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Update: Limited Air Time for Anti-Meehan Ad

By Meghan Schiller and Keegan Gibson

Yesterday, Accountability PA announced that it would air a television ad criticizing Rep. Pat Meehan for his vote in favor of Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget.

Spokesman Bob Finkelstein did not name a specific cost of the ad buy, but said it would air often enough to “get our point across.”

It appears the ad buy will be relatively light, according to a Meehan aide.

The group bought $5,000 of airtime on Comcast Cable (on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and the Travel Channel) and $400 of air time on WPVI 6. No orders were placed on CBS3/KYW as of this afternoon.

NBC 10 turned down the 30 second ad, refusing to air it during this Sunday’s segment of Meet the Press.

PoliticsPA has confirmed these numbers, as well as the fact that NBC 10 turned down the spot. The sales representative was not available and the station did not otherwise offer an explanation for its decision, either to PoliticsPA or to Accountability PA.

Geoff Middleberg contributed to this report.

2 Responses

  1. The billionaire bankers and hedge fund speculators that bought the Deomcratic party in 2004 got what they paid for. Washington is controlled by the President and the majority of the Senate who have refused to deal with any of the problems American people are facing. Pat Meehan is bringing a voice of sanity to government as the majority of his voters asked him to do. Harry Reid shut down the FAA needlessly because he thought the $2300.00 per passenger subsidy for a Nevada Airport would be eliminated. That cost the taxpayers extra hundreds of millions in lost revenue and The President’s LaHood Transportation Secretary can take time off from eliminating funding for highways to make sure all the flight subsidies remain in place.

  2. but not as light as Meehan’s understanding of economics and/or governance.

    his lie about medicare is just a symptom of his hewing to the party line, no matter how foolish and ignorant that line is right now with the teapublicans in charge in DC

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