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Trump to Dent: You’re ‘Destroying the Republican Party’

Dent on MTPOn Meet the Press Sunday, Congressman Charlie Dent (R-Lehigh) did not dispute a New York Times report that President Trump told him he was “destroying the Republican Party.”

The New York Times reported Trump made the comments to Dent after Dent informed Trump he would be a no vote on the American Health Care Act.  

On Meet the Press, Dent responded to the report by saying “I’m not going to deny that.”

Reportedly, in the meeting, the Trump also said that he would blame Dent for preventing tax reform.

Dent is a member of the Tuesday Group, a group of moderate Republicans, and has regularly criticized the more conservative wing of the party, including Trump. He announced ahead of the election that he would not vote for him.  Dent has been critical of Trump’s immigration orders as well, calling them “ridiculous.”  

Dent is speaking to the Pennsylvania Press Club today at 12:30.

15 Responses

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  2. Congressman Dent went too far by saying recently, that government healthcare (IbamaCare) is the acceptable norm.

    If that’s what he now believes, he should quit the GOP & become a Dem.

    But we all know the real reason be didn’t support AHCA: It defunded his beloved killing operation–Planned Parenthood.

    Shame on Dent.

  3. if more GOP and Democrats were like my cousin Bucky Dent, the state and Country would be better off. Would love to see Trump come into Lehigh and try to take Charlie out and lose the race big league or however the President says it.

  4. This is pretty much what is going to happen when liberal trash like Donald Trump is permitted to masquerade as a Republican: it attacks smart, principled people who actually are Republican.

  5. Steve: You seem confused. Repeal is not an “incremental” repair of ACA (aka Obamacare). But if GOP wanted some incremental fixes, that would be possible. Voting 97 times to kill ACA is hardly a first step in that direction.

  6. Congressman Charlie Dent is a smart, experienced legislator with courage and conviction. He understands this important issue and deserves our support for taking a difficult position on an policies that have profound implications, especially for our seniors and the working poor.
    Three cheers for Charlie Dent!!

  7. Reminder: Charlie Dent voted to repeal Obamacare 60 times last session. He might be better than most congressional Republicans, but that doesn’t say much considering how low the bar has become. Vote him out!

  8. I cant believe I ever voted for Dent. As a Life Long Republican I will never again make the mistake of trusting Dent again.

  9. Thank you Charlie Dent for your leadership. We need to see the end of all this Tea Bagger nonsense.

  10. It will be interesting to hear from Dent, and get an after-actions from the 12:30 event. Hopefully PoliticsPA will provide one.

    Meanwhile, a lot of Democrats, including those posting here, are angry that Dent was more prudent than some of his colleagues, and did not support last week’s crash-and-burn.

    Now he’s getting brickbats from Trump for not supporting an obviously flawed bill, exercising a bit of wisdom and foresight in doing so. And he’s getting flak from some Democrats who are angry that he seems to have come out ahead acting in the interests of his constituency.

    Hmmm. In the immortal words of the Geico Gecko, “Guess there’s no pleasing some people.”

  11. Steve-

    They weren’t interested in improving the bill and sought outrageous destruction of health care for millions of poor and working class Americans. The bill wasn’t bad enough for them to endorse it.

    If Trump was actually interested in fixing the problems, he could have gotten Dem support, but he wasn’t interested.

  12. It’s the Freedom Caucus who just F*cked the GOP!! Typical Ultra- right wing conservatives. If it’s not a perfect bill (to them) they vote no. Nevermind it was a process to make incremental improvements in the ACA and they couldn’t even get the first bill passed.

  13. Congressman and Dent have gone together for generations. It is the PA GOP way. The Dem PA way too.

  14. Is Trump jealous, because destroying the Republican party is Trump’s job?

    Dent’s an incumbent, with $1 million cash on hand, in a district the DCCC refuses to spend a dime challenging (despite it being nearly even D-R registration). Standing up to Trump is only going to help Dent.

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