Trump To Visit Lancaster on Saturday

donald-trumpTwo of the Democratic Party’s biggest figures have campaigned in the Keystone State this week.

Joe Biden both endorsed Katie McGinty and gave full support to Hillary Clinton at Drexel University on Tuesday. Then, Michelle Obama held a rally Wednesday at LaSalle University and sought to persuade voters against supporting a potential Trump presidency.

Now Donald Trump is getting in on the action and returning to the commonwealth.

According to Laura Olson of the Morning Call, he will be in Manheim, Lancaster County at 7:00 p.m. where a rally will take place at Spooky Nook Sports this Saturday.

Trump’s Vice-Presidential nominee Mike Pence is also already scheduled to speak on Thursday in York County.

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6 thoughts on “Trump To Visit Lancaster on Saturday”

  1. Umroh says:

    Hopefully that happens is a good thing fine
    paket umroh Ramadhan

  2. Yorkster says:

    Sorry—typo meant Toomey

  3. Yorkster says:

    Rooney better be there so Trump can endorse him !!

  4. PA Grandparent says:

    I hope the chubby Amish women stay home.

  5. ET says:

    I’m deplorable…..I’ be there.

  6. David Diano says:

    Will Toomey be at the rally? LOL

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