Trump to Visit Pennsylvania

Trump in HarrisburgPresident Donald Trump will reportedly come to the Harrisburg area next Wednesday to promote his tax plan.  

Update: An earlier version stated the event would be in Hamburg, PoliticsPA has learned it will be held in the Harrisburg area.

“The president will be back out on the road next week building support for this plan, which is really a jobs bill,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said during her daily press briefing.  

The Morning Call reported that the event will take place in Hamburg in Berks county.  

This will be Trump’s second trip to Pennsylvania since taking office.  He visited the state over 50 times during the campaign.

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  1. Trump is the most vile, pompous, ignorant, egotistical, insensitive, undiplomatic, uncouthed, sexist, racist, rude, crude, narcissistic, mentally unstable person “elected” to the Presidency of the US. This is not the playground where you can “double dare” another person. His inept words could get us into a nuclear world. When will the Republicans wake up and rise to the occasion and impeach him for the good of the country? When we are all vaporized by the mushroom clouds of World War III, it will be too late. For Donald and Kim will prove that we are all cremated equally.

  2. In 1932 – UNDER Herbert Hoover NOT FDR, the highest rate on regular income went from 25% to 63%. Over the next 48 years, the rate was as high as 94% following WWII settling in at 70% following JFK’s policies to lower the rate to these levels. During that time the GREAT United States of America fought and won WWII, liberated Europe from the Nazis, defeated imperial Japan in the Pacific, developed the atomic bomb, under Eisenhower (REPUBLICAN) built the US Interstate Highway System, built a space program that sent a man to the moon and back several times and expanded basic and higher education to all income levels.

    Then in 1981 comes Ronald Reagan and the great trickle down experiment. Since, the rich have gotten richer, the US debt has grown to uncontrollable levels, the US space program is in shambles, highways and infrastructure have fallen into disrepair across the country and the middle class family is now at the point where both dad and mom have to work and it is likely most of their kids qualify for free lunches at school.

    If you really want MAGA – then tax the top 1% like they were between 1932 and 1981.

    1. Ok, but my quality of life and that of my neighbors and most Americans will improve with trump plan and that’s what we need!

  3. Gee, where’s the “alternate beverage” option?
    Oh, yea, SHE LOST!!

    We can ALL eat cake!

    Hi ho, hi ho, the wicked witch is (still kicking but who cares?)

    Anytime you run into a libtard, like you’ll read after this post (you know who you are), just remember- ITS NOT HER!!! And we feel SOOOOO much better

    Gorsuch and over 50 federal judges appointed while the Democratic Party let’s Crying Chuck and Nasty Nancy keep rattling their socialists swords while wearing the Emperors new clothes (29 something- you get that?))

    Not Hilary (ding dong)
    Hehe haha hoho!

    1. Thanks for proving once again that you don’t care about policy.

      The only thing you care about is that Hillary lost.

      Off to work till midnight.

      Btw judges keep prohibiting the adm from carrying out their rules

      1. Only those socialist agenda judges trying to legislate from the bench…
        That’s why we need so many new ones who understand the constitution, and follow it!
        Go Trump!

    1. Let’s drain the swamp together!

      People of USA – dems, repub, greens, libertarians and independents-

      This is OUR time if we make it so (stop having tantrums and get to work draining it..
      DRAIN IT- now IS the time!

      Seriously- you give up Pelosi, we give up McConnell…
      give us Feinstein and Franken we give you graham and Ryan…

      See how it works?

      You can trust your neighbors in the land of Yuengling Beer (and former on where your drinking water comes)

      That we will “Primary” any and every politician that interferes with Trumps policies, regardless of our own or anyone else’s feelings about his personality.

      Focus on what matters. And you’ll feel better, too.YYY

        1. Really?
          Is this really Rick Santorum ?
          I doubt it…
          But if it is, despite being a lifelong county republican (who only departed ranks for the blue dog Tim Holden, I’m done supporting you!

          Wake up establishment ! We DEMAND you follow our leader, or get out of the way!!!

  4. Hillary C has a lot of issues. She is mad that I’m a young 25 year old born in 1992 who is a proud Democrat and I think Republicans are vile.

    I’m only 25 but I vote in every election and I vote the straight Democratic ticket every time.

    When Bill was president, I don’t remember much of life at all, much less about politics. I was not even 5 years old then. I have no clue what the details of the blowjob were nor do I give a shit because blowjobs happen every day. What doesn’t happen every day is foreign interference in our election. I’ll worry about that more than a blowjob. Maybe Hillary is insecure/sour about her own marriage/relationships.

    There is no reason for me to respond directly to her comment calling me the name she did. She can answer to why she adores the orange clown who routinely calls women pigs and brags about raping them. Ironic, that is what she uses against me. Like the orange clown, many of his supporters are all about projection. They accuse others of what they are guilty of themselves.

    1. See…this is the difference being 25 and 65 years of age. At 65..we know our history and know that there has been international interference in US elections since it’s birth. You should know that the US interferes in other countries elections as well! Of course our government schools no longer teach these important facts.

