Turzai: Voter ID Law Means Romney Can Win PA

House Majority Leader Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) told the Republican State Committee that Voter ID will allow Romney to win PA.

State Treasurer candidate Diana Irey Vaughan may have stolen the show at the Republican State Committee meeting this past weekend, but that doesn’t mean other party members didn’t have anything to say.

In fact, one of them had a lot to say.

House Majority Leader Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) suggested that the House’s end game in passing the Voter ID law was to benefit the GOP politically.

“We are focused on making sure that we meet our obligations that we’ve talked about for years,” said Turzai in a speech to committee members Saturday. He mentioned the law among a laundry list of accomplishments made by the GOP-run legislature.

“Pro-Second Amendment? The Castle Doctrine, it’s done. First pro-life legislation – abortion facility regulations – in 22 years, done. Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done.”

The statement drew a loud round of applause from the audience. It also struck a nerve among critics, who called it an admission that they passed the bill to make it harder for Democrats to vote — and not to prevent voter fraud as the legislators claimed.

“Instead of working to create jobs and get our economy back on track, Mike Turzai and the Republicans in Harrisburg have been laser focused on a partisan agenda that simply helps their donors and political allies,” said PA Dems spokesman Mark Nicastre.

“Mike Turzai’s admission that Voter ID only serves the partisan interests of his party should be shocking, but unfortunately it isn’t. Democrats are focused on protecting Pennsylvanians’ rights to vote, and we are working hard to ensure that everyone who is eligible to vote can vote this fall.”

Turzai spokesman Stephen Miskin said voter fraud is a real problem.

“Do you remember ‘Joe Cheeseboro?’” he asked, reiterating that election fraud has occurred in PA and across the nation.

“Rep. Turzai was speaking at a partisan, political event. He was simply referencing, for the first time in a long while, the Republican Presidential candidate will be on a more even keel thanks to Voter ID…Anyone looking further into it has their own agenda.”

Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Montco), one of the loudest critics of Voter ID, disagreed. He said that in order to justify the scope of the Voter ID law, and the hundreds of thousands of people who will be prevented from voting under its provisions, would require hundreds of Joe Cheeseboro cases.

“This is making clear to everyone what Voter ID was all about. This is about one thing: disenfranchising Democratic voters and rigging elections for Republicans,” Leach said. “When they get behind closed doors, they admit it. And that’s exactly what Turzai did.”

Will Voter ID actually make a difference for Romney? It’s highly unlikely. The closest any Republican has come to winning PA since 1988 was George W. Bush in 2004; he lost by 2.5 percent and 144,248 votes. That’s at least 144,000 higher than the number of voter fraud convictions in PA since 1988.

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  1. So cheating is the Democratic way??? I would NEVER vote for Romney even if you cheat for him to win.They already said they Hate President Obama and will do ANYTHING to undo anything he tires and to get him out of offie. I sincerely Hope it backfires and all republicans get voted out of office. so our democracy can work.

  2. “Will Voter ID actually make a difference for Romney? It’s highly unlikely. The closest any Republican has come to winning PA since 1988 was George W. Bush in 2004; he lost by 2.5 percent and 144,248 votes. That’s at least 144,000 higher than the number of voter fraud convictions in PA since 1988.”

    You miss the point. It is not the few (if any) number of illegal votes prevented by the voter ID law that might throw the election to Romney, it is the number of LEGITIMATE votes suppressed by the law–perhaps thousands–that may very well do so.

  3. Math Genius – I hope you’re trolling, because you should be embarrassed by that comment if it was serious. Nobody calculates voter turnout by percentage of the total population, they calculate it by percentage of eligible or registered voters.

  4. 53.9% of Philadelphians is 113% of registered Philly voters.
    Try to wrap your crazy liberal brains around that one. [Sound of Democrat brains exploding]
    Case closed.

  5. Yeah, it’s the democrats denying the veterans the right to vote ….



    Voter registration banned at VA facilities ….. by a republican Bush appointee ….


    But it’s all the Democrats to blame ….

    I’m a legal alien in this country, a greencard holder – so not entitled to vote – and never really followed US politics, but over the last couple of years I have started to pay attention, and for the most part, your republican representatives would be called, in my part of the world, bat-shit crazy and unfit to lead a piss-up in a brewery. I’m not saying the democrats are much better, but the Republicans seem to have more in common with the Islamic Fundamentalists and Taliban instead of people I want passing laws that affect me or the people I care about.

