Toomey Dines with Trump, Discusses Tax Reform

U.S. Senator Pat Toomey had dinner last night with President Trump and nine other Senators to discuss tax reform.  Toomey left the dinner and spoke positively about the chances of tax reform passing the Senate.  

“The president really strongly stressed his interest in getting a really good pro-growth tax reform done as quickly as we can.  The goal is before Christmas to have a tax bill on the president’s desk, and I still believe that’s doable,” Toomey said, according to the Post-Gazette.  

The main issues discussed were lowering the corporate tax rate, eliminating deductions and encouraging companies to bring foreign profits back to the U.S.

“We had a great substantive conversation about policy, and great outreach to Democrats,” Toomey told the Morning Call.

The dinner hosted seven Republicans and three Democrats.

7 Responses

  1. In the interest of transparency, the Republican President should follow precedent and disclose his tax returns before Congress takes up tax reform. The public has a right to know what conflicts of interest may exist and how any potential legislation might personally benefit him.

    1. Wow really man? Really throwing it back in time. I think in a world where we need tax reform, face possible outside hacking on our elections with an investigation about it and as we stare down nukes from NK? I think your priorities are in the wrong place there my guy.

      1. I agree with Isaac. As we needed to see birth certificates, we are long past the time Trump should have released his tax returns. Also he has failed to provide the traditional records from a physician that would let us know his physical and mental fitness for office.

      2. Back in time? It is an ongoing issue that is highly relevant to tax reform (or more likely, tax cut) efforts, and the President’s own integrity and willingness to keep his word. This is basic transparency practiced by every presidential candidate and president for decades; on numerous occasions, Trump promised to release his tax returns. There is no good reason for a president not to disclose his tax returns unless he has something to hide. The American people have a right to know.

        1. Keep what word? The American people elected him genius. Just becauase you’re a liberal empty case of a man and voted for the giant lump of shit that is Hillary Clinton, doesn’t mean to be so damn salty. Hey did you read her new book? Maybe she blamed you for losing too just like she blamed Netflix and everyone else under the sun.

        2. But regardless, this is about Toomey. One of the best, most trustworthy Senator’s in the entire country. So put your tail between your legs and head back to philly/pittsburgh or wherever you’re trolling from.

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