Toomey Holds Town Hall; Talks Harvey, Tax Reform

Toomey Town HallSenator Pat Toomey held his first town hall in months, discussing the funding for clean-up from Harvey, tax reform, and healthcare.  

According to the Associated Press, Toomey said he expects Congress to take up the aid package immediately so they can “get the services and care that they need urgently.”  

When discussing the tax code, Toomey described the current tax code in the U.S. as “worst tax code in the world.”  He said he wants to lower the tax rate for corporations and possibly combine some tax brackets for individuals.  

“It’s not OK to just tear it all up,” Toomey said in response to a question about repealing the Affordable Care Act.  

Toomey said he wants to revamp the ACA, citing concerns about people who have been buying coverage to comply with the law and have seen increasing prices.  

Starting about an hour and a half before the town hall, dozens of protesters gathered outside the PBS39 studio where the event took place.  They called the town hall a sham, and called for a larger event with a broader range of constituents admitted into the event.

September 1st, 2017 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Senate | 7 Comments

7 thoughts on “Toomey Holds Town Hall; Talks Harvey, Tax Reform”

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  2. tommyd says:

    Ask an “inappropriate” question and you will be arrested.

  3. Paul Roden says:

    Senator Toomey’s record and philosophy is very simple to interpret: “What ever Wall Street wants, Wall Street gets.” Greed addiction is what he has and the rest of the 1 %. So much for “compassionate conservatism.”

  4. Sean says:

    Toomey is a spineless coward.

  5. Alycee Nelson Ruley says:

    Another of his invitation only, softball/friendly questions town hall shams

    1. Basile says:

      Yes a great softball game with ringers. I really wonder if the Russians helped this Coward.

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