Trump Coming to PA Society

trumpThe Donald has arguably taken over the 2016 presidential election cycle.

Now he’s set his eyes on PA Society.

The Republican front-runner is scheduled to address the PA GOP’s Commonwealth Club reception on December 11th.

The event will take place at the Plaza Hotel, which (as viewers of Home Alone 2 will remember) was once owned by Trump.  

$1,000 will get you in for the luncheon, where Trump will speak. A $2,500 contribution will get you into a VIP reception where you’ll have the opportunity to take a photo with the candidate. You can also get a “Table of Ten” for $10,000.

Trump has been a highly controversial figure on the campaign trail, however, and that has led some to denounce this invitation.

For instance, the editorial board of the Patriot-News called for the PA GOP to rescind the invite.

“It’s time for Pennsylvania Republicans to decide what they stand for,” they write. “Are they the party of reason and Tom Ridge or are they the party of hate and Donald Trump?”

Nonetheless, Trump’s appearance will be one of the most buzzed about events of the weekend. You can check in over the next few days for more reports on PA Society.

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21 thoughts on “Trump Coming to PA Society”

  1. Joseph - Pa says:

    I wonder how many Americans know just how messed up this Country is.

    G. Bush Jr. – after visiting several Countrys in North Africa. Countrys where the people live in fear, have little food to eat,etc. He returned from His visits – was asked by a reporter “how did your visit go, what did the Dignitarys have to say?”. There was a long silence (this on Talk Radio WHP580 around 2006 [?]) Finally He said “our people are unhealthy – they need to exercise”. Clearly her question was not heard. (I can envision those Heads of State ribbing our President with how ungrateful and disrespectful We Americans are)
    A couple of weeks later: Mr. Bush Jr. – was heards on the radio declaring the following: Our people do not know how to spend their money responsibly – well I know who knows how to spend money responsibly – our corporate executives. What followed IMO – was the unleashing of those corporate executives to begin price increases that put every household in America in ‘trouble’ and in effect reduced the buying power of the American dollar.
    Check your ‘soundbytes’ – it is there.
    Then later He had the gall to ask Americans – when WE were ‘down’ to fly our Flag as We did after Sept. 11.
    Yes, I blame Mr. Bush Jr. for our dollar being worthless and all the price increases.

  2. Joseph - Pa says:

    That reporter that attempted to get Mr. Trumps’ aide – charged with a crime can not be too smart!
    CLEARLY: my TAKE: She approached an Presidential candidate – Whom requires protection. We all have a personal cordon around us that should never be violated. Even – IF – She feels ‘everyone knows me’ – does not give Her the right to approach ANY candidate. She clearly was all about herself.
    If I were that Aide – She would have been on the ground with handcuffs on.

  3. Joseph - Pa says:

    Many of you make comments that are not quite right. Allow me please:
    “Mr. Trump will need some guidance” you say. What do you think all those people surrounding the President are there for? To present information, options, ideas, impacts, etc. The President based on the abundance of advise and data – THEN makes a decision.
    “Clown-in – chief” – that is very disappointing! Have you ever heard someone reference an stern leader – either an General; Law Enforcement official – then had crossed paths with THAT person (on the street, Dinner, a party) – where afterwards it is said: “He/She is so strict and serious ‘while on duty’ but He/She seems to be such a nice and pleasant person.
    Look at yourself. Are you a Professional person that knows how to lighten up ‘off the clock’? Are you a clown?
    Of course not. So…Mr. Trump is the Man We need to give the opportunity to manage from behind a desk a bit smaller than He has in His past.
    The Foreigner/Illegal issue. I paid the fees and waited an year before my Wife was able to join me. She became employed, learned English, went to school. Went from Sales store to CNA in now a Nurse!
    There is no punishment for hiring illegals? There should be! Trump does not directly hire Illegals or it is unfair for Him to even know IF the workers are Legal or not. Do YOU really think He will occupy His time with such questions? Illegals may be nice people (though If I thought I may be removed – I would be nice also) but they broke our Laws – We can not allow an exception!
    What build a wall along the Southern border? Just relocate our Military bases there PERIOD
    We need a man that knows how to negotiate. Politicians are simply bull sh#*@ters!
    Campaigning and voting should never involve HATE. As some write here.

  4. idratherbefishingwithrick says:

    @Stalwart Just come out and say it.

  5. Stalwart says:

    Fishing – a New York Liberal is a special breed. It is liberalism on steroids, a sort of Government Knows Best elitist paternalism where banning soda is thought of as a good idea.