  6. One thing many people are forgetting; PA has over 60,000 Amish, over 15,000 of those Amish are of voting age and living in Lancaster County alone. Most of the Amish will refuse to obtain a photo ID and the state has a measure for the Amish to obtain a standard non-photo ID for religious reasons. However, this year, that process has become cumbersome and confusing (especially for somebody with an 8th grade education). The Amish do not vote in large numbers, usually do not vote for the president (for religious reasons) or the governor, but when they do vote, they tend to vote for republicans. By making it harder for the Amish to get their non-voter IDs, PA Republicans have disenfranchised a small but loyal band of republican voters.

  7. I would like someone to show me one Republican official who has produced DOCUMENTED evidence of rampant voter fraud. They all say it, but when asked to produce evidence…NONE OF THEM HAS BEEN ABLE TO DO SO. NOT ONE. NOT RICK SCOTT, NOT THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF SOUTH CAROLINA…NOT ONE OF THEM. This is plain voter suppression to stop Obama by any means necessary. What, do you really think when Mitch McConnell said the Republicans main goal in 2009 was to destroy Obama, that they wouldn’t stoop to this level? Do you really think, in the meeting they had across the street during Obama’s inauguration to go over plans to do one thing…OBSTRUCT ALL OBAMA ECONOMIC LEGISLATION AND DESTROY HIS LEGACY, that they wouldn’t stoop to this level? They hate him! All these white guys in power HATE HIM! And their rhetoric has trickled down to most white males who have less in common with the Republicans they listen to and more in common with Obama than they want to admit. These Tea party Reps do not make it a secret! They hate him! He isn’t American…He’s Black! He (see Dred Scott ruling for the symbolism) Before Obama passed one piece of legislation, they decided to Obstruct him. Why? I mean what reason would they have to do that? In my opinion, there has been 3 times in history where this kind of divide has taken place.

    1. During the mid 19th Century arguing about freeing the slaves…
    2. During the 60’s when Democrats decided to champion the social causes of Blacks.
    3. Today, when we have a black president

    That is how I know, this is all about race. Nothing has made white males in power more obstructionist and downright nasty than a black male leading them or black people becoming a part of normal everyday society. Don’t believe me, I gave you 3 examples, prove me wrong!

  8. Oh the irony. The biggest voter fraud scandal perpetrated on the American public in decades resulted in GW Bush winning the election. That was NOT a Democratic plot. How quickly people forget… Or is it brainwashing via Fox News???

  9. @Rob
    Colorado doesn’t even know if those individuals were citizens when they voted because they ALL had I.D.’s! They all had DRIVER’S LICENSES. Not only that…they tried the same thing in 2000 in Florida, but the main issue then was – Voters who may be felons!!! In that instance, they were purging people from the rolls who were not felons…It is the same exact playbook from 2000. The Republicans did the same thing in 2000. Furthermore that study in Colorado said this…

    The Department of State does not know if a person became a citizen after obtaining a driver’s license or identification card. Similarly, a non-citizen may have been improperly registered to vote, but may have later become a citizen and legally voted. For the reasons discussed (in the study), however, it is likely that many of the 4,947 voters were not citizens when they cast their vote in 2010.

    Now, how can showing an I.D. even begin to resolve the above issue? It can’t…because everyone already had I.D.! And showing I.D. is not the point…it’s not the point of all of this at all…

    Here is the point of the voter I.D. law. It isn’t showing of I.D. because they don’t want you to even get to that point. They want you to jump through hoops just verify that you might be a eligible to vote in the first place. In fact, here is what they are suggesting you do….

    voters need to understand the fine print behind the ‘photo ID’ label, which includes limits on SAME-DAY registration, significant changes to absentee balloting and a system of ‘three-step’ voting for those without government-issued identification. This system of ‘provisional’ voting would require a FIRST VOTE, WHICH WOULD NOT BE COUNTED?!? WHY?; then a search for the required IDs;THEN A CONFIRMING VISIT TO SHOW OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS?!?

    So, even if you are eligible to vote, if you do not get down to the voting office and show your documents within a certain period of time…and from examples from Florida it could be as little as 48 hours, you will be removed from voter roles!!!!

    And of course, only minorities or those married to minorities will be on that list…and we all know, most minorities vote Dem…and for good reason.

  10. The Voter ID law won’t solve the problem of voter fraud in Philadelphia because the Judges of Elections and Inspectors at the polling location are the same people that close down access to polls to let the dead vote and those who didn’t show up yet.

