Trump Includes PA in Largest TV Ad Buy Yet (VIDEO)

The Trump campaign announced today that it is launching its most expensive ad buy to date.

Specifically, it will be a commercial entitled “Two Americas: Economy.” It goes after Hillary Clinton’s economic plan saying that, “the middle class gets crushed” and her plans are “more of the same, but worse.”

Instead in “Donald Trump’s America, working families get tax relief” the thirty-second spot declares. It adds that, “wages go up” and “small businesses thrive” with Trump’s plans. It closes by saying these changes will make “America great again.”

Before this specific ad buy, the Trump campaign was only airing ads in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida. This ad will play in those states as well as New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, Virginia and Colorado.

Despite this newest buy, Trump will still be playing catch-up in terms of the air waves. Clinton has been outspending Trump $68 million to only $4 million.

Also, Trump will be playing catch-up in the polls of those states as well. As of this writing, Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight polls-only forecast has Clinton up in every state mentioned with at least a 62% chance of winning that state.

Silver currently gives Clinton a 78.3% chance of winning Pennsylvania.


16 Responses

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  2. I’m for anyone who will tax the Frackers ……. they are the ones creating problems in their wake for us to clean up ……. let them foot most of that bill via taxes. You think that would make the frackers come to a screeching halt!!!

  3. Also, this gem: “it’s more of the same, but worse.”

    Just let that one roll around in the ol’ noggin’ for a minute.

  4. Trump: vote for me and your wildest dreams will come true. Whatever your heart desires, will be yours. I am a genie who will magically overturn decades of international economic and technological forces.

  5. I don’t love Hillary. But this not a difficult choice. Trump is not even remotely qualified to be POTUS.

  6. For the first time ever I am truly undecided on who to vote for in November. Hillary and Trump are disasters and one of them will be the next President.

  7. Trump has several companies that manufacture things. None of Trump’s companies manufacture things in the United States.

    He is a con-man who couldn’t care less about this already great country.

  8. Within 2 days of Inauguration, Trump wil end Fracking in PA. Wait? What’s that?? You are saying the idiots like fracking?? OK ….

    Within 2 days, Trump will EXPAND Fracking in PA. He will use the best people. And it will be great.

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