Uehlinger Left CIA Under Cloud: Report

Republican 9th Congressional district candidate and former CIA Officer Scott Uehlinger left the CIA under a cloud according to a new report.

Newsweek is reporting that Uehlinger “left the CIA under a cloud over security and financial issues, and a fourth claims he came under heavy criticism during a tour ‘in Central Europe.’”

“Absolutely, there were integrity issues,” one of the sources told Newsweek.  All of Newsweek’s sources spoke on the condition of anonymity.

One of the integrity issues according to the source was that Uehlinger used both personal and operational funds to pay for his wedding during his time in Moldova.  

“The wedding was part of an operation,” Uehlinger said in response to the allegations.  

Other sources said that Uehlinger was forced out, despite his claims that he retired voluntarily from the agency.  

“He got fired from the agency probably in the way that he can claim he wasn’t fired—but he was pushed out,” a source said.  

Another source who reviewed Uehlinger’s files following his time in Moldova described his exit saying “he didn’t have a choice in the matter.”

Uehlinger disputed the allegations saying the agency “became a little too p.c. [politically correct] for me” and he “decided it was time to get out.”

73 Responses

  1. He just said his wedding was part of the operation, so yes taxpayers paid for his wedding. Why are conservatives still defending this guy? Probably for the same reason they still support Paul Mango, they don’t want to hear the truth.

    1. give it a rest zaborney, mueser is the swamp, wagner is the swamp, bartos is the swamp. Uehlinger is a patriot and the real MAGA conservative. You are a rino swamp media hack. Enjoy your legacy.

  2. Uhh, Scott admitted it was half true. Was that part a lie too ? You people are as bad as liberals.. say anything regardless of truth to try to sell a lie.. disgusting

  3. Scott is a conservative. Newsweek is a liberal news outlet just doing a hit job. I am having problems with the sources speaking under the cover of anonymity. Obviously, Newsweek made the whole story up. Liars!

    1. So this is obviously someone with Scott’s group. This is a pretty pathetic comment with a bunch of hot words mixed in. Scott admitted to parts of this being real, so how can you say that Newsweek made it up? Scott is going to lose, I would suggest polishing your resume.

      1. You are a pro obama, ‘never trump’ traitor to your country. Cant wait for uehlinger to get into congress and put all your dirty laundry on the lawn.

    1. This is what happens when you spend operational funds on a wedding in Moldova and are pushed out of the FBI, sir.

    2. Has zero to do with Obama. That is an excuse. He was kicked out for good reason.

  4. I know Scott personally, he’s an honest guy. This is just Leftist garbage from unnamed sources. Senior Intel official vouched for Scott and said it wasn’t true.

    1. I believe Scott and not some politic hit job by a liberal journalist and paper. The fake news is just that fake!

  5. Wow, for a CIA guy he is naive. Do u really think the disinformation ploy of placing left wing liberal messages pretending to side with Meuser work to make us think they truly support him ? You are twisted Uehlinger…. The people will not elect a person like you who is so willing to lie and falsify information… Bill, George anything but you !

          1. Vote for Dan Meuser. Do it twice if you can get away with it.

  6. The bottom line is that all the candidates have dirty laundry – Uehlinger with these issues, Meuser with hiring illegals and donating to Dems, and Halcovage with raising taxes and being a womanizer. They are all out for themselves and feeding their huge egos. We, the people, all lose.

  7. Uehlinger said he would go after Obama supporting intelligence officials like Brennan and Comey and do everything he can to lock up Hillary??? Not today buddy! #resist #putin #obama #Clintonistherealprez

  8. Meuser will win! then he will get crushed by the Democrat because of all his dirty laundry!!! BLUEWAVE COMING TO PA! Out with the far right! Uehlinger is another Trumpanite Putin lover !!!! Lock Uehlinger up!!!

    1. Look who he’s endorsed by! Hannity! Gorka! Gina Loudon! And all the Trump people! Fascist from the far right! Turn PA Blue get rid of this guy!!!

      1. I saw Gorka is campaigning with him and all the Trump people are coming to the 9th … it’s time we #march #resist #nofascistusa

  9. Team Meuser all the way! We don’t want these far right candidates we don’t need another Trump in office!

  10. I’m praying that Scott loses. Dan Meuser has stuck up for the rights of illegal immigrants and even employed many. He fought back against the government when they were fined him. Almost 1/3 of his workforce was illegal immigrants. I think he was brave for what he did. I’m not sure what his stance is now but I know he’s always been a moderate republican.