  6. idratherbefishingwithrick says:

    @Stalwart- What do you mean by New York?

  7. Stalwart says:

    The thing about Trump is that he is really just another New York liberal. For him, this is the Ultimate Deal and he knows just which buttons to push. But Hate speech? An editorial calling for rescinding the invite? Like it or not, he is polling as a frontrunner and has a right to make his case.

  8. David Diano says:

    Dave Francis-

    “There is no direct punishment for hiring illegal aliens, but Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz will implement enforcement”

    Who do you think is building Trump’s hotels, offices, etc? He hires tons of illegal workers.

  9. HaHaHa says:

    Dave Francis you shouldn’t do cut and past jobs because sometime the formatting causes your statements to look like questions? You should really do a better job of trump trolling you dummy? Its pretty embarrassing?

  10. Pam says:

    I’m convinced Rump is in this race to make the other Republicans look reasonable. In comparison, anyone sounds reasonable. Trump and his immigrant wives and his cheap Hispanic laborers at his hotels/businesses. Nothing but the one percent filled with hate and insecurities. His supporters like him because “he tells it like it is” – or expresses bigoted views that they can’t get away with any more. It’s so awful and disgusting. We need strong political parties and the Republicans have sold their soul to the far right again. So sad this bunch is what we have to choose from.

  11. HaHaHa says:

    No sale, Mr. Francis. Sorry. Take that crap elsewhere.

    Next …

  12. idratherbefishingwithrick says:

    @Dave Francis tl;dr

  13. Lou says:

    We put up with smoking pot Barry for years….wasted years…what the heck let’s put a good looking First Lady in there and a very successful business man…can’t get any worse….

  14. Dave Francis says:

    I am a firm believer in Donald Trump, and so are millions of voters?

    Donald Trump will need some firm guidance, in many of the troubles that have not been resolved in our nation? Although there is a war of words from both political parties he makes more sense than the majority of the candidates for president. Trump does have a sharp tongue, but he says what he means and means what he says, as that quote goes? He is honest and sincere, but tends to jump the gun from what he either reads/sees on the Internet, the mainstream newspapers and all the other media as facts? You will never get the truth from the alphabet TV channels as ABC, CBS and wide spectrum of pro-Hillary, THEY WILL OUTRIGHT LIE TO GET THEIR POINT ACROSS. Liberal slanted media who is far from being trustworthy; she has brazenly lied about her current computer server, which is pursued by an FBI investigation, Her deception goes all the way back from her time and the involvement in the Whitewater storm.

    The Clinton Foundation was receiving huge donations from foreign nations, and so then what were their expectations in return? As former Secretary of State she had a moral obligation to stay clear as unbiased in her appointment. Then again much of the press doesn’t tell the whole truth anyway? They copy and paste only what their dense ideology demands, with the truth silently hidden. The shame is that elder Americans, the less educated and others of limited mean trust in what they say? One thing stands out to the general population, Trumps love of America, and the pinnacle issue of what to do about the illegal alien invasion. Currently interdiction has been fading at the Southern border and our interior because of the enforcement manipulation by this administration.

    King Obama on the other hand has pushed real hard at seemingly dividing the people and although our nation is not perfect when relating to race, religion or most other controversial issues as transgender, abortion, gun control, yet our magnificent country still flow smoothly, compare to most of the rest of the world. The Congress should have seen through his preferential treatment for foreign nationals, and then considering his other executive orders that should have opened the doors to his impeachment. To me it seems there has been collusion between the two parties in keeping the flow of foreigners still coming here?

    Politicians are just the puppets of mega corporations and thousands of businesses, with no restraints. Jeb Bush, will claim they will stop the flow of illegal immigrants, but nothing will materialize as always. It will be just like the Sanctuary City ‘Kates Law’ killing of Katherine Steinle by an illegal alien in San Francisco. We are still waiting for the law to pass, that will end these illegal ordinances in 340 communities–small and large throughout our country.

    You have to ask yourself why the sudden angry eruptions of black America on the streets. Yes! There are always bad cops at the bottom of the barrel, and although the wheels of justice are slow eventually those who have committed heinous acts against the person will get their just desserts. But I also recognize there is an undercurrent that runs below the surface and that is poverty, no jobs and unable to put food on the table. With a noticeable 92 million people without a job, underemployed or in condition that pays low wages, and then this must be amalgamated with civic unrest. This doesn’t just apply to African Americans, but Hispanic, Latino, Caucasian and any racial profile.

