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Update: Bloomberg PAC Gun Ad to Air in PA (With Video)

Update: PoliticsPA has obtained the Toomey specific version of the ad (above), which was produced by SKD Knickerbocker.


Beginning Monday, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg will continue his push for gun control with a $12 million national advertising campaign. TV commercials will be paid for by the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund, the super PAC he co-founded and largely funds. Ads will air in 13 states – including Pennsylvania, where it is meant to persuade Senator Pat Toomey and voters who remain undecided on the issue.

MAIG adThe ads seek to reconcile Second Amendment rights with the need to eliminate unnecessary gun violence. It’s aimed directly at gun owners.

“I’ve owned a gun all my life, and I’ll fight for my right to keep it. Background checks have nothing to do with taking guns away from anyone,” says the ad’s star, a man who looks like he could be counted among the “bitter clingers” of the world. He’s holding a shotgun while he sits on the back of a pickup truck against a rural backdrop.

“Closing loopholes will stop criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from buying guns. That protects my rights, and my family.”

The organization declined to specify how much of the $12 million would be spent in Pa. or in which markets.

The campaign is meant to support congressional action on gun control, an issue that has been high on Democrats’ legislative agenda since the Sandy Hook tragedy in December.

The spot focuses exclusively on universal background checks. It makes no mention of an assault weapons ban, something that MAIG and Democrats had sought but dropped when it became apparent it had little chance of passing the House or Senate.

According to Bloomberg, the absence of such a ban from the campaign is deliberate. Speaking with the New York Times, he said he does not want to lose everything in the interest of getting the perfect.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) introduced a background check bill last week.

PoliticsPA is seeking comment from Sen. Toomey. Earlier this year, he expressed openness to considering limited gun control proposals, including potentially background checks.

Pennsylvania polls have mirrored the national ones that show wide support for universal background checks: 95% of Pa. voters backed the idea in a Quinnipiac poll; 94% according to Franklin and Marshall; and 81% according to Mercyhurst. A MAIG-commissioned poll put the number at 88%.

Here’s the second MAIG ad ad in the same vein:

10 Responses

  1. Couldn’t Bloomberg find an actor that actually knows how to handle a gun, or was it “Hey, we need a guy with a beard to convince those bitter clingers in Pennsylvania to give the feds more gun control power!”

    Of course, libtards wouldn’t never have noticed this idiot has his trigger finger on a bolt-closed rifle pointed incautiously horizontal. Three safety no-nos taught by such meanies like the NRA.

  2. Criminals don’t buy guns from dealers and go through background checks. Criminals steal guns. so the only people that you are affecting are honest gunowners trying to go through the process. Wouldn’t it be a good thing if politicians actually addressed the crime problem and dealt with criminals rather than taking it out on the honest hard working men and women.

  3. David,
    You don’t have to be a jerk about it. Just wanted to know if you agreed with the Mayors’ “universal” plan. A simple, “I do,” would suffice.

  4. “the rocks” (in the head?)

    Background checks are for sales and changes of ownership.

    However, if you think your argument about “lending a gun to your dad” is an effective counter-argument then maybe you need a mental exam to make sure you are qualified to possess a firearm.

  5. David,
    Is it your opinion that I need to background check my dad before I give him my shotgun? Should he be prevented from borrowing it? Bloomberg says, “Yes.”

  6. I’m not surprised pro-choice Pat Toomey supports trampling on the second amendment because he is a conservative imposter! He supported the pro-gay lobby VAWA bill and Sonia Sodomyor. Pat turned his back on the Tea Party in Pennsylvania. You were supposed to work for us, Pat!

  7. There will be no assault gun ban. Obama is trying to win back the House and keep the Senate. The NRA knows this and I am sure they have let the most vulnerable Dems know that if they vote for the ban or limiting magazine capacity those legislators will be targeted.

  8. At this point, the only people against background checks are the gun manufacturers, straw purchasers, criminals and bought off legislators.

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