    They simply won’t check for ID’s. The only way to stop voter fraud is to purge the voter rolls. Until we do this, we can expect Russian-like turnout in Philadelphia for Comrade Obama.

  11. Did either Joe Cheeseboro ever vote after “registering”? Just asking what the VOTER fraud was. Or was it REGISTERING fraud??

  12. Well, gosh almighty, from the mouth of babes, the truth finally comes out. Here’s an admission from the House GOP leader of what they’ve been up to all along with their national strategy to suppress the Democratic vote on phony allegations of voter fraud. Hope you folks who are voting this fall are paying attention to what the GOP legislature has been up to on your dime. Not passing meaningful legislation, but instead suppressing voting rights, giving away the store to gas drillers, gerrymandering legislativeand congressional districts, and waging a war on women. A real productive legislative session

  13. What’s really astonishing is that we made it through 236 years since the founding of this nation without needing photo id to vote, but the minute a black man is elected President…Boom! It’s a must-have! They are so transparent it’s ridiculous. It’s voter suppression. Plain and simple. It’s disgusting and it’s un-American. You are un-American and something far less than a patriot if you support disenfranchising voters to win an election. Where is it written in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights that we need photo id to exercise any of our rights? Hypocrits. Show me the prosecuted cases of voter fraud in PA, not fraudulent registrations that were handed in and thrown out by the county registrars (because that’s not voter fraud), actually cases of proven fraud at the voting booth. I said PROSECUTED cases, not right-wing fantastical conspiracy theories. Republicans are going to get their comeuppence for this and when they do, it’s going to hurt them for decades. Crazy ideologues always overreach when they’re in power. Republicans do it every time.

  14. You know what I don’t see from anyone here? Bipartisanship. It’s the entire problem with our state and our country. Not one mention of “hey, a 76 year old Republican might show up to the polls and not even know about this law, and just wants to go and vote out Obama”. They turn around, go home, and go yell and get angry at Democrats or something. Democrats show up, they don’t know about the law, etc. I think this just hurts the people of Pennsylvania. Not Democrats. Not Republicans. Everyone. The law is not common sense. Somewhere along the way we lost common sense. It doesn’t make a lick of sense for a Republican, Democrat, independent, etc.

  15. Many of you guys are talking about registration fraud, which a voter ID law WOULD NOT fix. The ONLY thing voter ID laws prevent is voter impersonation, which is less common than winning the lottery and getting struck by lightning. Seems a bit odd that so many voter ID proponents are self-proclaimed fiscal conservatives when it’s going to cost taxpayers $11 million while school districts are cutting kindergarten and laying off thousands of teachers across the state.

    And have you already forgotten Republican dirty tricks campaigns? Nixon’s dirty tricks campaign funded from the White House with taxpayer money? Perhaps the purge of hundreds of thousands of eligible voters from the rolls in places like Florida? Posters in minority communities with Kerry’s face and “vote for me Nov. 3” (when the election was Nov. 2)? Phone calls and letters to democratic voters telling them they weren’t eligible to vote or giving them false polling location information? You can stick your heads in the sand, but the Republican dirty tricks haven’t ended – I’ve seen these letters as recently as this past election, so you can cut the holier-than-thou, victim crap. Democrats have a 1 million voter registration advantage in Pennsylvania and Republican elected officials are looking for any way to get an advantage. Just ask Gov. Corbett – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxoiGXAvyAc

  16. For all of the Republicans and conservatives claiming that voter identification laws will deter Democratic-union fraud, consider this:

    – Florida, where a massive voter purge is taking place, averages 9.3 convictions per year on counts of voter fraud or tampering. There are approximately 10.2 million registered voters in the state, so about 10 convictions annually is hardly “a rampant problem” as Governor Rick Scott claims.

    – The state of New Hampshire was an experiment being conducted by conservative guttersnipe James O’ Keefe, who himself and his group obtained voter identification cards by using what they claimed were the names of dead voters. The problem? Two of the voters whose names were utilized had died within the previous month, and therefore their information had not yet been updated. The other two? Both were not only still living, but were themselves registered voters. Now the state’s attorney general is investigating O’ Keefe and his colleagues for potential voter fraud themselves, and identity theft. Funny how a conservative may be charged for the very thing he was alleging was taking place. Ironic, no?

    – South Carolina Attorney General claimed over 900 dead voters cast ballots in the previous year. He was asked to turn over his information to the state’s election board, but to date, has only submitted four verified names. The rest may have been absentee ballots cast by voters who died shortly afterwards.