    Its time we really awaken to the facts, because this government is stealthily undermining the will of the people. Illegal immigration all boils down to pandering to the massive influx of illegal aliens by both parties. For the Leftists it’s a huge voting block, even though it’s illegal, a felony and for the GOP establishment cheap workers for their crony business connections. It can be a big pay off, as the suspicious rise for H1.B visas. The a sampling being the Disney Corporation of dumping its high tech staff for H1 B legal visa holders, and then Disney demanding that they must train them?

    How many foreigners in this country it depends who you ask; a huge number with no true figures to identify how many millions are actually here and stealing jobs from the average working American or even a lawful residents. The proverbial magnet of course is business owners searching for cheap labor. It’s a conundrum that has been going on for decades, since the original Ronald Reagan amnesty. Today it’s at critical mass as the people are sick and tired of paying out their tax dollars to folks who should not be on our soil.

    Even worse is this government’s give-away system of Food stamps, and a whole list of welfare, specifically for foreign pregnant women who drop a newborn baby and then collect the proceeds from taxpayers. Once upon at time–their were state and federal records of the costs, but most of this information is kept under wraps, especially New Mexico that stays under the radar for how many illegal aliens have settled there?

    My black ex marine friend who lives in the house opposite mine, I visited on Thanksgiving Day, said that his relatives were hurting over loss of a pay check. During the conversation he said that friends of his were dropped from good jobs as the employees had hired people in the building trade for people that couldn’t even speak English. The foreman was overruled by the employer and hired what he believes was cheap labor in the laying a sewers in Kern County. They drove miles to and from their destination every day and then were told they were not needed anymore?

    Trump will be a benefit for every working American and folks who paid their due to get a working visa and all those thousands who ready to immigrate legally.

    There is no direct punishment for hiring illegal aliens, but Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz will implement enforcement. No more playing by the rules of the huge companies who have their puppets in Congress, which intentionally design each new bill with enough loopholes to drive an elephant through. Beginning with the Secure Fence Act of 2006 approved by George Bush, that vanished from site by the hand of Republican Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s (you have to wonder how much cold cash, she got paid to stop the 700 mile double layer fencing in its tracks) Oh! I do believe 36 miles were built as of today?

    First will come the giant wall built by Trump, complete with all the technology. Then from that beginning a reversal of E-Verify amended to become MANDATORY tool? This will be nationwide vetting system that nobody can slip through? If you are authorized to work in the United States then you will be identified as such. I imagine that when the severe punishments are observed by business owners and the indictments come down. Heavy fines and even jail will be imposed for hiring prohibited labor, which would be expected to pack up their belongings and begin to leave of their own accord. What else can they do–with no job–and with no real expense to us.

    With Donald Trump the wall he has pledged, will not be a ‘will of the wisp?’ It will happen and as his says and Mexico will pay for it. Stringent Free Trade agreements will be renegotiated by his presidency, so as with Japan, China, India, and others? Fortunately, all treaties will be renegotiated the weak treaties torn up? Did the old trade delegates get a sizable check from these foreign governments, to whisk their goods into America and the American people having nothing to show for it? Yes! Cheap goods, but we are always the losers, which Trump will change, including better deals and not just coin going into the pockets of the politicians or the extreme wealthy. Jobs will come back as Trump is a practiced contract negotiator, and by placing tariffs on foreign countries that are not playing by the rules.

    Incidentally, that $5 million from CNN debate is being donated to Veterans, which most in the media intently ignored?

  15. NoLeftTurns says:

    Trump is taking over America – and that’s a good thing…

  16. Bono says:


  17. HaHaHa says:

    Trump and the GOP — a match made in Hell.

  18. jmarshak says:

    Donald Trump is a far more competent leader than Rob Gleason and his buddies.

  19. David Diano says:

    The “solution” is for the PA GOP to just not show up at the luncheon and have Trump playing to the cricket sounds.

  20. Observer says:

    Will he be bringing his immigrant ex-wives? And the daughter he lusts after? Will he show a videotape of those thousands of New Jersey Muslims cheering 9/11? Will he do his disabled-reporter imitation again? Maybe he’ll call on his goons to beat up any blacks in the room? Insult any Mexicans he sees? Come on, we want the whole shebang!

  21. HaHaHa says:

    Trump the Repervlican front-runner.

    Oh joy !!!!

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