Updated with Details: Clinton Coming to PA Monday

Former President and Obama pinch-hitter Bill Clinton is coming to Pa. on Monday. The Obama campaign confirmed the visit soon after Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and VP candidate Paul Ryan announced their weekend trips to the state.

Clinton has served as Obama’s most effective spokesman since the Democratic convention.

With the Romney/Ryan visits and a last-minute $12 million ad blitz, Republicans are making a play for Pa. Democrats have insisted that the Keystone State isn’t up for grabs, but they’re apparently feeling less like taking the chance.

Update: Here are the details for all four Clinton events:


Tickets are available online at: http://ofa.bo/pittsburgh
Doors open: 10:15am
Market Square
Forbes and Market St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Blue Bell

Tickets are available online at: http://ofa.bo/bluebell
Doors open: 2:30pm
Montgomery Community College
Physical Education Center Gymnasium
1331 Morris Road
Blue Bell, PA 19422


Tickets are available online at: http:///OFA.BO/Philadelphia
Doors open: 4:00pm
Palestra Arena, University of Pennsylvania
215 S. 33rd St.
Philadelphia, PA

The event is free and open to the public, but a ticket is required for entry.  Tickets are available online at: http://ofa.bo/scranton


Tickets are available online at: http://ofa.bo/scranton
Doors open: 7:30pm
Scranton High School
63 Mike Munchak Way
Scranton, PA 18508

15 Responses

  1. As a person who works in the real world, and is much closer to the poverty line than “the magical $200,000/year,” I actually understand how the economy works. Without people with money, in the big bad adult world we call that capital, I would not have a job right now.

  2. Its such a shame that people are so racist that they would rather vote for someone that lies to them straight up, rather than vote for a black man, who happens to care for the 47% that romney couldn’t give 2 shits about. Yes, that’s you buddy. If you think that mit romney cares about you or anyone other that the richest people in the usa (top 1%) than you are not the sharpest tool in the shed and a fool. Your racism blinds you!!!

  3. Mr Obama will win the re-election only if People of Colour show up @ the polls!Only if People with Brains, Knowledge and education fail to Vote, and we all Lose if they Vote Mr Obama, and then vote for any republicants! this election is about saving this country, from the vitrial diatribes and the screaming republicans claiming our president was not born in america, time is now america. will you jack slap those who Hate:Veterans, senior citizens, Those less Fortunate, Those who woke up to find their world Upside down, their homes gone, lives Destroyed .Will You stand against the Hate, Or will you Lie down with the dogs of War that the republicans have become? Vote democratic, vote Tuesday Morning , Vote for america!

  4. I would rather listen to Bill Clinton talk once than be bombarded by the negativity of propaganda being shoved on us by the super PACs. Nothing like billionaire-funded commercials to tell us what the “new normal” is. Sorry to tell them that I may not be rich but I’m not depressed like they try to tell me I am. I won’t vote for any corporation-owned hack looking to line his own pockets.

  5. Voting republican, only Makes sense, if your mothers great grand father, and your fathers, grand mother, met/dated in elementry school..

  6. Let’s look at who the real racist is! Didn’t Obama make a comment about us clinging to our guns and god during the last election? Didn’t Murtha insult Western PA too? And if you say anything about Obama you are called prejudice. This is insane, he pulls the race card ever chance he gets, lies, won’t show his college transcripts, but if you say one thing your a racist.
    Let’s hope PA gets common sense and votes Romney!

  7. Wow, such racist bigoted remarks-its not the whites against the blacks- shame on you people , I’m glad you don’t represent all of the fine people of Pennsylvania.Bill Clinton is the Big Dog, well liked, easy to understand and a great politician, people love him-he brings great enthusiasm to the party. Obama will win. Its a damn shame people are wanting to vote for Romney cause he is a white man, not for what he can or can’t do. Some people see the bigger picture not the color of one’s skin.

  8. Regardless of race bating or anything else like that,

    The Romney camp is sending their top individual to the Keystone State and the Obama Campaign is sending their #2 to not 1, but 3 events. The Obama camp would not be doing this if PA was a safe bet….

  9. It’s exciting to see that Pennsylvania actually means something in this election, and while it is humorous to figure that “Barack sent a white guy to go to talk to the other white people of PA”, John is forgetting three very large demographic cities: Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia, all three (the first being where I live) have pretty diverse demographics. So I ask John now, why, if President Obama was afraid of white people, would he send Bill Clinton to at least two of the most ethnically diverse areas of our state? Wouldn’t he be better suited for Erie, Bucks, or Perry? I wonder who’s the racist now?

  10. Haha, gotta love Obama. Always calling on Clinton to talk to the scary white folks in PA. What a pathetic, racist piece of trash he is. He’s not my president, and I can’t wait until he’s shipped back to the ghetto of chicago where he belongs.

  11. Clinton won’t make a difference at this point. Obama has lost Washington County big time and that is the county that is supposed to indicate how the state will go!

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