Toomey Politely Dismisses Obama Deficit Plan

By Brittany Foster, Contributing Writer

It took about two minutes after the conclusion of President Obama’s deficit reduction speech for Pennsylvania Senator and super committee member Pat Toomey to share his critique.

“It is reassuring to hear that the president recognizes that we have a severe debt problem in this country, and I’m sure that the Select Committee will consider his proposals among many others,” said Senator Toomey.

The president’s plan features tools to reduce the federal deficit by $3 trillion over the next ten years including entitlement reforms, tax increases and war savings. The tax increases call for an additional $1.5 trillion, primarily from the exceptionally wealthy. Billions will come from the readjustment of health care and entitlement plans. Medicare will be affected but administration officials say that there will not be an age increase as a part of this plan. Additional savings will come from American withdraws from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The plan will be reviewed by the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction but President Obama has already pledged to veto any bill that reduces the deficit through spending cuts alone. This contrasts sharply with House Speaker John Boehner’s promise not to vote for any legislation that raises taxes.

Some plan must be enacted before December 23, or sweeping government cuts will automatically take effect but Senator Toomey remains confident in the capabilities of the committee.

“I am concerned that his deficit reduction strategy sometimes seems more defined by political posturing, such as recycling tax hikes that even lawmakers in his own party have publicly opposed. With the Select Committee’s deadline looming, we do not have time to waste on political games and pushing big tax increases that will only make our economy weaker for all Americans. I remain firmly committed to working with my fellow members of the Select Committee to produce a proposal that reduces our deficits and encourages economic growth and job creation.”

4 Responses

  1. If you don’t get mad, and want to do something to help our country after reading this, I don’t know what will.

    At Pep Boys, The Average Sales Associate make, $8.96 per Hour… BUT
    The CEO, Michael Odell makes $1,630 per Hour..187X higher than average worker.

    At Mc Donalds, The Average Cashier make, $7.65 per Hour… BUT
    The CEO, James Skinner makes $4,679 per Hour…611X higher than average worker.

    At Hershey, The Temporary J1 student workers make, $8.00 per Hour… BUT
    The CEO, David West makes $5,042 per Hour…630X higher than average worker. These are 400 jobs that can be given to unemployed PA workers.

    At Sunoco, The Average Gas Station Cashier make, $8.78 per Hour… BUT
    The CEO, Lynn Elsenhans makes $5,631 per Hour…641X higher than average worker.

    At PNC Bank, The Average Teller make $10.90, per Hour… BUT
    The CEO, Jim Rohr makes $7,981 per Hour…732X higher than average worker.

    At Comcast, The Average Customer Serv. Rep. make, $12.71 per Hour… BUT
    The CEO, Brian Roberts makes $14,932 per Hour…1,175X higher than average worker.
    Also They Pay NO PENN. Taxes, They have a PO BOX in Delaware they use to AVOID Taxes. STOP THE DELAWARE TAX LOOP HOLES.

    CEO of GE, Jeffery Immelt made $21 million in 2010. The GE Company received 74 BILLION in TARP money, cut the work force by 20K, and GE made $21.6 BILLION in profits. AND paid ZERO Taxes in 2010.
    Here’s the KICKER, they got a $3.2 BILLION DOLLAR TAX CREDIT, after they took their TAX BREAKS.

    What do all of these CEO’s have in Common? They also got BIG TAX Breaks, Just like GE.
    What do we all have in common with the workers for these companies?
    IT’S TIME Corporation & the Rich PAY THEIRS.
    Do you get Tax breaks like that? Do you pay ZERO in Taxes?

    Tell me again why Schools are being closed, School Teachers, Fire Fighters, Police are being laid off. Why Municipal services are being cut back or done away with altogether?

    Forward this to all your Friends, Family, Co-workers. It’s time we band together as one.
    Contact your Politicians, and tell them to Start taxing the rich, and corporations,
    Stop balancing the budget on the under employed, working class people, and unemployed.
    Yes UNEMPLOYED, 15% federal Taxes still get taken out of unemployment checks. Sen. Pat Toomey did not know that when I confronted him in Couderport, PA. In Aug. He’s so out of touch with regular Folks.

  2. I thought when he ran in November all he could talk about was jobs….Guess he just meant corporate profits…Joe Sestak did not deserve to lose to such that defender of the irresponsible corporate class.

  3. Toomey- It’s your policies from the “Club for Growth” (of tax dodges for the wealthy) that are responsible for a lot of debt.

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