      1. You’re correct about schools not teaching facts..,
        Cause our schools have been infected and too busy with the liberal brainwashing it has been pushing over last 40 years.
        We’ve all been affected!
        Time to wake up

        1. We know you want to end college because the more education one has, the more likely they are to vote Democratic. The GOP has been trying to implement that strategy nationwide for a while.

          Also, it always amazes me just how stupid you Trumptards are. You never learned anything in elementary school about sentence structure.

      2. Nope. Not once before 2016 had a foreign enemy used Facebook in coordination with a presidential campaign. I’m educated. You’re not.

        At least you admit that there was foreign interference in the 2016 election.

        1. Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard

          Oh, btw, did you hear?

          Hilary’s not the president!

          There. All better.

          1. And you don’t give a shit about policy. No surprise there. The only thing the election about to you was Hillary. Do you stalk other women?

  5. Thanks for the warning that the moron factor in Harrisburg will be increased by more Republicans when Trump and friends arrive.

    1. Duhhh, whah?

      We don’t know much bout dat politics round here, but we do in fact house break ourselves, in Elksnout, and we know when it’s time to drain dat swamp! ITS TIME TO DRAIN THE SWAMP!

      TRUMP stands alone, as do all true leaders. Our politicians must learn that he is the one we want to decide policy.

      And it’s so GREAT to have Donald J Trump, as our President: my President, and yes, YOUR (blank’) PRESIDENT too!

      DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS : get with him or get out (or else we’ll make you go)!!!!
      (Not a threat, a promise of the Awakened People of Pennsylvania, America, and the World!
      (God Bless the USA)
      –Number 1 Trump fan

      1. NOPE. Republicans didn’t do it for Obama who was rightly elected twice by the people and without the help of a foreign enemy.

        Trump is a piece of shit. And I’ll say whatever I want to say about the orange clown because we don’t live in a dictatorship.

        1. You can say what you want, yes. But I’m pretty sure you’re a piece of the stuff yourself!

          Cry yerself ta sleep, libtard, that SHE ain’t in the oval!

          1. Classic
            Why do liberals conflate great musical icons with opinions about policy?
            Let the music inform you; stop drinking the cool-aid!

            Btw : You rock, “won’t back down” and never should…!

            USA USA USA!

            Meanwhile, this thing with the twenty somethings is getting more like clubbing baby seals so I’m out here…
            (why is this new generation still so infantile- tantrums, thumb sucking, still-in-diapers want mommy to nurse and change them and still drive the (free) family car people?)

            I’m going to work on my (way-too complicated BUSINESS) tax returns cause # I’m so freakin’ wealthy I need a tax break…
            -Lol to those who get it
            — those who don’t? DFM (Doesn’t F’n Matter)!

            Like it or not we are going to Make America Great AGAIN!

      2. Why do all Trump supporters who write in message boards write like a serial killers?

          1. Now that’s something no one should say who wants to be taken seriously . Now I know this has nothing to do with Rick Santorum (I met Rick more than once and will call office Tuesday to discuss this post!

        1. Well, they like to run people over with cars in the same way ISIS does. Most Trump supporters have the same mindset as serial killers.

  6. When will Trump show us his tax returns? His tax plan will benefit the rich not the middle class. If you are lucky maybe he will throw paper towels.

    1. I think you’re right…Trump should show his tax returns as soon as Obama shows us his college records as we as his medical records..and I don’t care that he’s out of office!

      1. When didn’t you get those things? What time foil hat do you have on today?

        1. Karen is jealous that Barack went to Harvard and Michelle went to Princeton. Both of them make Karen look like a retard.

          Karen can’t write a coherent sentence. Not a surprise. It’s a trademark among Trumptards. They can’t spell or write sentences.

          Like Trump said, he loves the poorly educated. Karen is a good example of that. The GOP’s base are uneducated retards like Karen.

  7. The greatest POTUS since Reagan is coming to Pa. for support on his great tax plan !! Go Trump !! All you Pa. Trump deplorables, lets get out there and rally beind his tax plan to get the economy going again !!

      1. Love president trump…. your just jealous Monica got to Bill Clinton before you …in the infamous Oval Office affair…

        1. *you’re* Learn how to spell retard. And no, I don’t care about a blowjob as much as you do. Not to mention I was 3 years old when that happened.

          So nothing you said makes sense.

          1. But you do care about WORDS that Trump used in the past in comparison to how President Clinton defiled the oval office in the past.That truly makes no sense! And by the way…have you listened to the filth coming out of your mouth what a representative of our beloved country!

      2. Show us your tax return! No one not even the President is required to show a tax return. But they are required to show a VALID birth certificate!

        1. Karen thinks consensual blowjobs are more important than a “president” showing tax returns

          1. If it’s “consensual” the Harvey Weinstein is no worse than Bill Clinton

            Was Monica still a teenager even?

            Nice job!

          2. Monica was in her early 20’s when she have the blowjob.

            She was past the age of an teenager and was an adult.

            You’re a moron.

