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Trivedi, Gerlach Camps Release Memos Defending Polls

Both Dr. Manan Trivedi (left), and his incumbent Republican opponent Rep. Jim Gerlach (right), stand by their poll numbers.

Quick followup on PoliticsPA’s Monday report about the large discrepancies in internal polling between Rep. Jim Gerlach and his opponent Manan Trivedi in PA-6: Trivedi’s campaign has fired back, questioning the reliability of Gerlach’s polling numbers.

In our original story, Gerlach’s numbers showed him with a 30-point advantage, with Trivedi showing a much smaller 12-point gap.

“While we admit that Manan Trivedi has work to do to achieve the results of an informed electorate, we certainly think we aren’t the only ones in the public who raise an eyebrow (or even two) in skepticism over the recent Gerlach numbers,” said Trivedi Senior Adviser Daren Berringer.

Lake Research Partners, the polling firm used by the Trivedi campaign, said in a memo that their polling numbers indicated a 12-point lead for Gerlach in the initial trial heat that would eventually deteriorate as voters began to familiarize themselves with Trivedi.

Here’s their full memo:

Trivedi campaign Poll Memo

Gerlach senior adviser Vince Galko said that given Trivedi’s history, Gerlach stands a good chance of winning no matter what the polls say.

“We feel confident in our polling and look forward to a spirited debate on the issues,” he said.

“As they say, the only poll that counts is the one on election day, and last Election Day voters resoundingly rejected Trivedi by the largest margin for any Democrat ever in that district. Today, the 6th district performs five points more Republican, and Jim Gerlach is well known and well-liked.”

Wilson Perkins Allen, Gerlach’s firm, said in a memo their research showed that Gerlach is “well-positioned heading into the general election this fall.”

The Gerlach memo:

Gerlach campaign memo 6/6/12

2 Responses

  1. To “Observer”: Please scroll down through the full memo and you will notice the information you missed at first glance. 408 Likely voters, +/-4.9. Hope that helps you.

  2. Love how Trivedi memo still doesnt release methodolgy, sample size, margin of error, etc. gerlach’s is real, trevedi’s isnt.

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