    1. Trump ruined the Republican Party I know Dan to be a level headed guy. He was a successful business man and he will be a successful congressman

      1. If Dan stuck up for illegals he would be a candidate I would support. We need SANCTUARIES for innocent people who just want a better life!! I’m tired of these racist repugnicans messing everything up, not all Pennsylvanians want a border wall. Look what we did to the Indians! this needs to be SHARED land. If Dan supports that I support him! I remember the first time he ran I saw his opponent mention his companies fines like it’s a bad thing?? No it’s not! Dan always seemed like he would compromise unlike dictator Trump.

    2. Let me get this straight. Seriously you want to support a moron who supports illegals. Are you nuts? This must be a joke. I’m no Scott fan, and frankly am glad he’s out of the 7th, but YOU are insane! Meuser is insane! Moderate R turds like Dent and Meuser are no longer welcomed in DC! Haven’t you been following the swamp draining! Wow, this is the stupidest comment I have ever seen! EVER! Moron!

    1. Got what he deserved. I’ve been watching his interviews going after the obama administration and blaming everything on Obama ! We want obama back! No Putin lovers in the whitehouse!

  11. DEEPSTATE!! GO SCOTT GO!!! They want anyone who aligns with the president whose a threat GONE.

    1. It’s your lucky day: tin foil is on sale at the Giant Eagle. Should help make it more affordable to line your walls and keep the Deep State CIA chemtrail radiowaves from penetrating your brain. They’re monitoring your comments, too, so you might want to go underground for a while.

  12. Uehlinger thinks we are dumb. “The CIA is a little too PC for him”???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The dude is like 50, by this time he would be out of the field and sitting in a chair for the CIA with a huge salary, if he really thinks we will believe he left voluntarily, hes got another thing coming. Better yet, him and Halcovage (who is possibly the biggest scum on the planet) are literally joining forces to try to bring Meuser down and they can’t even dent him. Meuser will top the next closest vote getting by 15% in May.

      1. Yes you’re right he was not “fired” just pushed out with his pension. That’s how it works so they don’t have to put a big red X on your file their genius.

        Also, please don’t come at my reading comprehension skills. I read the article it says SCOTT IS A FRAUD.

  13. CIA uses recruitment tools like this all the time it’s a way to build confidence with a recruit.. Take them out to dinner and promis them you will get keep them safe in exchange for secrets. I’m a military guy but I’ve spent time around agents overseas.

  14. Sebastian Gorka and Sean Hannity endorsed him.. …I heard his interview on Hannity Radio last week….why don’t they list these sources…. This happens to the President ALL the time. What the heck. Very strange that they would even comment on this… someone must have an ax to grind…

    1. Or maybe this dude is a real piece of crap who used taxpayer money to pay for his wedding and then was forced out of the CIA at age like 45-50 lol.

      1. Oh yeah, and they just let him retire and collect that makes sense? I think if it was founded he would have been prosecuted. Sounds like more conspiracy theories and speculation.

  15. You conspiracy theorists are scary. Do you really believe the nonsense you are spewing. CIA officials all went out of their way to say this Ulinger is unfit for office and was fired by the agency and he admits to using taxpayer money to pay for his wedding in Moldova.. you can’t make this up.. then you CTs say with inane certainty, albeit no evidence, that Meuser was a bad guy meanwhile the company he works for employs like500 people and is regularly named one of the best place to work in the state ! I looked up his FEC it’s all Rs with an occasional D over10 years ago… either u people are crazy or I am outright nuts… I’m I believe the only objective conservative in the room and most definitely not voting for Ulinger or lying George



        1. Halcovage is a slime ball. This dude legit woke up one day and said “I think I’ll run for Congress today” like ten minutes before petitions were due. He loves hearing his own name, so this is a perfect situation for him. Did you know his stepson or whatever coaches at Nova?!!? (blowwnn awayyyyyyy) Crawl back to the skook my guy. Where you’re still the like third or forth best show in town.


  16. Scott says the stories are half true. If they are half true, he is 100% not qualified to be a Congressman.

    1. Yeah, the lost me at Newsweek! Far left mag against a military high Intel official.. HES GOT MY VOTE!

          1. Uehlinger’s 2nd place finish will be much better than he would have faired in the old 15th were he probably would have come in like 9th. How can super conservative TrumPublicans vote for a CIA guy if they think all the federal police services are corrupt and out to get Trump. Bazinga.

