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Toomey PAC on TV for Reilly in PA-4 (Watch Video)

Senator Pat Toomey is lending a major hand to political ally Chris Reilly, who is running for Congress to replace retiring Rep. Todd Platts. In a significant television buy, Toomey’s PAC is airing a television ad featuring Toomey speaking directly to the camera.

“I need more allies in the House of Representatives. That’s why I support Chris Reilly for Congress. A lifelong fiscal conservative, Chris will be a champion for lower taxes and less government spending.”

PoliticsPA was unable to reach Toomey’s PAC for comment, but one GOP source said the buy was around 750 gross ratings points on broadcast in the Harrisburg market –  a significant campaign that is currently slated for one week but may continue on through the election. Such a buy costs around $50,000 per week. The ads began airing today.

Toomey’s leadership PAC is called Citizens for Prosperity in America. As such, the buy is independent of the Reilly campaign.

Meanwhile, Governor Tom Corbett is reportedly attending a fundraiser Tuesday evening for state Rep. Scott Perry, another candidate in the 4th. Former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich is also said to be in attendance. Perry also has the support of a number of his colleagues.

It’s the first time Toomey and Corbett have publicly opposing candidates in a GOP primary.

“I’m proud to be endorsed by a fellow conservative and leader in the United States Senate like Pat Toomey,” Reilly said. “If elected I hope to work with Senator Toomey and other conservative members of the U.S. Congress to cut spending to balance the budget, eliminate Obamacare, and ease taxes and regulations on businesses”

So far the campaign has been low profile in the way of paid media. Reilly has sent out a few mailers and is on the radio, but this is the first significant move in the race.

Toomey and Reilly have been political allies for years. Reilly was a supporter of Toomey’s 2004 campaign against Sen. Arlen Specter and ran his efforts in York County.

Reilly is a York County Commissioner. His primary GOP opponents are Perry and attorney Sean Summers. Four other Republicans, Ted Waga, Kevin Downs, Eric Martin, and Mark Swomley, are also seeking the nomination.

The district is heavily Republican.

8 Responses

  1. @ Ian – “The only good thing in the Corbett Administration is Cawley.”
    Dear God, that is a frightening statement. You must not know Cawley then. Had a taxpayer funded job in the senate for years on end, ran all the Bucks County political operations out of Sen. Tomlinson’s taxpayer funded office, which just so happened to get him appointed county commissioner (you know scratching backs and all), oh and he failed the bar 3 times….

  2. I am trying to figure if Tom Corbett is more interested in beating Republicans or fighting Democrats. He seems to make a lot of really bad choices politically and is content to basically do nothing out there in Harrisburg owning Congress and all. Seems he depends alot on bullying people. Maybe he should focus on bullying through some limited government stuff. Well that should soon end after the primary.

  3. Corbett has no backing or team aside from the State Committee. Ask around Harrisburg about him, not many Republican Reps or Senators really like him. He still thinks he’s better than everyone. He is going to get hit on caring more about Bonusgate than Child Molestation and he’s going to get hit for running Freed, whose father is under investigation. He’s losing support in Harrisburg and his numbers are in the tank. The only good thing in the Corbett Administration is Cawley.

  4. Toomey’s clout isn’t great. Frankly, he got in on luck and if he had run against Casey he would have lost. I’d be very careful about throwing Corbett under the bus. In terms of political organization, Corbett is WAY better then Corbett’s team and his influence is much more significant across the state then Toomey’s.
    Corbett is the defacto leader of the state party and the reason why Welch isn’t winning is because Smith is the only one whose been spending money on TV ads. Frankly, when push comes to shove you’ve got to look at who makes the majority of the PA primary voters. Smith’s problem is his voting record. WAY worse then Welch’s. I’m not sure why they haven’t been playing that up more.
    Perry will win the race because of what he brings to the ticket, it’s hard for a county commissioner to compete with a military man. While Riley is a good guy, the money behind Perry is bigger and you’ve got to look at his former district and parts of the new congressional district that Riley won’t play in.

  5. People are finally starting to see what a piece of slime Corbett really is…….

  6. Corbett is going to lose Welch, he’s going to lose Perry, he’s going to lose Freed (Zimmermen’s Son-In-Law) and he’s going to lose one hell of a lot of respect.

  7. Toomey is much better than Corbett. Corbett is going to lose in his gamble for Steve Welch and Scott Perry.

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