Trump Coming Back to Southwest PA

Donald TrumpDonald Trump is heading back to Southwest Pennsylvania.

The GOP presumptive presidential nominee will be visiting Alumisource in Monessen on Tuesday.

This is Trump’s second visit to the Keystone State this month. On June 11th, he stopped at Pittsburgh International Airport.

Pennsylvania is one of the states Trump is targeting this November and is an important part of his Rust Belt strategy. Just this weekend, Politico Magazine did a piece about his appeal in the old Steel towns of Southwest PA.

The event starts at 2:30. The doors open at 12:30 and close at 2:00.

10 Responses

  1. Diano your such a cuck! Improved unemployment when the true unemployment rate is close to 20% and 90 million people in the workforce are NOT working!? Rising stock market?! Obama laid it on the line when he went to Britain and after the Brexit vote he is humilated and the stock market just suffered the 9th worst crash in it’s history! Why do you fabricate this stuff Dave?! Obama care is a disaster, premium going up 60% this year and the insures are hemorrhaging money and can’t compete in the marketplace because of the restrictions placed on them by Affordable Care Act. Health care is truly unaffordable for for those forced to pay these huge premiums. You are delusional when you claim “more access” to health care and health insurance! Strong dollar?! It is fiat money put out by a government that prints money out of thin air! Low interest rates? Well that is a result of the crooks on Wall street fleecing people during the subprime crisis and the financial meltdown due to these pirates fleecing people who had no where else to turn and the idiotic policy of giving mortgages to people who could not afford them [ie; blacks and hispanics and poor whites]!Civil rights for gays has the Pentagon considering allowing transgendered freaks serve in the military! How nice is THAT?!
    Dawn is right, Trump is the only answer to reclaiming America and breaking away from “The Crown” once again as the queen bee, Crooked Hillary, looks to rule over America with her iron liberal fist! Hope you are a heavy contributor to this fraud, so when she loses, you can deduct your :donations” off of you taxes! Have fun dreaming about Hillary?
    Also happy fapping to your nude fake of Hillary, McGinty and Kane that you have managed to photoshop! Enjoy!

  2. Ray-

    Please name 3 “radical Muslims who want to take over our country”.

    There a small/dangerous minority who disagree with US foreign policy and commit acts of terrorism in the mistaken belief it will further their causes. Within the US, more people are killed by toddlers finding a gun than terrorists.


    “Hillary’s policies are the same policies that created today’s problems.”

    Improved employment? Strong stock market? Rising wages? More access to health care and health insurance, especially for women? Low interest rates? Strong dollar? Civil rights for gay people?

    If these are “problems” for you, you really need to learn about America.

    The only problem Trump solves is removing the threat of the GOP taking over the White House. He may also wind up solving the problem of GOP control of the Senate.

  3. Trumps a liar and Con Artist check the record.
    raised millions for charities. The problem the charities never received the money–that’s one of the many reasons Don “The CON” wont release his tax returns–because he not only kept the money—he claimed it as a deduction–then Trump U –this guy will say anything but has no Plan to back it up— so you D’s that think hes the answer–ask the 3000 about the 3000 plus lawsuits against the “CON”–be careful what you wish for he’s probably not the answer–as a retired coalminer it appalling that he made the statement he was going to bring coal back–that I know is a Damn LIE

  4. Anyone who would vote for a con artist like Donald Trump clearly does not share Democratic values. I’m all for a big tent, but you have to draw the line somewhere. Have fun voting against your own rational self-interest! Providence help us all if he actually wins, but our consolation will be getting to see a bunch of Trump voters reap what they sowed.

  5. My husband & I, both registered Dems since 1970, changed our party affiliation last year so we could vote for Trump in primarys. Trump is the answer to today’s problems, Hillary’s policies are the same policies that created today’s problems.

  6. My wife and I registered Democrats will be voting for Trump he is voicing all of American’s opinions on all subjects from lazy life long politicians to these radical Muslims that want to take over our country.

  7. Great news Coal jobs for everyone in Monessen! Because it’s that simple right?

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