    – Most states with the new voter identification laws require individuals not in possession of the necessary documentation to pay for said identification, which is now being challenged in court as a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s provision forbidding a “poll tax” under the 24th Amendment. While many Republicans and conservatives admit that this may not be legal, they claim that the cost of creating new identification cards has to be recouped from somewhere.

    The bottom line is that the myth of “rampant voter fraud being perpetrated by liberals” is just that: a myth.

  17. Its amazing the faux outrage over these comments coming from people who claim no voter fraud exists yet continue to oppose voter ID ? Do you people see your hypocrisy ? If Rep Turzai had nothing to worry about why are you whining about voter id still ? Because lets just be honest, Democrats have been stuffing the ballot box for decades, everyone knows it and now that you wont be able to you are outraged. Thats right now the GOP has a chance to win because the field is open and fair. It wouldn’t be a problem to get ID for the people you care about if in fact they where people that are ALIVE. Decent Americans are not stupid , they see what you are doing

  18. We can’t accuse our legislators of dysfunction while we ourselves practice all this finger-pointing. Let’s all decide to agree on something – and hopefully we can all agree on this: WE ALL WANT FAIR AND HONEST ELECTIONS!

    There are pro’s and con’s to this argument that could be raised, ad infinitum. However, the bottom line (as I see it) is that I (as I’m sure many others feel) want an election process that yields HONEST RESULTS – and I am an independent, so I am not biased towards one party or another.

    Let the TRUE voice of the people be heard via the election process – whatever that voice may be.

    And while this may be our mutual goal – it is obviously up for more than just a little discussion as to how we’ll get there.

    For the record, I am NOT opposed to photo ID’s being required for voting. However, I am wondering how this would affect those who vote by proxy. Or those who are infirm and unable to get to the polls. Would their proxy vote also require that it be signed and notarized (the latter also requiring a photo ID).

    My bottom line is this: Let every LEGAL have their vote – not one more, not one less. And for those who feel this is unfair – I respectfully disagree. I care enough about my vote to ensure I get a photo ID so I can cast my vote (which I already have).

    Those who don’t care enough to do so, obviously don’t care enough about their own vote.

    If one need’s a photo ID to buy alcohol or cigarettes – one can and should easily need to prove their legal status when practicing something as important as voting on our political leaders.

    …..and I lean more towards the left but I agree with this idea (which is why I’m an independent).

  19. This is why there is a media bias. Conservatives never use facts or credible sources to back up their claims.

  20. Let’s put the “politically correct” speak aside and instead speak the truth. Voter ID will not allow Romney to win in PA; rather, it will prevent fraud on the part of Dems and unions.

  21. I am typing this e-mail in my office located inside a Center City office building where all visitors are required to show a valid ID to gain entrance. This is true in every office building in Center City, including the Comcast Tower parent company of NBC, House Organ of the Obama Administration. To all those opposed to voter ID, look no further than the most recent Wisconsin Recall election. Turnout in the Liberal Democratic bastion of Madison was an amazing 110%. That is a really patriotic town!!

  22. It’s a shame when the GOP/TP depend on such poor lies to get their way. For all they claim to be pious and “moral” people, they certainly think that they can get away with telling falsehoods to the constituency. They seem to need to depend on the lazy and willfully ignorant.

  23. This whole voter ID law is motivated by nothing more than Republicon hatred of President Obama. It fits with their narrative that he is an illegitimate president.
    If or when they take control of all branches of government, their house of cards built on lies will come crashing down once again. All of America will see how bankrupt of ideas they really are. Throughout our country’s history, the “Conservative Republicans” where the Tories, Nativists, Klansman, Isolationists, and now the Tea Party.
    They always eventually failed, and always will.

  24. Love how Rob Miller practices the fine art of Republican telling the same lies over and over so often people accept them as truth. Though actually, he may well be falling victim to that other GOP stratagem — misinforming people through right-wing blogs, radio and TV talk shows, and Faux News. Then the misinformed do the lying for the Right, spreading the BS like Amish farmers.

    The fact is, the Colorado story started with the state’s Secretary of State making a claim about voter fraud, which he later admitted he could not back up with evidence or facts. But the Right doesn’t share that part of the story, it just repeats his initial, unsubstantiated claims.

    Just like the GOP spokesman mentioning Joe Cheeseborough — an obvious joke, just look at the address listed. They don’t offer any proof that anybody using that name has ever tried to cast a ballot. They can’t even say if the person who turned in that registration card was a Democrat or a Republican purposely trying to discredit the opposition.

