Torsella Releases New Ad on College Affordability (VIDEO)

In Joe Torsella’s latest thirty-second spot, titled “Opportunity”, the Democratic nominee for State Treasurer outlines his plan to provide a college savings account for all children in Pennsylvania.

The video begins with Torsella stating that, “If we don’t change direction, only the rich will be able to afford college,” Torsella begins.

He then follows this by explaining what he plans to accomplish with his plan to make college more affordable.

“I’m Joe Torsella and my plan opens a college savings account for every child born in Pennsylvania,” he states. “Studies show that this makes it four times likelier that a child will go to college. That helps parents and it opens opportunity for every child. Without raising taxes.”

The advertisement concludes with a narration voice over. “Joe Torsella. The right kind of Joe. For State Treasurer.”

Torsella is running against Republican nominee Otto Voit in the November 8th general election.

6 Responses

  1. This college affordability is a sleeper issue totally lost in this election cycle that has us all obsessed on the salacious and saucy. It is shocking that higher education has been virtually ignored in the political round. Kudos to Torsella for bringing it up. This issue may be currently under the radar but not for long.

  2. Joe Torsella shows up in the last week of the cycle to campaign…by TV.

    Otto Voit knocks on doors he didn’t know existed going back 2 and 1/2 years.
    There’s an Otto sighting darned near daily.

    So Pa. voters will decide who’s really serious about the gig.

  3. they can save some of the file video for the first spot in his Governors Race in six years. Don’t think this is a competitive election.

  4. Opening up a bunch of bank accounts for every child in Pennsylvania without anyone’s consent?

    It seems like this will only create more government jobs, not actually advance college affordability. It’s the public sector equivalent of the Wells Fargo scandal.

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