Toomey To Vote No on Impeachment

Senator Pat Toomey is officially a ‘no’ on impeachment. 

On Tuesday morning, Toomey penned an op-ed for the Philadelphia Inquirer announcing and explaining his decision to vote against the two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. 

Toomey writes that the president’s actions were not “perfect,” which is something that Trump has reiterated for months over the situation with Ukraine, but didn’t reach the standards met to remove him from office. 

“The president’s actions were not “perfect.” Some were inappropriate,” Toomey writes in the op-ed. “But the question before the Senate is not whether his actions were perfect. It is whether they constitute impeachable offenses that justify removing a sitting president from office for the first time and forbidding him from seeking office again.”

Toomey begins the op-ed by quoting then-Sen. Joe Biden in 1999, when the Senate was tasked with considering removing President Bill Clinton from office and his decision voting against articles of impeachment, saying that the actions didn’t justify “overturning an election.” He continues to delve into specific reasons in supporting the acquittal of Trump, joining many of his GOP colleagues. 

He ends the piece by writing that the conduct from Trump does not meet the “very high bar required” and said that the American people will ultimately have the final say in November.  

“President Trump’s conduct does not meet the very high bar required to justify overturning the election, removing him from office, and kicking him off the ballot in an election that has already begun,” Toomey writes. “In November, the American people will decide for themselves whether President Trump should stay in office. In our democratic system, that’s the way it should be.”

The official decision from Toomey comes one day before the Senate is expected to vote on whether or not to remove Trump from office. 

While most Republican Senators were already expected to vote against articles of impeachment for months, Toomey remained in the spotlight in recent months over his decision, specifically when the Washington Post reported last week that Toomey spoke with “several colleagues about possibly summoning just two witnesses to President Trump’s impeachment trial, with one called by Republicans and one by Democrats.”

Later in the week after that report surfaced, Toomey issued a statement that he would not support additional witnesses. 

The AP reports that Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) plans to discuss his decision on impeachment later on Tuesday in a floor speech.

13 Responses

    1. Of course George! Everyone who doesn’t vote the way you want them to is a coward!!

      Some would call him a hero for not buying this impeachment hoax. There’s a reason even Senators like Collins and Murkowski voted “no.” It was a joke from the start.

      1. Dennis Celery –

        “Some would call him a hero” ?? Really? Some liars? Some sycophants?

        Collins vote was pure cowardice and she’ll finally pay for it in November when she gets voted out.

        Toomey has always been a worthless political coward. If the Dems put up a good candidate against him in 2022, he’s gone.

  1. Elmer Fudd says that “the Dems still have a moderate wing.” That’s interesting. Did you last research this matter during the waning days of Bill Cinton’s presidency? Who are today’s moderate Democrats? Certainly none will be found in the current Pennsylvania Democratic Congressional delegation.

  2. This is a guy who has run away from Trump for the last four years, but he finally was cornered by Mitch. my guess is this sickens him. He knows it is wrong, but if he wants to run for Governor or be GOP Leader one day, he had to tow the line. Not that I thought he would veer from the conventional wisdom, but he continues to disappoint. He can only put himself up on the cross of fiscal policy for so long.

    1. Can you Stand Pat-

      Toomey isn’t a leader in any sense of the word. Governor? LOL. Never happen.

      Toomey is an ultra-conservative who keeps his head down, says almost nothing, and pretends he’s someone moderate.

  3. Because the republican party is full of cowards. Afraid of having integrity and defending the rule of law because it will anger their corporate overlords.

    If you are a GOP staffer reading this, I hope you know all of your friends think you are a coward.

  4. It has gotten to the point where Mitt Romney is literally the only independent thinker in modern day Republican Party politics. I’m not sure if I should be joyful or sad but it is true. Of course, the Dems still have a moderate wing but that is often drowned out by the latest political heartthrob that party faithful fall in love with but will surely lose in the fall. If the Dems nominate Bernie or Mayor Pete, then be prepared for a Trump landslide. Mayor Bloomberg at least has a chance against Trump as does Joe Biden.

  5. I’ll never forget the Morning Call article from 2016 where Toomey claimed he wouldn’t be a rubber stamp (his words) for Trump. Then he went on to be a rubber stamp for Trump.

    Let’s say there is a Dem in the White House in 2022. I still don’t see that saving Toomey. He was the beneficiary of two bonkers election cycles – 2016 & 2010. After the numbers Casey & Wolf put up, I don’t think Toomey survives a midterm.

    1. I bet you predicted he’d never survive a Presidential cycle with Trump at the top of the ballot. Do you libs ever get tired of being wrong?

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