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Trump Coming Back to Philly

Donald TrumpDonald Trump is returning to Philadelphia.

According to Thomas Fitzgerald of the Inquirer, the GOP presidential nominee will be speaking at the Union League tomorrow morning.

Trump visited the City of Brotherly Love last Friday to address a roundtable of black leaders.

Fitzgerald reports that Trump intends to discuss military and national security issues.

On Wednesday night, NBC is hosting a “Commander-in-Chief forum” in New York City where both Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will answer questions focused on military, national security and veterans issues.

10 Responses

  1. While I have not been a Hillary fan, her performance at tonight’s Forum was outstanding. She was presidential and had a grasp of all the details that we all know she masters. She will be formidable in the debates – especially if Trump continues to wing it. He does not seem like he has the brain or the heart to be POTUS.

  2. While I have not been a Trump fan, his speech at the Union League was outstanding. He looked presidential and had a grasp of defense details that he has not shown before. He will be formidable in the debates.

  3. I don’t care how many times Trump comes to Philly. I would never vote for him. And neither would any of my friends. He is human garbage.

  4. It’s hard to tell if Jim Radburn is real or a parody. He’s Poe’s Law in effect, really. An amalgam of dog whistle buzzwords and talking points.

  5. Jim sounds like quite the loon.

    He probably also thinks men rode on the backs of dinosaurs ….. nBetxha he eats at Cracker Barrel.

    November cannot come quickly enough! The Repervlicans who do not have their heads explode when Hillary wins will no doubt call for her impeachment immediately. BENGHAZI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The criminal queen is really losing badly. MSN won’t even allow anti-Hillbilly comments by me to be posted.
    Large national online poll of over 300,000 people voting so far has Trump up by over 20 points. Even crooked HillBilly’s base of Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers, illegal border crossers, drug smugglers, crack and heroin addicts, muslim migrants, convicted felons left out jail and freeloaders could not help her in this one.

  7. This is who the liberal fools want to elect for liar in chief. The great American Zero.
    Lyin’ crooked HillBilly should have selected lyin’ Brian Williams for her VP choice. They both lied about being shot at in a war zone. Two clueless lyin’ “combat survivors”
    Both are delusional. Both are idiots with poor judgement.
    A perfect pair for the democratic fools that listen to her lies. She is unfit to be President. SS Bernie (stupid socialist) Sanders knew this all along.

  8. Watching Trump on CNN today, fell asleep. Trump was that boring. He has no clue what he says; just repeats and rambles and repeats some more. All nonsense.

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