Trump To Host ‘Great American Comeback’ Event At Pittsburgh International Airport

President Donald Trump will be returning to the Keystone State next week for a campaign event. 

On Tuesday night, Trump will be at Pittsburgh International Airport to hold a “Great American Comeback” event. Those interested in attending can find tickets here

This will be the fourth consecutive week that Trump will make an appearance in the state. This past Tuesday, Trump participated in a town hall in Philadelphia hosted by ABC News. The previous week Trump visited the Flight 93 National Memorial on September 11. In the first week of September, Trump held a rally in Westmoreland County

Both members of the Democratic presidential ticket made appearances in the state as well this week. Tonight, former Vice President Joe Biden will be in Scranton for a CNN town hall, moderated by Anderson Cooper. Earlier today, Sen. Kamala Harris campaigned in Philadelphia.

Recent polling indicates that Biden has the slight edge over Trump in the state. The Real Clear Politics Average shows Biden besting Trump by 4.3 points in Pennsylvania.

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    1. PoliticsPA is disgusting for letting you get away with vicious name impersonation. You are just an asshole without a brain or ethics, but PoliticsPA should be better than that.
      Trumps sucks Putin’s wienie.

      1. Politics needs to start monitoring everyone and making sure they are being nice. We don’t want peoples feelings hurt when they are trying to post repulsive comments about Republicans and or Trump.

      1. Name theft??? That’s hilarious you self-righteous wanna be coward. You don’t own fake aliases, you fucking whiner.

        1. That’s funny. You are an ignorant asshole who cannot even think up your own “fake alias”, so you have to steal it. You are a HATER because you know what I say is true, and your Russian boss is whipping your ass to shut me up before Putin poisons him.

  1. Trump would have a landslide victory and may still have, if the media had just been fair to him the last 3 1/2 years.

    But the use of the virus as a weapon by the D governors and all the other things they tried to do to Trump might stop a landslide.

    But not a Trump victory.

    1. The problem is that both Trump and the Pa Senate Republicans have treated the virus as a political football. The reality is that aside from dedicated hardcore Republicans most folks can see a certain truth and wisdom in fearing a highly transferable virus that trashes the human respiratory system to the point that within a day 200,000 Americans will have died in 2020 from the virus. This is not a snowstorm or some everyday common cold. It’s very serious stuff and voters are not fools and understand the intense harshness of covid.

    2. Yeah, it’s totally the media’s fault that Trump’s ego and incompetence got 200,000 Americans killed and sent the economy into a tailspin. It’s totally the media’s fault that kids are having to wear masks in school and can’t talk to their friends. It’s the media’s fault that right wing racists are looking at Donald Trump as a reason to gun down people.

      Or maybe, just maybe, the racist guy who inherited millions yet
      still went bankrupt 6 times wasn’t the answer.

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