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Toohil Obtains Restraining Order Against Miccarelli for Abusive Behavior

State Rep. Tarah Toohil (R-Luzerne) obtained a restraining order against fellow state Rep Nick Miccarelli (R-Delaware) on Friday, alleging he pointed a gun at her during a 2012 incident.  

According to the Patriot News, Toohil is one of the two women who filed a complaint against Miccarelli for physically and sexually assaulting them.  

“From the beginning, she was in fear for her life and it was on that basis that the judge issued the temporary order.  A hearing will be held next week to determine whether the temporary order will stay in place,” Toohil’s attorney Terry Mutchler said.  

Miccarelli denied the allegations against him, and continued to do so through his spokesman.  

“It’s shameful that Toohil would make this move for a PFA without any notice to Nick or any opportunity for him to be heard. The allegations Toohil trumpeted to secure the PFA supposedly occurred six long years ago, yet she never decided to seek any legal relief until now,” Miccarelli’s spokesman Frank Keel said.  

“This stunt provides further evidence that political forces beyond Toohil and Nick’s other female accuser are pulling out all the stops to destroy Nick’s good name and end his political career. Nick Miccarelli maintains his innocence. He has done nothing wrong and will continue to fight these outrageous and baseless allegations against him.”

The two women said they did not come forward sooner because they feared for their safety and their careers.  

“I have been silent for fear that when this story is released he will kill me, himself and others,” Toohil wrote in the complaint.  

“Threats, intimidation and his obsession with violence and firearms causes me great concern for myself and my entire family and coworkers,” she said later.  

The order prevents Miccarelli from having any contact with Toohil or being where she lives or works.  It is unclear how this will affect Miccarelli’s ability to participate in upcoming session and caucus business.  

As a result of the order Miccarelli will have his firearms confiscated.  

Sources close to the ongoing state House invesitgation told the Patriot News that both women spoke about Miccarelli’s obsession with former state Treasurer R. Budd Dwyer’s public suicide.  

Miccarelli has said he will not resign his seat, though Governor Tom Wolf, all eight House Republican leaders, and some Democrats have called for his resignation.  

Toohil was planning to go public on Monday with her name because “she feels very strongly as a public official that she has a duty to protect other women and wanted to underscore the complexities and the issues that go along with women and families involved in situations of domestic violence or sexual violence. Obviously with the protection order her name came out sooner” according to Mutchler.

44 Responses

  1. WBRE TV report on March 12th at 6PM stated that TWO women in addition to Toohil have now come forward with allegations against Micarelli. To his defenders: are all THREE women delusional? He is trying to suggest he’s some great catch and all these (THREE) women want vengeance just because he got married and they are jilted. Narcissist anyone? Sounds like these women are all terrified of the guy and just finally found strength in numbers. The evidence (computers, phone records, etc.) is ultimately what will make this case. Impulsive abusers often leave trails of evidence…because they are impulsive…act out in fits of rage and anger without showing restraint. So will see what the phone, text and computer search records and emails all show.

    1. Toohil needs to resign too.
      She is not credible and making a mockery of the PFA process, will deter real victims from using it out of fear of media coverage.

  2. Miccarelli must resign. Today.

    There is NO room in PA for elected who behave this way. I believe women.

  3. In my view, Tarah Toohil is credible and I think constituents in her district think so, too. This is shocking and, frankly, Nick Miccarelli should not only be ashamed of himself and apologize to Rep. Toohil (and the other woman he attacked), he should resign so voters do not have to reject him.
    What could possibly justify pointing a gun at anyone except if one were in fear one’s life, in self-defense? I think it is to Rep. Toohil’s credit that she did not grandstand, acting a victim. Rep. Toohil handled it.
    Yikes: State Rep. Tarah Toohil (R-Luzerne) obtained a restraining order against fellow state Rep Nick Miccarelli (R-Delaware) on Friday, alleging he pointed a gun at her during a 2012 incident

    1. Yeah and you want to buy a bridge in Brooklyn?
      Any reason you believe she waited 6 years to complain when there were police in the Capitol, when she kept seeing him although he supposedly abused her?
      She is not believable.

    2. Bob: She was a real “who you talking about” chick? Now, she’s into the “hot topic” category of “I heard of her” as she had “some scandal with another state rep”…so I guess she’s ready for higher office, as her name is out there?

  4. Politicians are good at telling us how to live our lives (per laws they pass), so I don’t feel too badly for these reps (her or him) as they were (are) eager to pass laws for the “Average Joe” to live under (PFA’s) and it’s really Karma that it bounced back at Nick!

      1. It’s rather self-evident about politicians wanting people to live under laws they choose to ignore!

        1. Or you are unclear and suck at writing. Your thought process seems to be – if they are legislative officials then they do not deserve respect afforded to other citizens? Perhaps I am dumb. Perhaps your premise is so moronic I couldn’t keep up.