          2. Scott has the support of good and honest people. Scott all of the way to Congress.

  17. Oh God I keep seeing Dans adds everywhere! I didn’t know who Uehinlger was had no idea he was running in the 9th (I’m from the edge of the district) I’m also a navy vet. Dan Meuser has some questionable business practices almost everyone from Luzerne knows .. well common folk not the committees. I think Dan is way out of touch. He doesn’t even live in the 9th. He’s friends with Matt Cartwright too but that’s a big secret.

    1. My votes going to Uehlinger. Good background. He’s very outspoken about the deepstate. Probably why we are seeing articles like this.

  18. I’ve met all candidates, spoke with them in good length. I like George, he’s a nice man and very polite, I think he cares. Dan, comes off a bit elitist and has a sardonic stare when he scans the room. I liked him, until I found out all the democrats he donated to. I asked him about it he stammered and didn’t have a good answer “I did it for my family.” Whatver that means. I just met Scott at the Tea Party patriots meeting and that Dan didn’t show up to. I was disappointed because I thought Dan could win me over. Instead, it was Scott who did, Scott was on top of the issues and had depth to what he was saying. He’s a navy vet so he understands veterans affairs and I believe most aligns with President Trump on the issues. He’s got my vote. I don’t read tabloid rags if I did I would watch CNN. I thought Newsweek went bankrupt?

    1. Yeah. You should ignore the part where Scott admitted he commingled taxpayer funds with his own personal funds to finance his wedding. We shouldn’t send the guy to office… we should send him to prison. Lock him up! Lock him up!

      1. Wow, more fake news. If that was true he would have been locked up and wouldn’t have been allowed to collect a pension. Stick with the facts CNN. When scott comes back to my county I will ask him myself, this seems very political in nature.

        1. Cindy the only way Scott comes back to your county is if Domino’s hires him to delivery and you order a stack of pizzas.

  19. Really? Printing hit piece articles from far left Newsweek? Lmao next will be hiffington post. Why is it these stories always have “sources” listed. You ever look up who John Sipher is? He’s in the original article the guy is a far left agent pissed at Trump for winning. My guess is because Uehlinger is the endorsed MAGA candidate they know he’s the number one problem and the other two guys are weak opponents for a Dem.

  20. Print the full article. More unverified sources and high level leaks. You didn’t put the part where top a CIA official debunks the story, However, we all know the FACTS surrounding Dan Meuser, his long history of funding democrats and being fined 41,000 for hiring illegals. Build the wall right? Dan is a pathological liar. Most already know. Halcovage is right Dan Mueser doesn’t represent the district, he doesn’t even live in it!

    1. Scott Uehlinger is quoted as saying these stories were half true. If any part of this article is true, he should be in prison.

  21. Is it true that Uehlinger calls into radio shows with his phone shoe? Always thought something wasn’t quite right with this guy. He will probably cry “fake news” or “vast left wing conspiracy” or next try to convince us all he personally took out moose and squirrel.

  22. Meuser fell into a safe area and has unknown opposition with limited resources. As long as Uehlinger and Halcovage both stay in, the race is over. And Meuser’s combination of self funding and fundraising is off the charts. Prediction: Meuser 52% Halcovage 26% Uehlinger 22%. Mark it down!

    1. Meuser has never won an election and lives outside of the district he’s seeking to represent. This is the most anticipated midterm election in decades. GOP primary voters don’t appear to be flocking to establishment candidates. This does not bode well for Meuser, who is more adept at smiling next to party stooges than connecting with real voters.

      1. Dan Meusers wheel chair caught fire and burned one of my friends. Screw him! Do yourself a favor and dig into some of the fines he’s paid over the years!

    2. I agree. Then Dan will lose to the Democrat in the fall – have to complete the cycle. I believe your prediction is correct, and I was a Trump delegate in 2016. I also don’t have a problem with Dan – after doing real research. His past is less checkered and more provable than and ex-CIA agent whose past is locked in secrecy. How can an ex-CIA agent even be in Congress when the agency will censure them on anything classified? And how come Scott is on Assange’s list of DEMOCRAT ex-CIA agents running to disrupt Trump?

      1. I guess I should have made it more clear why I predict the failure of the Republican Party in the fall. It is that the Democratic party will cheat, run moderate candidates promising to support guns and the president. If Scott or George wins, the Dems won’t vote for them, and a lot of conservatives won’t either because of the unknowns. If Dan wins, Obama, Eric Holder, Soros and Hillary Clinton will be dropping millions to their party candidate. I hope I am wrong, but the Dem Party has the single minded goal of taking over the house and impeaching Donald Trump, regardless of the cost to their own Party, or their constituents.

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