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Two New Polls Show Senate Race Tightening

Fetterman and Oz

Two polls were released from very different groups on Monday but they agreed on one thing – the race for the U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania is getting tighter.

A InsiderAdvantage/Fox 29 News showed Democrat John Fetterman with a three-point advantage over Republican Mehmet Oz, 45-42%, while Libertarian candidate Erik Gerhardt polled at 2%.

A Phillips Academy poll was closer than that, giving Fetterman, the PA lieutenant governor, a two-point edge over Oz, the celebrity doctor, 46.5 to 44.5%. No other candidates were provided by Phillips.

The InsiderAdvantage poll surveyed 550 likely voters and had a margin of error of +/- 4.2% – putting the Oz within the margin of error (MOE).

The Phillips Academy poll – run by students at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass., one of the nation’s most prestigious private high schools – surveyed 759 registered voters with a MOE of 3.6 – also placing Oz within the margin.

The PoliticsPA average of 19 different polls since mid-June still shows Fetterman with a sizable 8.3 percentage point lead. The average of the five most recent polls places the former mayor of Braddock with just a 3.3 point edge.

InsiderAdvantage chairman Matt Towery says the results indicate two very different contests heading into their final weeks.

“The U.S. Senate race is within the survey’s margin of error, suggesting a tight race. Senior voters and women favor Fetterman by more than 10 points, while men and voters under the age of 65 more likely to vote for Oz. Voters who describe themselves as independent split evenly between the two major candidates. The percent of undecided voters remains relatively high, and the percent of undecided independent voters is usually high at 22%” he said.

According to the Phillips cross tabs, Fetterman is leading heavily among female voters (49%), voters with college degrees (49.3%), as well as younger voters (52.6%), according to the Andover numbers.  Oz leads among male voters (51.0%), as well among voters with an annual household income greater than $50,000 a year ($50-100k: 48.1%, $100k+: 49.2%).

Both polls showed a higher-than-usual undecided total with InsiderAdvantage at 8.0% and Andover at 8.9%.

14 Responses

  1. Both Oz and Fetterman are terrible choices.

    I don’t know yet who I will vote for, I just know it won’t be either of them. When presented with two populist extremists the only sensible option is to pick neither.

    Send a message that we want a moderate candidate who can work across the aisle and enact bipartisan legislation, reject both of these awful people and vote for a sensible third party option.

  2. As a independent I have looked at the facts about both candidates. I choose Fetterman because of the anti-crime work done in his home town. The ads from Oz are not true and show a man who will say anything to get votes.

    1. Seriously you will vote for Fetterman who had a gang slogan tattooed?! The guy who never worked for a pay check and has cognitive issues! What is wrong with you

  3. As a independant I have looked at the facts about both candidates. I choose Fetterman because of the anti-crime work done in his home town. The ads from Oz are not true and show a man who will say anything to get votes.

  4. People talking about crime don’t know what Fetterman has done, and they have no idea how to reduce crime. Fetterman actually served as a mayor and reduced crime, eliminating homicides for years.

    1. Ya right there is no reply to that to where I can say bill chit.Never once worked a real job.Lost half his brain to a stroke.Should be disqualified just on that.

  5. Fetterman = Havard thug with no known job who lives off parents….time to grow up. And no we do not need more criminals on our streets. And terminating babies at birth is murder…no other way to look at it. And kiss your energy jobs and employment goodbye under his policies. PA if you vote Fettermen you deserve what you get…like California..high taxes, rising crime rates, cost of living outrageous, lack of water and electricity and California for the first time is losing population at a rising rate…people are fed up.

  6. Of the two, Fetterman has #0 credibility. He has no platform other than “way left” and it is time to get a senator with at least a brain. I care less that he is a recent Pennsylvanian. Hillary did her gig as an outsider in NY. That has no basis for electing a socialist, because OZ is two and he lives here now!! Bo

    1. Yes fetterman is a leftist and hates God, the military, the constitution and the police. He loves open borders, criminals, chaos, high taxes and green energy. He is a screw up that will do anything he can to win especially dodge Oz in debates. He is a bad dude. Can’t think of a worse candidate.

    2. Dr. Oz is a drug pusher with no idea how to work in gov. He’s band from Tv for creating a toxic and racist work environment. Can’t be a Dr. Because of pushing drugs. Thinks he can use PA to fail upward. He’s a national socialist who thinks 10yr. Olds should be forced to give birth to rapist’s baby. Big lier. Hates democracy. Doesn’t trust voters to choose. Will give away state secrets to Turkey for more property.

      1. Wow, your imagination is crazy. Loved the fake banned from tv thing though. Would work except he’s on tv all the time

  7. How in the world could anyone in there right mind vote for fetterman? Pennsylvania deserves crime if they vote him in. Thank god I don’t live in Pennsylvania.

    1. I’m share your relief at not living in Pennsylvania. Fetterman comes across as clueless and Oz comes across as a total phony. Great choice, but actually not unlike the choices in many other races. Is this phenomenon of terrible choices all too common because anyone who would actually choose to be a political candidate is by definition hopelessly flawed?


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