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Toomey and His Extreme Record: Stranger than Fiction

Toomey and His Extreme Record: Stranger than Fiction

Harrisburg, PA – Yesterday, Pat Toomey tried to brush off his extremism by calling his extremism “fictitious.” But Toomey’s actions with the Club for Growth, where he purged moderates from the Republican Party, was a precursor to the most extreme elements of Tea Party movement while his support of policies like putting Social Security in the hands of Wall Street bankers, eliminating corporate taxes and shipping jobs overseas puts him in the right wing fringe. Independent analysis has found that Pat Toomey is more extreme than Rick Santorum, and Dick Armey, an extreme Tea Party leader, even said Toomey triggered the conception of the Tea Party.

“Pat Toomey can try to deny his extremism, but the truth of the matter is that his ties to the most extreme elements of his party are even stranger than fiction,” said Mark Nicastre a spokesman with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “Pat Toomey purged moderates from his own party while fighting for extreme policies like putting Social Security in the hands of Wall Street bankers, eliminating corporate taxes and shipping jobs overseas. Even as he tries to run from his extremism, the people of Pennsylvania are rejecting Toomey’s Santorum-esque record.”

Toomey: Ties to Extremists Are Fictitious. The only questions getting something that resembled a rise out of him had to do with being lumped in with other Tea Party candidates throughout the country and if the close proximity (as in the Delaware media market bleeding into the Pennsylvania media market) of Christine O’Donnell’s race was making his race harder. [MSNBC, 10/25/10]

Toomey is More Extreme Than Santorum. “That Toomey is very conservative is beyond debate. If he is elected, he will arguably be the most conservative U.S senator Pennsylvania has elected since before the New Deal days. Toomey’s lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union is 97 percent; Santorum’s is just 88 percent. has ranked Toomey 98 percent more conservative during his three terms in Congress than all other members of Congress back to 1995. Santorum himself once called Toomey ‘too conservative’ for Pennsylvania.” [The Scranton Times-Tribune, 9/19/2010]

Armey: Toomey Triggered ‘Conception’ of Tea Party. Former Rep. Dick Armey (R.,Tex.), whose Freedom Works organization has helped the Tea Party grow, said Tuesday in Philadelphia that the movement was conceived the moment President George W. Bush endorsed Sen. Arlen Specter (then-R, now D) over Pat Toomey in the 2004 Republican primary. [Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/14/10]

Toomey Runs From Fellow Extremist O’Donnell. Former Rep. Pat Toomey, the Republican Senate nominee in Pennsylvania, is trying to put some distance between himself and the polarizing Republican running for Senate in neighboring Delaware, Christine O’Donnell. [Politico, 10/24/10]

Fellow Extremist Sarah Palin Endorsed Toomey. “Republican Senate candidate Pat Toomey sidestepped questions about his endorsement from Sarah Palin. Asked after a campaign event whether he thought the former governor’s endorsement helped his Senate campaign against Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.), Toomey was noncommittal.” [The Hill, 10/22/10] 

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  1. Speaking of extremism….

    Joe Sestak on Tort reform (:35) – says doctors order tests to enhance revenue

    “The GAO also finished a study with the AMA and they said you know there MAY be some defensive measures being taken. But they, with the GAO concluded that they could not find evidence of statistical worth, and the government accounting office then said, in fact, it appears as though, not for avoiding litigation, but, in order to enhance their revenues, according to the GAO, many of these extra tests are being done.”

    This entire clip is a lie. The AMA NEVER did a study with the GAO. A report issued by the GAO in 2003 referenced an AMA study which admitted that it is difficult to tell exactly how much defensive medicine costs, but, unlike what Sestak says in this clip, there was never joint research.

    And MUCH more recently, the AMA found that 91% of physicians admit to practicing defensive medicine, while the CBO estimated a savings of as much as $54 billion in October 2009. Of course, Sestak opposes medical liability reform, while Toomey has supported it for many years.

    Just as disturbing, though, is the fact that Sestak, like the President, understands our health care delivery system SO poorly that he apparently believes doctors do unnecessary tests just for money – when doctors don’t get PAID for the tests they order unless they happen to own part of the diagnostic facility, which only a tiny percentage of doctors do. The vast majority of physicians don’t make an extra DIME when they order extra tests to protect themselves from predatory personal injury lawyers.

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