Toomey Can Run But Can’t Hide from Attacks on Social Security

Believes putting Social Security on Wall Street would be “enormously beneficial” to economy
How desperate is Congressman Toomey to hide his lifelong attacks on Social Security?

This week he made the remarkable claim: “I’ve never said I favor privatizing Social Security.”

The only problem? Congressman Toomey has been on record touting his desire to end Social Security as we know it … 36 times!

Congressman Toomey may try to run from his record as a Wall Street derivatives trader, a cheerleader for the Bush economic agenda, and a Washington special-interest group lobbyist, but no one is falling for what the Patriot News is calling his “revisionist history … when he claimed he never called for privatizing Social Security.”

Why is Congressman Toomey afraid to tell the truth about his plan to cut Social Security?

Instead of telling the truth, Congressman Toomey accuses critics of “demagoguery” (Tribune Review, Aug. 26, 2010) for daring to use the term “privatize” – a term used by the right-wing Cato Institute, not to mention President Bush.

So, what did Congressman Toomey do when Bush introduced a plan to “privatize” Social Security? He said it would be “enormously beneficial.”

A plan that could put 700,000 Pennsylvania seniors in poverty is “enormously beneficial”? No wonder Congressman Toomey is running from the truth.

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