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Trump to Campaign in PA-18

According to reports, President Trump will come to Pennsylvania next week to campaign for State Rep. Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny) in the special election to replace former Congressman Tim Murphy.

Politico reports that Trump will visit the district to campaign for Saccone amid concerns over his fundraising and campaign 

“White House political director Bill Stepien expressed displeasure with the progress the candidate was making on fundraising. Stepien said Saccone wasn’t raising enough money and asked for an update on the campaign’s progress in the days to come,” Politico wrote.  

Trump will visit a manufacturing plant in the southwestern part of the state, though specifics are not yet available.  

Trump’s visit will be part of a strategy that will likely include two visits from Vice President Mike Pence and visits from different cabinet officials according to Politico’s sources.  

The special election between Saccone and Democratic candidate Conor Lamb will be held March 13th.

9 Responses

  1. This should help Lamb tremendously. An awesome break. I’ll bet Saccone is bummed though.

  2. I guess they are all in on the “I was Trump before Trump was Trump” strategy. Worked wonders in Virginia and Alabama.

    1. If he does, so what? It’s true. The Dems have turned SW PA into an industrial sh*thole. So what’s your beef? I guess Orwell knew what he was talking about when he said that telling the truth was revolutionary.

      1. How’s that? Tell Reagan thank you for dropping the top tax bracket 40 points along with half our tax base disappearing. That’s the free market for you.

        Like my father used to say along with putting his fists together like a hammer, “Twelve long years…Reagan/Bush…shipped our jobs overseas. Hammered away at the middle class. We get cheap imported Japanese steel. Busted up all the Unions.”

        Name one republican in Western Pennsylvania that has fought for the working class and I’ll give you a bridge to sell.

        1. Sean-

          Far right? Me? Have you read my posts? I’m on the Left, dude. It’s the right side of history, so maybe that confused you.

      2. Will “45” visit coal mine that is closing? Did the Dems do that , too? Gotta blame somebody I guess.

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