Tom Smith Not Running for Governor

Tom Smith lores
Tom Smith

GOP U.S. Senate hopeful Tom Smith could give Gov. Tom Corbett a run for his money in a primary according to today’s poll from Public Policy Polling. But he won’t, a spokesman says.

The PPP survey showed Corbett ahead of Smith just 37% to 33% among 373 likely GOP primary voters.

“These findings come as no surprise as Tom has built lasting good will with conservatives both in Pennsylvania and across the nation. However, Tom has no plans to run for governor,” said Jim Conroy, Smith’s 2012 Campaign Manager.

“His energy and resources are today focused on advocating for conservative causes, limited government and freedom in the workplace. Rest assured, Tom is committed to ensuring Republicans retain the Governor’s office in 2014.”

Other sources close to Smith say the Armstrong County businessman and former coal company owner is likely to back Corbett if the Governor does face a primary challenger, such as Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce Castor.

Corbett lead Castor 43% to 23% in the same poll.

Smith won a five-way GOP primary in 2012 but lost to Sen. Bob Casey by 9 points in November. He has a long history as a Republican activist and donor. He co-founded a  local tea party group in 2009 and contributed $24,500 to Corbett in 2010.

10 Responses

  1. Jack, I love your comment re: the inordinate amount to Tom Smith signs. That made me laugh. I just saw a Tom Smith sign the other day..

  2. @Ivy – are you dumb too? Who said anything about Tom Smith being a bad man. He’s dumb as a fence post. Easily could be the nicest man in Pennsylvania but he clearly is an intellectual lightweight to put it mildly. You must have been one of his campaign staffers. Counting blessings that this dummy lost.

  3. In reading the previous comments I guess it’s just easier to be nasty and negative than to be realistic.

    Tom Smith is a good man, he ran a good campaign, and at the end of the day he didn’t win. Maybe things could have turned out different if the State GOP wasn’t always out to get him. In my opinion he SHOULD run for Governor.

    As far as the signs… …if that is your biggest complaint, then count your blessings.

  4. Tom Smith is the dumbest human being who ever ran for governor of Pennsylvania. He probably doesn’t even know he had (has) yard signs and why he had (has) them.

  5. Your right Jack I still see his signs everywhere. You would think he would help the unemployed by paying them to pickup them up so we don’t have to see them awful signs anymore..

  6. Smith should re-consider, as he could benefit from all the Tom Smith signs that he never picked up after the last election.

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