    And they ignore the obvious fact that the problem with “Joe Cheeseborough” is one with the registration process, not with the voting process.

    But it does not matter to the Right. They toss out that nugget as if it is a fact that supports their case and the misinformed minions swallow it hook, line, sinker, rod and reel.

  25. Hey Ted..read more carefully.

    There were AT LEAST 12,000 ineligible voters who ended up REGISTERED to vote in Colorado alone for the 2010 midterms. That means they were on the rolls and all could have voted.

    Out of those 12,000 illegally registered voters , it’s estimated that at LEAST 5,000 VOTED illegally. Many of them were illegal aliens who were registered by people like ACORN, so it’s evident which party the vast majority voted for.

    I take it you’re perfectly OK with that, as long as they ‘vote right’. Active duty military, who vote predominantly Republican? Hey the Obama Administration did the right thing suppressing THOSE votes, according to you, didn’t they?

    You and people whom think like you are not concerned with voter fraud as long as the illegal voters are down for your agenda. I want only people entitled to vote to be able to exercise that privilege, regardless of which party it favors. That’s the difference between us.

    It underlines what I said before – voter fraud has become an official campaign tactic of the Democrats. You have no idea how sad it makes me to write that one of our major parties is so disinterested in what harm that does to our democracy.

  26. This is clearly voter suppression. I mean, use common sense…in Republican led legislatures all across the country, the same Voter suppression laws were put into effect at the same exact time! Now, how is it that these laws only go into effect in Republican led state legislatures…and only Republican led state legistlatures? Doesn’t that seem strange? Not only that, how on earth did all these state legislature seats change from Dem to Rep in 2010 if the Dems are cheating? Does that make any sense to anyone? Think about what you Right leaning guys are saying…you are saying that the Republicans are now making the playing field even by doing this, when just two years ago they trounced the Dems and gained power in the House of Representatives before passing one Voter Suppression Law. Does that make any sense at all? It’s like you Right leaning guys are so ridiculous. You don’t think at all. The Dems are cheating, yet lose their majority in the House just two years ago and also lose many seats in a number of state legislatures and you Right wingnuts say they are cheaters?!? They didn’t cheat…they lost in 2010 and lost big and did so because that’s all the votes were cast. Doesn’t that prove there is no voter fraud being committed by the Left? Doesn’t that prove that voter fraud is a made up issue by Reps and the Right simply to suppress the vote so they can win? Because how the hell can they say voter fraud is this huge issue when just two years ago everyone voted they way they wanted to and all these seats changed hands and everything went according to how must pundits said it would! They said it would be a referendum on the Dems and lo and behold that is exactly what happened in 2010…the Republicans dominated! How did that happen if the Dems were cheating or if there was all this voter fraud? Look, you Right leaners do not care about justice or right or wrong…This is clearly an attempt to steal an election by Republicans but you don’t care. You’ll ignore that fact, and that is sad.

  27. Hey, Rob Miller, if you’re going to post something, at least make sure it backs up what you claimed. 12,000 false registrations =/= 12,000 fraudulent votes you twit.

  28. Republicans lie (their nominee is even a pathological liar and corporatist vulture capatialist with sociopathic tendencies, according to Rick Perry) BUT sometimes the truth sneaks through. Now wingnut zombies flood comments with links to other wingnut zombies in their infinite internet circle jerk but with no facts, hoping to cover up the truth that slipped through.

    They are trying to suppress votes plain and simple. If anyone breaks the law by voting illegally they should be prosecuted harshly. Where are the prosecutions. This is about supressing voter turnout to steal another election and appoint more corporatist justices to the supreme court. They want to go back to before the new deal and eliminate social security, medicare, medicaid, worker safety, environment, etc. If your vote didn’t matter they wouldn’t be trying to suppress it. I for one am fired up. You fascists are bound to lose, as Woody Guthry said.

  29. Mr. Aramondo, your way of thinking, ” in this day and age, I might suggest they don’t have the wherewithal to vote in the first place.”, sounds somewhat racist. Are you suggesting that only people with a high degree of intellect be able to vote? If so, then I would say that anyone without an Ivy League degree should not be able to vote. My law degree from Harvard would allow me to vote. Would you be able to vote? I suggest you go back and read Brown v. Board of Education, 347 U.S. 483 (1954) again.

