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Prez Pa. Ad Spending Scorecard

AFP’s new ad

Need help keeping track of the flood of ad spending in Pa.? We are. The floodgates are open. Need help keeping track of the flood of ad spending in Pa.? We are. The RNC announced a $3 million Pa. buy Thursday, bringing the score to $11.8M GOP, $1.6M Dem. Here’s the latest.

These numbers reflect the recent surge of ad spending in the final week of the campaign, and does not include ads beforehand (there were virtually none since early September.)

Republican National Committee: $3 million
Restore Our Future (pro-Romney super PAC): $2.1 million
American Future Fund (pro-Romney super PAC): $1.67 million
Obama campaign: $1.6 million
Americans for Prosperity (Koch bros. super PAC): $1.5 million
American Crossroads (Karl Rove’s super PAC): $1.2 million
Americans for Job Security (GOP super PAC): $1.1 million
Romney campaign: $930K
Republican Jewish Coalition: $300K.

Republicans say the move is a response to signs that Romney is surging nationally and Pa. is in play. Democrats say it’s a desperate move based on the back that Romney can’t move numbers in other swing states, and the GOP has a surplus of cash while ad space in other swing states is completely sold out.

Given the fact that the polls started moving in Pa. back in early October and the buys are just coming now, it looks like it might be neither. Rather, it could be an effort by the better-funded GOP to force Obama’s team to spend more on defense that it’s less able to afford.

Here’s the new AFP ad, which stars former Obama supporters.

5 Responses

  1. I said he should go after that bitter clinger vote all along. No Democrat has won the presidency without Pennsylvania since Truman in 1948.

  2. Now Romney is coming to Harrisburg tonight. The Susquehanna Poll, which has nailed the last two elections in PA, should come out in the next 48 hours.
    Power is still out in a lot of the Philly suburbs.
    R is the first moderate Repub to run for president since Bush I (last time PA went red).
    They think they can win it, and I bet they can.

  3. Looks to me like the Republicans are showing how fiscally irresponsible they are throwing away good money in PA. They are going to out spend Obama 4 to 1, and totally get their asses kicked.

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