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Toomey Says New Version of Senate GOP Healthcare Bill Expected Today

Toomey CNBCRepublican Senator Pat Toomey said today the latest version of the Senate’s healthcare bill will be revealed today.  

“We’ve got a new version that comes out today. We’ll get new scores from CBO. And there’s a shot of getting to 50 [votes],” Toomey told CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ according to The Hill.

A source told The Hill “No expectation of today,” in response to Toomey’s appearance.  

Toomey is a member of the 13 member working group that wrote the original Better Care Reconciliation Act that was withdrawn from consideration after moderate and conservative Republicans came out against the bill.  

Toomey said the new version of the bill will appeal to both sides.  

“We’re going to get the specifics of a $45 billion commitment for opioid funding,” Toomey said.  

“There’s also a big push to have a change in the regulatory mandates, so that we can have the lower premiums that we’re looking for. “People can have more control and more choices that will appeal to the conservatives.”

In the interview, Toomey says that Vice-President Mike Pence could cast the tie-breaking vote in favor of the bill.  

“[T]here’s a shot of getting to 50 [votes]. Mike Pence breaks the tie,” Toomey said.

You can view the entire segment below.

16 Responses

  1. Uh-oh, I meant to say MEDICAID and not Medicaire on my comments. Don’t crucify me for this error.

  2. Toomey lies again! He and the other PA Republicans promised, that, they had a replacement bill all ready to roll out and introduce AND pass, when they regained power. It turns out they have NOTHING! Their idea of reform is to kick millions off the rolls of Obamacare and slash medicaire meaning millions more will not qualify for this entitlement. The problem with and entitlement,is, that once given out is is IMPOSSIBLE to take it away! These are the harsh political realities that they must deal with. The only salvation is to adopt a single payer health care system and establish government run clinics and hospitals in all 50 states, much like the VA hospital system and provide health care for everyone. There is no way around this. It will be impossible for these Congress critters to leave tens of millions uninsured. There is no other alternative. Time to face the facts.

  3. Repeal, Repeal, Repeal . . . then fix that crap that was foisted on the American public. Why can’t you just get rid of Nobama Care and at a date certain and present us with something that makes sense? Love you Sen. Toomey.

  4. Individual/Personal Health Insurance has no place and should Not be in the hands of the Federal Government….Period…..

  5. More lies from Toomey. First, an additional $45B for drug treatment programs doesn’t make up for the destruction of traditional and expanded Medicaid. Second, Toomey parrots the GOP canard that the ACA interferes with the doctor-patient relationship. The entity interfering with that relationship is politicians like Pat Toomey. Cutting cost-sharing subsidies to the ACA marketplace and cutting Medicaid funding denies people access to healthcare.

    1. It’s ironic that you accuse him of parroting GOO talking points, yet your comments do the same.

    1. Yea. What would a U.S. Senator be doing at the White House over the last 6 months. Clearly there is some sort of nefarious collusion occurring between our representatives in government. How dare they! Next thing you know Democrats will be talking to Republicans in a productive manner! Ahhhh! “Cats and Dogs, living together. MASS HYSTERIA”!

  6. All GOP lie. They don’t even know what words mean. Or don’t care. They just say what they were told to say. But their stupid voters take what they say as gospel.

    1. Not you. You are an independent thinker. Whenever I read your tag before a comment I think – ” here comes something original and independently thought through”. I believe you have met the kettle before, Mr. Pot.

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