          1. Dude, it’s basic as you should get it? As Legislators pass laws, it’s such that they must live under those same laws…without complaint…it’s not able to explained, better, if you can’t get it?…then avoid the website!

  5. She never notified the Capitol police who are all over the building?
    Sounds like she is looking for sympathy votes and grandstanding.

    1. Yea. Fast track to leadership positions are through PFAs. You sure are a sharp tack. Look out Turzai. She is gaining a lot of support for Majority Leader with her allegations.

      1. In today’s culture, the way to earn respect is to accuse others of misconduct with no solid proof to back up the allegations. So, yeah, PFAs are a fast track to leadership for women. Ughhh, your name says it all.

        1. Name when that has happend in the past. Please, agurtie. Please name a time someone campaigned or garnered support for a leadership role this way.

          1. This is not controversial as it’s “hip” to be a ” me too” victim as Toohil wants to play her role, as victim, via her 15 minutes of fame…

        2. Tarah Toohil is known now! It’s a good gimmick as I never knew who she was before she became a Victim. I think she’ll play this for a run (future tense) as a candidate for Governor?

  6. Between this, the county council, Meehan and Andy Reilly, Delco is really having a hell of year…

  7. This is yet another Turzai initiated move. It is well established that he does not like Miccarelli, or any other Delaware County Republicans, labeling them as “Too Liberal” for his liking. It’s funny how these things have a way of coming full circle and ending a career other than the one intended.

    Good luck Mr. Miccarelli. You are a damned good man, a damned good legislator, and a damned good American. Be proud, and stand tall. You have done nothing wrong.

    1. This is why women are afraid to come forward. Scumbags like you defend heinous and violent sexual perverts.

    2. Willie-

      Why would Turds-eye want to knock out Miccarelli and help Dems elect someone who is going to be more Liberal?

    3. He sucks as a legislator and a person. He sucked in the military and he sucked when he was trying to use his elected office to get promoted in rank. He is, in short, a filthy low life scum bag. You clearly are being paid by him or do not have a clue.

    4. What is wrong with you? Miccarelli is a major league scumbag. She is not the only one to come forward with something.

      I’m a proud Democrat. I would never vote for Toohill but I would never EVER say that she is capable of lying about something like this.

      1. She’s doing it to be known, as I never knew who this chick was? It’s all a ploy for 15 minutes of fame!

        1. Well if YOU never knew who she was then it’s clearly a ploy… get over yourself and maybe do some more reading instead of hate punching the keyboard so frequently.

          1. She’s a real celebrity now as it’s “Hip” to be a Victim as it got her 15 Minutes and a bit more…of time…as a famous victim!

          2. Deplorable. If you don’t know her, then you should feel some hesitation before speaking like you had a clue.

          3. I can say all of this posting is making this chick a Star. It’s obvious true on January 1st of 2018 she was not known in Philly or beyond her little district! It’s serving her purposes to get this out! Or she’d be a clam about it and move on!

    5. What Trump said on the bus only helped him. This dude can survive it as Daylin Leach has not been forced to “walk the plank”!

      1. I hope you or a member of your family never have to experience sexual assault or violence. Your complete lack of compassion makes you look like an ignorant fool. Everyone on here can see it. I feel sorry for you. It must be so sad to live your small life.

        1. Aren’t you the Politically Correct Person of the Year? I love the Constitution…a PFA is allowed ex parte w/o any due process…so she (Toohil) gets it and he can’t say jack as he’s not even there to counter her averments about him? It’s like the “Starr Chambers” in England as we put into play the 6th Amendment to allow for confrontation…but your not into The US Constitution?

          1. 6th Amendment to the US Constitution is not applicable on PFA actions as they are “civil” and it can be gotten “ex parte” as it’s a legal term for having only Toohil there, not the guy (Nick). I’m not for his behavior (if true), but he’s a US Citizen! He got rooked as he’s not able to counter her averments, on the merits—as it was all kept quiet in a closed proceeding?

        2. Don’t be overcome with a PC mindset as it’s easy to condemn this dude…but do realize it’s against out values to allow courts to do these PFA’s in violation of basics of due process afforded to all US Citizens!

          1. Let me know when you re-read your comments sober. I think you just had an argument with yourself. Don’t worry neither of you won.

  8. In a human sense, this matter is something that hopefully will be settled as soon as possible both peacefully and positively for all concerned.

  9. You don’t obtain a court-ordered restraining order unless there is a REAL problem, Mr. Keel. I commend this woman’s courage because we know that there are those, like Mr. Keel and those like him, that will blame her and try to ruin her career. Stay strong, Ms.Toohil, you have my support–and I am a registered Dem.

    1. That is BS as a Judge gives out a PFA (like candy) as it’s better to “be cautious”. You can get a PFA w/o the other person being there? It’s totally a @”kangaroo-court” thing!

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