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Trump Wants Urban for Saudi Ambassadorship

The New York Times is reporting that David Urban who President Trump wants to fill the role of ambassador to Saudi Arabia.  

Maggie Haberman, the New York Times White House correspondent, tweeted on Saturday that Urban was Trumps pick.  

Urban had been rumored to be a candidate for Trump’s Chief of Staff earlier this year.  

Disclaimer: David Urban is part of PoliticsPA’s ownership group.

17 Responses

  1. David is a solid choice and will make us all proud.
    One of the better choices 45 has made.

  2. Dave is a well respected man in both parties, and has excellent qualifications for the position. Need I say more, about a man who helped President Trump win in a very tough race. I was proud and honored to work on his team.

  3. congrats to you david urban and I will support you is to be the next US Ambassador of Saudi Arabia.

  4. David Urban is well qualified and an excellent choice. He would make a superb Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. This man stands for honesty and integrity and would fill the position with great leadership ability.

  5. Mr. Urban is well-respected on Capitol Hill (both sides of the aisle), West Point grad, & is a decorate veteran (note: served in Saudi). Strong relationships in the intelligence community, at DoD, and The White House. Excellence selection to be our ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

  6. David Urban is an excellent choice!!! He is a man of
    honor and true dedication and will get the job done!!!!So so proud of him.

  7. nothing wrong with a guy with PA roots being in that position. Where do you think all that infrastructure money comes from. and there are no swamps in Ryad.

  8. Urban is a West Point grad & decorated vet from Gulf War having served in Saudi Arabia.

    Chief of Staff in US Senate- great leader with strong Hill experience. Known as a consensus builder.
    While on the Hill he worked on issues in the region
    Strong relationships in US, DoD, IC & WH.

  9. David be a great pick. Urban is West Point grad decorated vet served in Saudi Arabia As CoS In Senate worked on issues in region.

  10. David Urban is an excellent choice. He has the credentials & mental fortitude required to be our Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

  11. Who is this clown? (besides a part owner of this website) What are his qualifications to know anything about Saudi Arabia? What languages does he speak? Most journalistic articles would provide some such info.

    1. Wow you’ve exposed yourself as a true idiot. He served honorably in Saudi Arabia. What have you done to talk down on a man that served this country and has done great work since then. Clown.

  12. Well, it appears that our President has reached into the bootom of the barrel for this pick! How does one go from making great picks such as General Mattis and General Kelly to this pick, you will have to excuse me i just became ill!!!!!

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