spokesman for several campaigns. He is also the Chairman of the Dauphin County Republican Committee.

Eaton is a professor of psychology at Penn State Shenango; Kelly owns several car dealerships.

5 Responses

  1. Well it is sad that the Eaton Campaign has gone this low and is this desperate. Eaton should take a reality check. She is an unemployed former professor from Penn State for a reason. She was denied a tenured position at the small satellite college.

  2. Kelly campaigns on jobs, economy, and taxes.

    Eaton campaigns on… typos.

    Ok, my minds made up on how to vote.

  3. Glad to see Eaton is showing her petty true colors just in time for election day. Her nitpicking antagonistic tactics are a turn-off for voters up here in Erie, PA.

    Keep it coming, Missa!

  4. We all wish Mike Kelly was redistricted to northeast PA so this loud mouth phony would be voted out of office. Since when were factual errors allowed to be called typos! You made an error – that’s a mistake dummy, and Mike who’s in charge of quality control? Would you let a 50,000 foreign car drive off the Kelly hyundai lot for 5,000? But this is just millionaire Mike’s congressional hobby so who really cares about “typos”

  5. Of course the typo-prone staffer works for Long and Nyquist. These are the same people who attacked D. Raja because of his racial background. Yet, the GOP continues to utilize their “service” widely.

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