Tribune-Review: Former Orie staffer testifies he sent texts

According to a story today in the Tribune-Review, a former staffer for GOP state Sen. Jane Orie testified today that he did not know that the campaign work he was doing for Orie was illegal at the time, which contradicts his earlier testimony from yesterday.  He previously acknowledged that he did campaign work for Orie’s sister state Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin out of Sen. Orie’s office. 

“Joshua Dott had testified Monday that he knew campaign work he did for Melvin’s 2009 Supreme Court run was illegal, but when cross-examined by the senator’s attorney Tuesday, Dott acknowledged sending text messages in which he told other staffers and even Melvin’s daughter that he did nothing wrong.”

PoliticsPa reported last week on the ongoing trial of Orie.

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