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Two Pro Trump super PACs Team Up For PA Voter Registration Effort

Two super PACs teaming up for Trump.

Great America PAC and Committee to Defend the President have launched their “Great America Voter Drive” in four states, including Pennsylvania, in an effort to register one million new voters for Trump leading up to the 2020 election.

The PACs plan on spending more than $1 million in their first phase towards local and national television ads in Pennsylvania and three additional battleground states that voted for President Donald Trump in 2016. The second phase adds five more battleground states and a national bus tour.

“President Trump won Pennsylvania by a narrow margin in 2016, so we are working hard to strengthen the foundation there to ensure he wins it again in 2020,” said Brent Lowder, Executive Director of Great America PAC.

In addition to assisting Trump’s 2020 reelection effort, the groups hope to flip two Congressional seats in the state as well.

“Additionally, we hope to take back the house in 2020 and Pennsylvania’s 8th and 17th Congressional Districts are a key part of that strategy,” Lowder said. “The President won both districts in 2016 and they are currently held by Democrats we will work to replace with solid conservatives.”

Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Lackawanna) won by nearly double digits in his most recent reelection bid in his Northeast Pennsylvania district. Rep. Conor Lamb (D-Allegheny) bested fellow incumbent Rep. Keith Rothfus (R-Allegheny) in the Western PA district by 13 points last year. Trump won Cartwright’s district by close to 10 points in 2016, while winning Lamb’s district by about 2.5 points.

The two groups believe their commitment in these battleground states will help ensure a second term for President Trump.

“Since Inauguration Day, President Trump has worked diligently to make America great again. We are proud to support his efforts by registering hundreds of thousands of Trump voters for the 2020 election and getting them out to vote for his ‘America First’ agenda,” said Ed Rollins, chairman of the Great America PA in a press release. “Together, our two groups are uniquely positioned to continue the programs that helped elect President Trump and will re-elect him in 2020.”

The head of the Committee to Defend the President PAC, Ted Harvey,  also penned an op-ed for Fox News today detailing the joint effort in these key states.

“The ‘Great America Voter Drive’ is the next step in our efforts, as we unleash the full force of President Trump’s base to get him re-elected in 2020,” Harvey said in a release. “Only then can his ‘America First’ agenda endure for years to come.”

The super PACs have spent more than $55 million supporting Trump and his agenda.

The release from their PAC also said the effort was to “counteract the unusually aggressive efforts by Democrats to meddle in 2020 election procedures, which is opening the door to ever-more-expansive voter fraud.”

The only 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful mentioned by name in their press release was former Vice President Joe Biden, who has locked up 4 endorsements of Pennsylvania Congressional representatives thus far and leads Trump in a hypothetical head to head matchup in the state by double digits according to a Quinnipiac University poll in May. 

The DNC and pro-Democratic Party super PACS have launched efforts of their own in hopes of flipping Pennsylvania in 2020. The DNC and Priorities USA committed to large investments in the state back in February, while For Our Future, the “largest super PAC devoted to grassroots Democratic turnout,” announced Pennsylvania in their seven state effort of one terming Trump.

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party did not immediately respond for comment.

5 Responses

  1. It’s way past time for the PAGOP to get busy with registration for the GOP! President Trump will need Pennsylvania and we cannot afford to fall asleep at the switch! The very evil Socialist Democrats are doing everything possible to win back Pennsylvania for whatever Socialist they nominate. Do not let the Socialist Democrats win Pennsylvania! #MAGA

    1. Please define “socialist” and “socialism”.

      Keep in mind that a voter registration drive cannot discriminate based on partisan affiliation and failure to submit a voter registration filled out by one of those “very evil Socialist Democrats” carries prison time and a hefty fine.

  2. In PA this year: Registration has been roughly 3:2 Dem to Rep
    and last year for mid-terms it was 10 to 6 ratio.

    For 2008 (with Obama and Clinton in a hot primary), Dem registration that year in PA was better than 2:1 over the GOP.

    Leading up to 2016, the ratio had slumped to 4:3 or worse.

    The trends are back favoring the Dems, and we now have Dem party leadership that take the threat of Trump more seriously after the fluke of 2016.

    1. You Nailed it, 2016 was a fluke and Dem Leadership got a cold slap in the face. If the Dem Leadership does the same thing they did in 2016, (pushing people off the stage and excluding people not in their insiders club) the State could stay in the red column.

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