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RNC Hires PA State Director For Trump 2020 Election

Holding onto PA.

The Republican National Committee has hired Brittney Robinson as Pennsylvania’s State Director to work with Trump Victory and GOP 2020 candidates up and down the ballot. Robinson was most recently the RNC’s Pennsylvania State Director for the 2018 midterm election. Prior to her roles in Pennsylvania politics, Robinson was the RNC Deputy Director for the special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District and served as the Operations Coordinator for the RNC Political Department in 2016.

The initial rollout from the RNC last week included Pennsylvania and eight others with state directors thus far.

The RNC also announced nine regional political directors for the 2020 campaign. Pennsylvania, falling under the Mid-Atlantic region with Michigan, Delaware, Maryland and Washington D.C., will be led by Jon Black. He most recently served as the RNC’s Director of Turnout and Targeting in 2016.

The regional communications team will be overseen by Rick Gorka, a former communications staffer on Mitt Romney’s 2012 Republican presidential bid. Gorka most recently served as a deputy communications director at the RNC last cycle.

The Trump campaign and the RNC expressed their enthusiasm with these hires as the 2020 election approaches.

“The continued enthusiasm for President Trump coupled with our enormously successful first-quarter fundraising haul allows us to increase our investment in key states,” Brad Parscale, Campaign Manager for DJTFP 2020 and Ronna McDaniel, RNC Chairwoman said in a statement. As we head into 2020, we are expanding upon our massive ground game and communications efforts from 2016 to be the largest effort ever undertaken by a Presidential campaign.”

These hires are also tasked with helping GOP candidates up and down the ballot in 2020 in addition to Trump’s campaign.

Trump will be holding his first rally in Pennsylvania in 2019 this Monday in Montoursville.

Four 2020 Democratic hopefuls have made campaign appearances in the state thus far, with former Vice President Joe Biden holding his campaign kickoff rally in Philadelphia this Saturday.

This story was updated to include that those mentioned are paid by the RNC and will handle candidates up and down the ballot in addition to Trump’s 2020 campaign in Pennsylvania.

18 Responses

  1. They picked her because they are wise to bypass the state GOP leadership.

  2. I’ve had personal experience working with Brittney & she is terrific. A stellar hire for 2020. We are ready to bring home the WIN in PA, again!

  3. Trump’s razor-thin 2016 win in PA was the only GOP presidential win in PA for 24 years. Since then, Trump’s proven what a terrible president he is to all those people who reluctantly gave him the benefit of the doubt that he actually knew something.

    On top of that, the Dems have replaced the incompetent party chairman that was too busy packing his bags for an anticipated ambassadorship to the Netherlands to bust his ass for the election.

    Also, Biden’s always done well in PA. He’s from Scranton, but even though elected in Delaware, he was like PA’s 3rd Senator.

    The Dems are ready for him in PA, and the people who sat it out, thinking it didn’t matter, are going to show up, to end Trump’s imperial presidency.

    1. Trump will win PA by a comfortable margin. 3.2 GDP, lowest unemployment in many decades, U.S economy booming and the Democrats have…….Biden, Fauxahontas, Kamala and Beto?? Bring it on Dems!

    1. Why dont you make another remark and forget about the time you thought Stack was a Republican.

  4. I’m not a fan of Trump or Biden but I think Biden would totally flip PA back to blue… it’s almost his home state.

  5. So hiring someone with experience in the state is good, and sometimes campaign staff can do everything right and still lose based on national trends/demographics.

    But that said, the GOP had a truly terrible year in PA in 2018. I want to know what this guy did that makes people think “Yea. He’s the guy.”

    1. Most PA politicos never even met her or felt any influence from her in the mid terms (explains a lot about R losses all over PA) and influential R’s across PA are scratching heads at this decision. Not from PA, much too young and inexperienced for a race of this magnitude. If a woman was wanted, can think of twenty females more qualified. The good ol boys who run the R party probably want to be able to
      blame a female when it all goes to hell. Picking one this green will turn state blue.

      1. That’s because most PA politicos don’t actually do anything. They are either keyboard or yard sign warriors who think they make a difference but in reality get in campaigns’ way. Ms. Robinson and her team knocked on over 2 million doors in the 2018 cycle and were instrumental in Perry, Kelly, and Fitzpatrick’s victories.

        1. The fact that you think keyboard warriors and yard signs warriors make no difference goes to show how ignorant you are. Trump himself is the ultimate keyboard warrior via use of Twitter and the social media “irrelevant” keyboard support he got helped him win. Any campaign requires all hands on deck to be successful and you just minimized the importance of many grassroots people. Glad to hear Robinson is a great door knocker. Qualification for a leadership post in a major swing state=Strong knuckles

  6. Brittney doesn’t bring too much to this ticket. I believe her to be a bully.

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