Trump to Stump in Hershey Friday

donald-trumpDonald Trump is spending the Friday night before the election in the land of chocolate.

The Republican nominee for President will be campaigning in Hershey.

Trump is set to visit the Giant Center for a rally. It’s set to start at 7:00 p.m. and gates open at 4:00 p.m.

The home of the AHL Hershey Bears, the arena holds 10,500 to 12,500 people. It’s also no stranger to late Republican rallies.

In 2008, John McCain and Sarah Palin made a joint appearance a week before Election Day.

Additionally, Mike Pence will be stopping at Atlantic Aviation on Thursday. The event begins at 6:30 p.m. and the gates open at 4:30 p.m.

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  1. Crooked Hillary is a lawless, criminal felon who will be outed in due time. She has committed enough felonies to serve 5 life sentences. She WILL go down.

  2. My my my my gulag pittsburg look who the vile one is: gulag Pittsburgh says:Ironic initials BO. That explains the vile stench from your hateful, slanderous rant

  3. Pat, while your hope for post-election unity is what all of us would like, I don’t have much faith that we’ll see it. I think there’s a much-higher probability that Congress will be investigating and hurling charges at Hillary even before she takes the oath of office.

    I hope I’m wrong. We shall see.

  4. David,

    Thank you for your thorough and fact-filled response. My fear is that facts no longer resonate with certain pro-Trump Americans.

    Our already great Country depends on everyone working together … on fairness …. on justice. Institutions – like the FBI – need to be above the fray. We need to be able to rely on them.

    I truly hope Hillary is able to reach out to Red states and give some hope to those who have dug in against her. They need to know that Hillary, as President, will still look out for them. She must be their President too.

    I also hope that Rs realize that democracy does not have too much time for sore losers. The example they set is important. Rs have to put their Country first. Calling for uprisings and arrests …. refusing to do their jobs …. ignoring science …. promoting racism and sexism …. These are things that can and will destroy us as a Country.

    I am hoping we all rally behind America no matter who wins on Tuesday. Of course – we all know it will be Hillary. And thank goodness!! The other guy seems like a real loon.

  5. Brenda ORourke-

    1) Hillary is not under 2 FBI investigations (she’s not even under 1 investigation).
    The whole Weiner think has nothing to do with Hillary. Huma might be in some hot water, but that’s pretty unlikely too.
    The Clinton Foundation has transparently listed all it’s donors (when it didn’t have to) and the Clintons have released 40 years of tax returns. If they were hiding anything, they could have withheld both.

    Top level officials in Justice Dept and FBI have told reporters that she isn’t under investigation and that the leaks are from low-level (and apparently disgruntled) agents who were told their “evidence” was shit and didn’t want to accept the judgement of their bosses and have now gone rogue.

    2) Trump is the one under FBI investigation.
    His Trump University scam is a RICO case that spanned multiple states and included direct bribes/donations to both the Florida and Texas AGs to drop their investigations.
    His ties to Russia (particularly his connections through Paul Manafort) are being investigated, including how much money Trump owes to Russian interests.
    Trump’s Foundation already has been shutdown for collecting money without proper licensing. His use of charity money for his own personal and business use is illegal.
    Trump has published books to raise money for charities, that do not appear to have received the promised royalties.

    3) Hillary tried to get more money/security for many embassies and was turned down by congress. There was NOTHING she could have done to prevent the attacked short of closing the embassy. This is the fewest deaths from embassy attacks (far fewer than her predecessors).

    4) Trump started off bragging that he understood corruption and bribery because he’s been bribing politicians all his life. That’s not a resume for an ethical president.

  6. Brenda Orourke: Ironic initials BO. That explains the vile stench from your hateful, slanderous rant.

  7. PA Grandparent… I don’t resort to name calling however I am used to the Democrats doing that so go ahead you can…you can call/label me what your like…

  8. Brenda – You are a FOXtard. Sorry. Hillary is the only choice. That’s why she’s ahead. That’s why she gets the lion’s share of the educated voters’ support.

  9. Trump…will bring the change America needs. I have to say all of your remarks are so typical of the Democrats behaviors you will elect the government you deserve and that is one of corruption…A vote for Hillary is a vote for a continued corrupt government and open doors to “The New World Order” with George Soros, for God’s sake she is currently under “2” FBI investigations that will lead to her indictment. Trump will eliminate that corruption, bring jobs back & improve the economy, review and improve the vetting in the immigration process, keep out illegals and bring in good law abiding immigrants who want to become “Americans”, stop the flow of illegal drugs into our country *Which by the way involved imports by the eldest Bush and Bill Clinton years ago in Arkansas via a private airport, improve the life and care of our veterans, put programs in place that will benefit broken inner cities and provide necessary programs in education, financial help, better work opportunities for Latino’s and African Americans to improve lives… These afore mentioned policies are only a few of the changes he and his administration can and will bring to this country and that is what the democrats are afraid of and don’t want you to hear so they use propaganda promoted by the mainstream media *which is bought and paid for by Clinton and the DNC. Hillary is NOT a presidential candidate in good standing she is a Criminal who is also partly responsible for 4 American lives lost in Benghazi!! Our acceptance of corruption in government as the norm is antithetical to our founding principles”. I’m no young activist I am a retired grandmother who wants a beautiful & prosperous America for my children and grandchildren.

  10. Probably not a smart move to be in Hershey – he is stumping in a county that Obama won, a few days before the election. He will get a lot of surrounding counties, but I don’t know if they will have the votes to make a difference for Trump in PA.

  11. “Trump” and “stump” in same sentence makes me think of his tiny little hands.

  12. probably the goal is to keep Hillary on the defensive in PA, and therefore, to keep Hillary away from more competitive races

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