Toomey Rules Out 2022 Guv and Senate Bids, Inky Reports

In what is being described as a “surprise decision,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Sen. Pat Toomey has decided to not seek reelection in the Senate and will not run for governor in 2022, according to two people familiar with his plans. 

The Inquirer report says that Toomey’s office “neither confirmed nor denied the senator’s plans,” although a formal announcement is expected on Monday. Toomey is expected to complete his Senate term. 

Rumors swirled over the past year about Toomey being interested in launching a bid for governor in 2022. The Inquirer reports that there’s “no clear” GOP favorite for statewide office in 2022, although both the governor’s and senate race in the state “could draw wide interest.” 

Toomey was first elected to represent the 15th Congressional District in 1998. He served in the House until 2005 and didn’t seek reelection in 2004 after promising to only serve three terms. 

Toomey bested Joe Sestak for Senate in 2010 and secured a second term in the Senate in 2016 after defeating Katie McGinty.

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19 thoughts on “Toomey Rules Out 2022 Guv and Senate Bids, Inky Reports”

  1. Dr. Bob says:

    He is a high-quality, superbly-ethical thinker-doer, robustly-independent and philosophically-sound memorable-legislator.

    1. Frank Burns says:

      Been hitting the pill cabinet, Dr Bob?

      1. David Diano says:

        Some people shouldn’t have a prescription pad.

    2. Eagleswing says:

      Toomey has been remarkable in his ability to be rude and deaf to any constituents who don t share his far right views. He is virtually impoosibe to talk to. Good riddance.

  2. jjcnpa says:

    I always assumed Toomey would run for Governor in 2022 so I am not surprised he is not seeking re-election but am surprised he is not running for Gov. Connor Lamb for US Senate 2022.

    1. Sean says:

      Houlihan 2020

  3. Jake says:

    I’m sure Guy Reschenthaler will want bring his shit-eaten grin to the Senate. He’s be into his second term in Congress by then…much too long for him to sit by.

    1. Ned Shneablee says:

      Conor Lamb!

  4. MARCEL'S GHOST says:


  5. Thomas Paine says:

    It was a political decision. You don’t walk away from the Senate for no reason. The vote for Supreme Court maybe? That vote will make him unelectable in Pa if the Court knocks down Obamacare and Roe v Wade.

  6. Cliff Racer says:

    Toomey had a limited future in a Trump-based party. He was free trade to the core and had rebranded himself as a social moderate. I bet his internals were rock bottom in the suburbs he needed AND in blue collar areas.

    Its too bad though, he was a good senator, much more relevant than Casey has been.

    Comedy thought: Presidential run?

    1. David Diano says:

      Toomey isn’t a social moderate.

      He just wasn’t a loud-mouth about his extreme right-wing views, like Santorum.

      He was a total hypocrite when it came to Merick Garland.

      F*ck him and good riddance.

  7. Masked in Ambridge says:

    Every loser GOP office holder and former office holder will now take their run at these two jobs. And why not, Trump is a loser, so there is a decent chance of a good GOP Midterm.

  8. David Diano says:

    Toomey has worked hard to ruin the country by voting for irresponsible tax cuts for the rich, and dereliction of duty for refusing to consider Merick Garland.

    Toomey must feel that with his upcoming vote for Trump’s SCOTUS pick that he really can’t do any more to ruin the country, because she’ll help take away civil rights, voting rights and abortion rights.

    Toomey truly has been an embarrassment to the citizens of Pennsylvania, and the nation as a whole.

    Good riddance.

    (Best guess is that he’s got some high-paying gig lined up as a reward for all the billions of dollars he’s shifted from the poor to the rich.)

  9. Joe Quinlan says:

    Great news! Always good to hear that there will be one less Trump Fascist in the Senate.

  10. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    Toomey is a coward, but he is smart enough to see Trump has devastated GOP chances for success for at least the next 2 election cycles.

  11. Montco Resident says:

    Well I’m sure the deep bench of statewide Republicans will throw together an incredible slate of possible nominees that want to stomp on people’s faces with golf spikes or arrest all the brown people in Hazelton. Also gonna be interesting watching where gop votes come from since the party died in the suburbs.

    1. gulag Pittsburgh says:

      GOP sucks bigly.

      1. gulag Pittsburgh says:

        But I suck biglier.

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