Trump Jr. to Attend Western PA Office Opening

trump-jrDonald Trump Jr. is coming to the Keystone State.

The Republican presidential candidate’s oldest son is the guest of honor at the opening of a Trump-Pence office in Canonsburg.

According to the Trump campaign, the event will take place at the Waynesburg University Building and Trump Jr. will speak to his father’s supporters.

The location is set to be the campaign’s Western Pennsylvania Regional Office.

As we’ve noted before, western PA has increasingly trended Republican over the past few years.

12 Responses

  1. Typical liberal bash and trash. At least Trump did not Americans die in Libya. At least Trump did not depose leaders of countries in the Middle East. Thus causing militant ISIS to gain ground and footholds. At least Trump did not cause a boondoggle of chaos in the STUPID Healthcare Act. Oh, yes it is losing millions upon millions of dollars. Additionally, any time government gets involved it F’s it up royally. Example IRS, Education Dept, EPA, the list goes on and on. One last one Free College may come. Your degree from this would be worthless. Anything Free is not worth anything

  2. Its great that we have a local location to get poltical signs and literature. REMEMBER… Don’t be a chump!Vote for trump!

  3. Hillary Clinton will soon be in the White House. Trump more likely to be in House of Corrections.

  4. I can see that Post Gazette readers have posted here. Are you gonna look for a bridge to jump off of when the Putz Gazette folds and the Hildebeast is put into a nursing home?

  5. So glad Donald Trump Is finally being investigated criminally. Hillary loves this country and will work for the people – ALL the people. God bless Hillary Clinton and her family – President Bill Clinton and the beautiful Chelsea. Godspeed to our next Vice Predident Tim Kaine and his family.

  6. So glad Donald Trump Jr. came to the opening of the Western Pa. headquarters. Your Dad, our next President, loves this country and will work for the people not special interest. God bless Donald Trump and his family and our next Vice Predident Mike Pence and his family.

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