          3. A consensual blowjob isn’t rape. I know, what a shock.

            Monica was between the age of 22 and 24 when it happened.

            Distraction makes you look guilty.

  8. when you’re there maybe for you can make Former Governor Tom Corbett is to run for congress is to replace Tim Murphy in congress in 2018.

      1. Because for he is the only Republican and who can hold on to Tim Murphy’s Congressional Seat by having Donald Trump supporting for Tom Corbett for congress in the special election and the general election in 2018.

  9. What will he tell his supporters about his tax bill? Will he tell them he is raising the lowest rate from 10% to 12%? Repeal of the Death Tax will only benefit Trump and his ilk, a mighty 1% of the population qualifies.

    1. I’m no big Trump supporter, but I never understood why the government has a right to anyone’s money when they pass away? Or why anyone would think that?

      1. It approaches the problem of dynastic wealth and power. Modern conservatism concerns itself a great deal with the “problem” of people getting money without working for it.
        Old money doesn’t appear to be as reprehensible as some underemployed guy’s kids getting to eat, apparently.
        Don’t think of it as the “big bad government” robbing some poor corpse. Think of it as society being repaid for the benefits that said society showered on the rich dead guy.

        1. Showered ? Sounds like golden shower stuff “you didn’t build that” Obama nonsense.
          Oh, wait, I NEVER have to say that socialists name again
          Hehe, haha, HOHOHO!
          And guess what, any time I think my day isn’t going well, I just remind myself that it’s not (and will NEVER BE ) Hilary (or any other Clinton or Bush) in the White House again!

          Just remember, you wouldn’t even have steam heat if it want for the dynastic rich (e.g. Vanderbilt) who made it happen
          And guess what? Only in America can you yourself potentially achieve such wealth, not because of government- despite government. Why would YOU not have the time ugh to decide who gets your money when you die?

          Rich people have raised the standard of living for all American, and you know it, or you’re uniformed or deluded.

          We’d all be in huts, if left to you (or maybe tee pees)

          Now go get rich, or just shut up and collect the your welfare

          1. People lived in company houses. It took the labor movement to raise people up.


      1. You do realize that the tax is only on estates over $5.5 million per person, or $11 million per couple, right?

        1. Which Stevie will never make in a lifetime. Not even in his dreams. But he’s worried about how much federal estate tax he’ll pay. How stupid!!!

    1. Well if you think Pennsylvania hates Trump, I can’t imagine how they feel about Hillary.

      1. Hated based on nothing but lies and propaganda from Fox, Infowars, Wikileaks, Putin, and the like. And many men who never want this country to be led by a woman.

        Trump is hated based on the facts that demonstrate he is a horrible, sexist, and evil person including:

        -On 9/11, as the Twin Towers came tumbling down along with hundreds of people inside, Trump bragged that Trump Towers was now the biggest bldg in NYC.
        -He has bragged about being able to do whatever he wants with women and grabbing them by the pussy.
        “And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything … Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” [2005]
        “I moved on her actually. You know she was down on Palm Beach. I moved on her and I failed. I’ll admit it. I did try and fuck her. She was married.” [2005]
        That’s just two horrible quotes among a list of more than 50 disgusting comments
        -Made fun of a disabled reporter on live television
        -Bragged that he could shoot people and could get away with it.
        -Attacked Puerto Rico and fellow Americans as they died while golfing

        Only some that can be listed.

        Congrats, you have been brainwashed and rendered brain dead when it comes to anything relating to Hillary Clinton.

        You lavish a horrible and cruel person. F you.

          1. Lol. A response that has nothing to do with my post. No wonder the base of the Republican Party are the uneducated. They want to keep you dummies retarded.

        1. Wrong
          And, oh, I stopped reading your stupid crap.,. I’ve got work to do to pay more taxes so dumbasses like you can collect

          1. I actually worked a 7 hour shift yesterday and I work one today as well. Go to hell, bastard.

          2. A 20 something with a college degree working a SHIFT.
            Guess your degree was in BS

            ‘Splains da posts”

            See you after to clock out of the job you probably wouldn’t have if some entrepreneurs hadn’t risked every to bring you your entitlements.

            But you keep telling yourself that without YOU, the company couldn’t go on

            Time I’m LMFAO

    2. Oops, ya got that backwerds, feller. It’s THANK YOU MR. TRUMP-
      For COMING BACK HOME to the heart of PA (Schuylkill county bucked trends and brought genuine Americans from all parties together to save this country and voted TRUMP 4x’s average!!!
      THANK YOU Mr. President, for taking on all these SWAMP THINGS even while all the cute and lovable but deluded friends and neighbors of ours still don’t get it (yet?)
      *note; if you said to yourself “no” or “never” when you read that (about not getting it, you really are having a problem that you should have evaluated professionally, at least step out of any type of decision making for a while and let the grown ups drive for a while…)
      And THANK YOU President Trump and your family and all those that do work to make your goals for America materialize, for all the sacrifices you will make in the future of tough choices and “can’t win” politics from the socialist plague that has crept into our lives over the last 40 years…

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