Trivedi Camp: PA-6 is a Dem District

The Manan Trivedi for Congress campaign seems confident that the Democratic challenger will be able to uproot incumbent Rep. Jim Gerlach from his seat.

Thanks to state redistricting, the look of Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District has changed significantly since the last election cycle.  Though the district became more conservative, team Trivedi is spinning the changes as an equalizer.

“More than 50% of voters in this district are new to Rep. Gerlach,” read a strategy memo. Within the new district lines are “parts of PA-07, PA-16 and PA-17 that have voted for Democrats for Congress.”

The district has a Cook Partisan Voting Index of R+1.

Combined with high voter dissatisfaction with Congress’ job performance, cited by Trivedi for Congress as 86 percent, the revamped district may be enough for Trivedi to overcome Gerlach’s advantages as an incumbent.

Not to mention, President Obama won the district by 7 points, Senator Casey by 12 points.

Trivedi lost the old 6th district to Gerlach by 14 points.

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5 thoughts on “Trivedi Camp: PA-6 is a Dem District”

  1. Alan says:

    Well, I used to be in the 6th and just got gerrymandered into Fattah’s dist. Which is prob ok by me …I generally lean left except on some foreign stuff and this election isn’t abt much exUS stuff anyway.

    I wish Trivedi all the best…Never voted for Gerlach but fact that Trivedi’s getting another shot at him after getting smoked in ’08 and with a more Rep 6th dist, well I sense that Pa Dems figure its a bit of a lost cause. So unless ppl are really ticked w/ Gerlach (huh!!!) and Obama has significantly long coattails ( yeah right !!) , Trivedi’s should prob keep his Med License current. .

  2. John Barone says:

    Trivedi Must Have been sniff Some Depleted Uraninum Shells in Iraq if he thinks he has a Prayer of winning He should go back to India where he Belongs

  3. Blair says:

    Trivedi is delusional. He doesn’t have a shot

  4. David Diano says:

    417,514 167,243 187,033 58,843 818 3,577

    Reps are only 45% of the registered voters. GOP enthusiasm is down. Mitt excites no one, and Santorum fires up the Dems (and women) against him. If Obama has coattails, this is winnable for Trivedi, especially if Gerlach’s been voting with the GOP extreme policies.

  5. HaverfordGOP says:

    How cute! Such typical spin from the Trivedi camp. Gerlach romped in 2010. If Democrats want to beat Gerlach, they’re going to have to nominate a conservaDem. With the Democratic primary electorate in PA-06 being rigged by Main Line and upper MontCo progressives, there’s no chance of that happening. Gerlach will be in Congress as long as he wants to and Steve Welch will be able to take over PA-06 fairly easily.

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