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Toomey Releases New Ad: Sestak Policies Will Destroy Jobs

Toomey Releases New Ad: Sestak Policies Will Destroy Jobs

Allentown – Today, U.S. Senate candidate and former small business owner Pat Toomey released a new ad that shows how Congressman Joe Sestak’s support for a massive cap-and-trade energy tax will hurt local Pennsylvania companies and destroy tens of thousands of jobs.  The transcript is below; you can watch the ad here.

Entitled “Community,” the ad features Kevin Shayer, the general manager of CFC Logistics in Quakertown, PA.  He talks about how his refrigerated warehousing company has been in Bucks County a long time and how Congressman Sestak’s energy tax would hurt his business and jobs in his community.

Congressman Setak is so out of touch with the hardworking people of Pennsylvania, he argues that the cap-and-trade energy tax bill he cosponsored and voted for did not go far enough – even while a majority of the Pennsylvania delegation voted against the energy tax.  He also likes to argue that his energy tax will create jobs even though everyone from President Obama’s own administration to FactCheck.Org have said that the energy tax would destroy jobs and cause energy prices to skyrocket.

It is clear that there is only one candidate in this race that knows what it takes to create jobs and that is Pat Toomey.  That is why Pat has been endorsed by the largest association of small businesses in the state – the National Federation of Independent Business.  That is why hundreds of manufacturers and local businesses are running away from Congressman Sestak’s proposal for even more job-crushing taxes and regulations.
Transcript – “Community”
Narrator: Joe Sestak voted for the cap and trade energy tax that experts say will kill thousands of Pennsylvania jobs.  Sestak even said it should have gone further.
Kevin Shayer: We’ve been here in Bucks County a long time.  The energy tax would really hurt our business.  It would be devastating to the working people in our community.  Pat Toomey opposes the energy tax because he stands up for jobs and Pennsylvania families.
Pat Toomey:  I’m Pat Toomey and I approved this message.

Background Information
Sestak’s Voting Record:

Sestak voted for the cap-and-trade energy tax (RC #477, 06/26/09).  44 Democrats voted against the tax.

Sestak said he was disappointed in the energy tax “because it was eviscerated during the process too much.” (Netroots Nation, 08/14/09)

Sestak said the cap-and-trade energy tax “should have been even more.” (Senate Forum Urban Issues, 05/03/00)

Experts say the cap-and-trade energy tax will cost Pennsylvania tens of thousands of jobs:

According to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, the cap-and-trade bill will have a “profound adverse impact” on the Commonwealth.  It will also result in a net loss of as many as 66,000 jobs and a sizable hike in electric bills of residential consumers. (Letter to PA Congressional Delegation, 05/07/09)

According to the Beacon Hill Institute, Pennsylvania will lose 47,549 jobs by 2020 and 480,852 by 2050. (The Beacon Hill Institute, June 2009)

According to projections by the Energy Information Administration and the nonpartisan CBO, the net effect of the cap-and-trade bill will likely be to slow future job growth. (Factcheck.Org, 10/27/09)

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