Toomey Highlights Sestak’s Ties to Extreme Group, Calls on Sestak to Return Contributions

Allentown – Today, U.S. Senate candidate and former small business owner, Pat Toomey held a press conference to highlight the latest evidence of Congressman Joe Sestak’s extremism.

It is well-known that Congressman Sestak has staked out positions to the left of mainstream voters, and even to the left of many of his Democratic colleagues.  Sestak voted for a cap-and-trade energy tax and wanted it to go further; Sestak voted for a $787 billion stimulus bill and wanted it to be at least $1 trillion; Sestak voted for government-run health care, and was disappointed it didn’t go far enough; Sestak voted for the Wall Street bailout and refused to support bipartisan efforts to end it; and Sestak has taken over $150,000 from the ultra-liberal MoveOn.Org.

It now turns out Congressman Sestak has also taken $9,200 from a radical, left-wing group called Citizens for Global Solutions, previously called the World Federalist Association.

In 2006, then-Senate candidate Bob Casey returned $5,000 he received from Citizens for Global Solutions.  Other politicians like Vice-President Joe Biden and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel have followed suit and returned contributions from this group.  It is time for Joe Sestak to do the same thing.

Citizens for Global Solutions believes:

  • By its own admission and platform, Citizens for Global Solutions believes that the world can, and should, advance toward global governance by establishing, among other things, a global tax.

  • Citizens for Global Solutions supports dramatically increasing U.S. foreign aid even though a majority of this aid goes to corrupt governments that oppose the United States and use the money to strengthen their own corrupt regimes instead of helping to lift their people out of poverty.

Congressman Sestak is the number one recipient of campaign contributions from Citizens for Global Solutions.  He needs to answer the following questions:

  • QUESTION: Does Congressman Sestak support a global tax in addition to all the tax increases he has already supported?
  • QUESTION: Will Congressman Sestak join Senator Casey and many others in renouncing his support from this radical group and its support for a global tax?
  • QUESTION: In this time of skyrocketing deficits – which Congressman Sestak caused – does he continue to support doubling U.S. foreign aid to corrupt and oppressive regimes as indicated by the questionnaire he filled out for the group?

“Congressman Sestak has adopted one extreme position after another, but now his ties to the extreme left-wing group Citizens for Global Solutions raises new questions,” Pat Toomey said.  “Does Congressman Sestak support a global tax in additional to all the other tax increases he has supported?  Does Congressman Sestak really want to double foreign aid to corrupt and oppressive regimes in a time of sky-rocketing deficits?  And will Congressman Sestak join Senator Bob Casey and many others in renouncing his support for this radical group and returning the contributions he received?  I hope Congressman Sestak will come forward and answer these questions right away.”

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