Updated With Details: Jill Biden on 7 City PA Tour

Get excited, surrogate watchers: America’s second lady is coming to Pa. Dr. Jill Biden will take a 7 stop tour of Pa. on Monday and Tuesday.

From the Obama campaign:

On Monday, October 8, Dr. Biden will deliver remarks at campaign events in Harrisburg, Scranton, Hazleton and Allentown.  She will then deliver remarks at campaign events in Reading, Lancaster and Philadelphia on Tuesday, October 9.

Details are forthcoming.

Facetime with Vice President Joe Biden’s wife, along with Mitt Romney’s sons, is one of the side effects of Pa.’s falling from the list of battleground states.

Barack Obama and John McCain combined for 47 visits to the Keystone state during the 2008 campaign and spent over $70 million here.

A New Jersey native, Dr. Biden grew up in Willow Grove in Montgomery County, Pa. She has master’s degrees from West Chester University and Villanova University and is a teacher and professor by profession.

Update: Here are the details.


Canvass Kick-Off Event with Dr. Biden in Harrisburg
11:00 AM EDT
OFA-PA Harrisburg Field Office
Harrisburg, PA

Canvass Kick-Off Event with Dr. Biden in Scranton
1:15 PM EDT
OFA-PA Scranton Field Office

Canvass Kick-Off Event with Dr. Biden in Hazleton
3:15 PM EDT
OFA-PA Hazleton Field Office

Voter Registration and Canvass Thank-You Event with Dr. Biden in Allentown
5:15 PM EDT
Pennsylvania State Education Association


Canvass Kick-Off Event with Dr. Biden in Reading
12:15 PM EDT
OFA-PA Reading Field Office

Canvass Kick-Off Event with Dr. Biden in Lancaster
2:00 PM EDT
OFA-PA Lancaster Field Office

Voter Registration and Canvass Thank You Event with Dr. Biden in Philadelphia
5:00 PM EDT
OFA- PA South Philadelphia Field Office

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  1. @JJJefferson

    Your entire comment is illustrative of two things: you have an almost savant like ability to parrot talking points and you demonstrate nearly no ability whatsoever to think for yourself. As a side note….you really ought to learn how to have more concise rants. You would be so much more productive, but then when did reactive angry lefties ever worry about productivity?

  2. Marcia I don’t recall anyone saying ALL republicans are greedy, just the billionaire grandson of a man who fled America so he could have four wives and a child to one of them that would come back to America and have a son of his own who hides money in the cayman islands while making millions by driving companies deliberately into bankruptcy while laying of working class people who he considers loathsome because they work with their hands and feel entitled to food ,that even your own party holds their nose over to vote for because all you have is hate for a President who had the audacity to save the auto industry kill Osama bin laden and be supported by voters you feel compelled to lock out of the polls with now proven partisan laws . That guy has been left to appear greedy because he is forced to please the tea party .You will call him far worse when he loses because you are unable to accept that your angry idelo

  3. Jill, please remind us how you and Joe donated $400.00 to charity to last year. And while your at it, tell us how all Republicans, conservatives, and Tea-Party people are greedy.

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