  30. Paul Edinger should check his facts. Voter turnout in Philadelphia in 2000 was 53.9% Claiming it was 113 % is just disinformation

  31. This is not voter suppression, that is the BS the illegal voters push. Have an ID and be a legal, taxpaying citizen to vote. Pretty simple stuff. A privilege of being a TAXPAYING CITIZEN in the country legally. The argument it is suppression is a joke. It is about stopping illegal voters from lying to defraud the vote.

  32. This is typical left wing hysteria.

    Voter fraud is a pervasive problem that has become essentially a Democrat party campaign tactic. In Colorado, for instance, over 5,000 ineligible voters cast ballots in 2010.


    And that’s hardly the only example. For instance there’s the Obama Administration’s role in suppressing active duty military votes.


    What there’s no real evidence of is that voter ID laws prevent people whom are entitled to vote from voting.

  33. The supporters of the Voter ID law continue to use urban legend stories to justify trying to deny legitimate voters the right to vote. I’m disturbed by the slant in the last paragraph of the Politics PA report – the writer is missing the point. Of course Bush’s losing margin in 2004 exceeded the number of voter fraud convictions by more than 144,000. But the number of voters denied the opportunity to vote because of their lack of an ID or because they are discouraged by the long lines that will result at the polls could be that high.

    Supporters of the new law need to understand that not all Pennsylvanians live the type of life where the need for a photo ID is an everyday occurrance. But everyone in Pennsylvania has the right to vote if they are a citizen. Requirements for a photo ID put a barrier in the way of this right.

  34. SOP II – Dreamland. No one votes 7 or 8 times. You drank the Kool Aid. It is the real voter fraud. I only hope those conservative seniors fail to bring their IDs and can’t vote Romney.

  35. In the 2000 general election, the voter participation rate in Philadelphia was quietly reported to be 113%. Conveniently, the ranting about hanging chads in Florida grabbed all the attention of clear vote fraud in Philadelphia. Hopefully photo identification to vote will restore the integrity of the voting in Pennsylvania.

  36. How do you buy a beer in the supermarket? Last time I checked they didn’t sell it there.

  37. Despite how stupid mike turzai is, the fact is, Democrats are angry they can no longer cheat the way they did. No more voting dead people, no more Patrick Murphy absentee voter fraud, no more creating fake state voter offices, no more bribing the poor and uneducated to do their dirty work, no more DEMOCRATIC ELECTION DAY as usual.

  38. my referring to republicans as fascist thugs was not hate speech-just an accurate historical reference.

    OK, how about they are a bunch of socipathically unpatriotic whiners???

  39. Ya gotta love that the hate and the name-calling from the left happens starting with the first comment. And for the record, if Democrats are unable to figure out how to get an ID (how do they visit the doctor’s office or buy a beer in a supermarket) in this day and age, I might suggest they don’t have the wherewithal to vote in the first place.

  40. Turzai’s comments did not reveal some deep, dark Republican plot. I took it to simply mean that most perpetrators of voter fraud are Democrats, and if voter fraud is curtailed, Republicans will win more often. Nothing sinister about that at all.

  41. That is the sickest and most undemocratic thing I have ever heard a politician in the United States say!
    Look at him. He looks like the Aryans that Hitler wanted to rule the world. Now he is acting just like one, too.

  42. SOP II – Based upon facts — your remark is a bold faced lie. This is all about voter suppression.
    Ted Baldwin — The group with which you are referring to is not made up of the “poor black population” and I would hardly say that getting a transit system which benefits all is somehow unfairly taxing “mostly white property owners”.
    — facts do have a liberal bias.

  43. We have a strict voter ID law in louisiana. Guess what? The poor black population, organized under The Industrial Areas Foundation, managed to pass a huge tax increase on mostly white property owners on an off-election saturday. WITH HAVING TO PROVE WHO THEY WERE TO VOTE!!!! If voter ID suppressed the poor, and the black, this would not have happened in a million years. If Obama loses PA it won’t be because voters were disenfranchised – it will be because he does not have the votes.

  44. Yep, without all those Dems and dead people voting 6, 7, 8 times apiece . . . Romney could very well win Pennsylvania. Which is what he meant (and anyone with even simian intelligence would know that).

    God forbid you actually have to prove who you are before you can vote (like you have to do with virtually every other transaction in society).

  45. Nice to have him on record with the truth, that the Republicans passed this law as an instrument of voter suppression so that they can control the results of elections because their presidential candidate is so unlikeable he could never win a fair fight, so he’d have to get it by cheating.

  46. ha! a moment of truth telling about the republican motivation for their “anti-fraud” legislation

    fascist thugs!

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