Trafalgar Poll: Mastriano Leads By 10


Franklin County state senator Doug Mastriano has jumped out to a double-digit lead in the race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in the latest Trafalgar Group Poll of 1,080 likely GOP voters.

The poll was conducted on May 6-8 and has a margin of error of 2.99 percent.

Mastriano increased his lead over his opponents by 6.9 percentage points since the last Trafalgar poll back in mid-April and 2.1 points since the release of the Franklin & Marshall poll last week. He received more than a quarter of the respondents’ support at 27.6 percent – a full 10 percent better than Lou Barletta.

Dave White was third at 15.1 percent, while Bill McSwain followed at 14.4 percent. Jake Corman (5.3%), Melissa Hart (3.7%), Joe Gale (3.0%) and Charlie Gerow (2.1%) all polled under six percent, while 11.3 percent still said they were undecided.

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24 thoughts on “Trafalgar Poll: Mastriano Leads By 10”

  1. theinspector says:

    Republicans once again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory by nominating a sheister.

  2. Og Oggleby says:

    Governor Shapiro! Thanks, Andy Reilly!

  3. Kim says:

    Don’t fall for Shapiro’s TV ad. Welcomes the thought if Doug wins. Says he knows that he can beat him. That’s called REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY. He wants you to change your vote to another. He fears Doug!

    1. WPaDem says:

      Wow, you people (MAGATS) really are conspiracy theorists

      1. Dewey Finn says:

        I don’t think so. Who wouldn’t want the voter fraud liar as their competition?

        1. AlliKate says:

          2000 Mules – watch it.

  4. Lord of the Polls says:

    Just shows what millions have done for these other guys and Shapiro’s commercial should be the icing on the cake for Col. Doug. Just shows how much GOP misses the Leadership at the top. what a disaster

  5. gulagpittsburgh says:

    Mastriano appears to be getting something for his signs on every road and corner. He can will all the polls he wants and will win in November!

    1. Kim says:

      It’s called from the common people. I donated a little amount.

  6. jim says:

    It’s time for McSwain and Corman to drop out and endorse either White or Barletta. Otherwise Mrs. Shapiro can start measuring for drapes in the Governor’s Residence.

    1. Og Oggleby says:

      Is Corman dropping out like the ‘if a tree falls in the forest, and nobody hears it, did it make a sound?’ Spineless, despicable Jake is one of the biggest reasons we’re where we are.

  7. gulagpittsburgh says:

    Mastriano appears to be getting something for his signs on every road and corner. He can will all the polls he wants and will never win in November.

    1. gulagpittsburgh says:

      fake post by imposter

  8. Sleuth says:

    Mastriano yes. Ted Daniels, yikes. Regardless of the latest PFA being tossed out, it’s not his first PFA per news reports-two prior. The current wife apparently felt the need for a PFA. Anyone talking with her? Is she terrified if the guy or not? Do we really need a candidate for Lt Gov with an apparent pattern like this? He can’t claim a political set up with the prior two women, too. Media needs to get this guys past including if it’s accurate about reports of his dubious record as a policeman.

    1. Dr. Bob says:

      “innocent until proven guilty”

      1. Hoogie Dowser says:

        Dr.Bob, Daniels is damaged goods.

        1. Dr. Bob says:


      2. Sleuth says:

        Dr Bob—two prior PFA’s are fact. The third recent one thrown out. Ask the wife if she’s scared. And do your homework about Daniels dubious law enforcement career including a lost job. Also had to fight fraud charges at one point but no camera evidence to prove he didn’t forge docs. Lot of smoke over many many years around this guy He isn’t any angel.

    2. AlliKate says:

      April 4 a Democrat state rep introduced a bill to prevent anyone with a PFA conviction from running for elected office. Shortly after that the Teddy Daniels saga starts and Corman publicly tells Daniels to drop out and Mastriano to disassociate. How convenient for Corman & Co. I hope Daniels’ sues Rolling Stone.

      1. Dung Mastriano says:

        Sues for what?

  9. The Wright Brothers says:

    Trafalgar poll is unmatched as an accurate Republican poll. They consistently said the race was between Lou and Mastriano. Trump buried McSwain with the letter saying don’t vote for McSwain. Plus, McSwain looked bad groveling to Trump. Mastriano plus 10 looks good.

    1. The Huckabeast says:

      If true then it will be Gov Shapiro come January.

      1. revresbo says:

        Yes, this poll makes the Dems very happy. With an insurrection at the top of the ticket, followed by Teddy the wife-beater, There’s gonna be a blue sweep on the statewide ticket, that may turn the state House blue, as well. No wonder Corman wants out of the Senate!

      2. Og Oggleby says:

        Of course it will. There is a serious vacuum of GOP leadership in this state. but the guys running things are ok as long as they’re getting fat.

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