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Toomey Running in Senate Race – No, We Mean Really Running

Toomey Running in Senate Race – No, We Mean Really Running

Employs Hiding Tactics of the Extreme Wing of the Tea Party to Avoid Record

Congressman Toomey had no choice but to run from his own record, because — as Rick Santorum and nearly every paper in the state has pointed out — he is simply too far right for Pennsylvania. 
“Congressman Toomey has no choice but to hide from his record,” said Sestak Adviser April Mellody. “His positions like privatizing Social Security, eliminating all corporate taxes and shipping jobs overseas – are far out of touch with Pennsylvania.  We need a problem solver, not a Wall Street insider, for a change.”

CNN — Last question! Reporter: Would you be a Tea Party Senator? Toomey Aide: All right, last question! [CNN, 10/17/10]

Toomey won’t say if he agrees with Jim DeMint “We’ve reached out to Toomey’s campaign for comment regarding whether the candidate agrees with DeMint’s statements but haven’t heard anything back.”  [Philadelphia Weekly, 10/05/10]

Can’t say where he stands on sanctions for China “The Toomey campaign could not immediately say whether Toomey supports the bill.” [AP, 10/06/10]

Ducks the question:  “Toomey on Friday ducked a question on whether that decision disappointed him, calling the pledge “a good first step.”  [Philadelphia Daily News, 09/27/10]

It’s a big state “It’s a big state, and there are a lot of radio stations,” said Nachama Soloveichik, Toomey’s communications director. “We want to get Pat on as many as we can. Then there are thank-you cards to sign, phone messages to return . . .” [Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/26/10]

Leaving for another appointment: “Asked about the charge after the office opening, Toomey said he didn’t have time to go into detail about his plans to reform the program because he was leaving for another appointment…” [Pennsylvania Avenue blog, Allentown Morning Call, 08/13/10]

Toomey could not or would not answer: “But how about the many millions of workers in between?  Folks in their 30s and 40s and early 50s well, Toomey could not or would not answer what the choice, if any, would be for those folks.” [WTXF, 09/24/10]

Pat Toomey runs from Social Security question [YouTube, 08/25/10]

Toomey has a tendency to abruptly end his interactions with the press. He keeps to a tight schedule and has a tendency to abruptly end his interactions with the press when he decides enough is enough….After his remarks, he took half a dozen questions from reporters, until one of his aides announced: “Thank you. You need to leave now.”  The remainder of the meeting…was private, she explained.  [Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/26/10]

Avoids Calls “In an effort to get Toomey and Corbett in for an editorial board meeting where they would have the opportunity to state their case as to why Blacks should vote for them, Toomey never returned several calls.” [New Pittsburgh Courier, 10/27/10]

Toomey scolds reporters “Toomey thanked reporters for asking about policy, but scolded them for not keeping to the topic he’d assembled them for — the spat between his rival and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.” [Talking Points Memo, 07/15/10]

Toomey “Whisked” away from Reporters “I was hoping to ask Toomey a couple questions about his stance on Social Security – and what he thinks about Democrats’ efforts to use the issue as a scare tactic with voters – but campaign staffers whisked him away after the event, saying he was late for another appearance. The press got two questions in before Toomey was hustled to an SUV, which promptly sped away.” [WTIF, 09/20/10]

Turned Heads When He Seemed to Run Away from That Word Regardless of the debate over the semantics, his position is widely considered to count as a move toward privatization, which is why many heads were turned when he seemed to run away from that word, if not the record altogether. [PA2010, 08/24/10]

Silent on Eliminating Corporate Taxes:  “We gave the Toomey camp the opportunity to say the candidate opposes zero corporate taxation, but the campaign did not do so.” [, 09/01/10]

Toomey Tries Revisionist History for Social Security Pat Toomey appeared to be trying a little revisionist history this week when he claimed he never called for privatizing Social Security…The key to understanding this semantic subterfuge is, well, semantics. The word Toomey uses is “personalized” Social Security accounts. [Patriot News, 08/25/10]

Chambersburg Public Opinion – Toomey takes no questions: Toomey spent less than a half hour at the event and took no questions from reporters. [Public Opinion, 08/25/10]

Refuses to Reveal his Position on Interrogation  “However, on the hot-button issue of torture now under debate in Washington, Toomey twice refused to reveal his position on the interrogation method used on suspected terrorists which simulates drowning.

But asked again if he believed waterboarding was torture, Toomey said he hasn’t had a chance “to come to a conclusion other than what I have said.” [Patriot News, 05/18/2009]

Toomey sidesteps Social Security “President Barack Obama used his weekly radio address to attack the GOP over Social Security, but Republican Senate candidate Pat Toomey in his response chose to sidestep the issue” [Roll Call, 08/14/10]

(and, yes, we have more…lots more)

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